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Wajackoya 25 hilarious quotes.

Wajackoya as one of the known professors in Kenya, turn it out to be a very influential politician among the young Kenyan youths, has been lately trending lately. Known by his political party called roots party, which they have a young beautiful contestant, and a good number of supporters, known to be the roots party has been judged differently.

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50 words to say thank you and appreciation quotes.

50 words to say thank you and appreciation quotes. When someone appreciates you so much for what you have done for them or to be in their life gives you a sense of your work and it is not in vain. At least been appreciated make you feel reliable and a sense that you’re worth much to someone or even to a given work place you may work in.

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40 New year new me quotes of 2023.

2022 has been one of the most challenging year and yet we are waiting on 2023 for a better year. For a new year is coming for some of us we don’t want to be in the same state we were in 2022 so then it is time we change for the new year.

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30 Best lil peep quotes from his songs.

Been of the best emo rappers that I have known till today I listen to his music. Since his still one of my favorite rappers It came to my head that at least let me share to you some of the best to me that has kind of touched my heart. Below are 30 Lil peep quotes from his songs.

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50 NFTs incredible quotes that are hilarious.

NFTs or also known as non-fungible tokens have been lately trending since the early year of 2020 and are booming are ridiculous prices and been sold for thousands of dollars and even some to millions of dollars. It has be come a new platform for very creative people to explore there love of their work.

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77 when you love someone quotes

77 when you love someone quotes. Love is very powerful words. And when placed by real actions it becomes beautiful. For the people who have been close and really cared for us, as they show there love towards us it becomes something powerful. Even for the people who come to our lives.

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40 incredible sayings about life.

40 incredible sayings about life. For a sense of gratitude and to celebrate all the moments that you are encountering in your day to day life. Life is very important, and as much as we are growing and learning, we should really appreciate a lot of things that have impacted us positively no matter how big or small it is.

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Insha ya maelezo

Maelezo ni insha ianyoaagiza mtu afanye jambo fulani au kumwonyesha njia yakuonyesha maneno fulani au michoro.

– Mtu hupewa maelekezo ili kuhakikisha kuwa, hayafanyi mambo fulani vibaya au njia isiyofaa.

1.Maelekezo wakati wa mtihani.

2. Maelekezo jinsi ya kutumia dawa fulani.

3. Maelekezo jinsi ya kununua kifaa na kutumia k.v Runinga, simu.

4. Maelekezo jinsi ya kununua kifaa na kutumia k.v runinga, simu.

5. Maelekezo ya barabara.

Umuhimu wa maagizo.

– Kumwangaza mtu kufanya jambo fulani.

– Kuhakikisha na mtu hapotezi wakati.

– Kumwezesha mtu kuwa na nidhamu fulani.

– Kuwe na maelekezo mzuri wa kufanya mambo. M.f maelekezo ya mapishi.

– Kumwepusha mtu na hatari m.f maagizo ya jinsi na kutumia dawa.

Jinsi ya kuandikia insha ya maelekezo.

1. Kuwe na kijiichwa.

2. Maagizo yafutane moja kwa moja kuanzia agizo la kuanzia hadi ya mwisho.

3. Kusiwe na agizo au, ama.

4. Kusiwe na njia mbili za kufanya jambo.

5. Ni jambo la busara kutumia namanri kwa kila agizo ili kuonyesha jinsi utaratibu wa kuandika jambo utafululizwa.

m.f: Jinsi ya kumhudumia anayetokwa na damu tia maanani kwamba kuvunja kwa wingi huenda kukamfanya mhusika kuzirai kutokana na mshtuko zingatie yafuatayo.

1. Valia glovu za mkono na uhakikishe umwewana mikono kabla ya kufanya huduma.

2. Ikiwa una jeraha ama kidonda, kizibe kwa rifaa chenyae kunata na kisichopenyeza maji.

3. Vua au rarua nguo za mwathiriwa ili kuweka wazi kidonda. Chunguza ikiwa Jeraha ina vitu vikali.

4. Finya eneo lenye jeraha kwa vidole vyako vya nyumba, kimoja kila upande wa jeraha kunganda na kumwezesha damu kunganda na kumwezesha.

5. Inua sehemu iliyojeruhia juu la eneo la moyo wa mhusika.

– Hakikisha unafanya hivyo kwa uangalifu haja ikiwa jeraha limajirikisha ili kupunguza mwendo wa damu.

6. Mlaze chali mhasiriwa kichwa kikiwa kimeinama kidogo kuliko kiwiliwili ili kupunguza uwezekano wa mshtuko wa moyo.

7. Mfunge bendeji katika eneo la jeraha.

8. Ikiwa damu huonyesha kewenye bendeji mfunge bendeji ingine juu.

9. Mpeleke mhajiriwa katika kituo cha matibabu kilicho karibu.,

Insha ya barua kwa mhariri.

Ni Braua rasmi iandikwalo kwa mhariri wa gazeti fulani.Yeyote anaweza kuandika barua hii kwa lengo la kutoa maoni kuhusu swala fulani au kulalamikia swala ambalo limewaathiri wanafamii maswala kama ugaidi, ufisadi, njaa , uharibifu na uchafuzi wa mazingira.

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Maana ya insha

Insha – maana yake na umuhimu wake notes. Insha ni mtungo ambao huundiwa kwa mfululizo wa sentensi zilizoandikwa na zinazumgumzia jambo, tukio au kitu fulani.

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30 Instagram quotes or captions that can inspire you.

30 Instagram quotes or captions that can inspire you through the day.

30 instagram quotes or captions that can inspire you through the day. There are strong words or quotes we would love to apply in our instagram quote or even captions that we can apply it on the bio. some of such quotes can ger you to get likes and even inspire your followers.

It might be in hundreds of followers, thousands of followers or even millions of followers. Thare are many and alot of instagram quotes ot there but we have some few which we think are awesome and even unspire you so much as well.

Some are tips and some can be kinda funny. If you feel its awesome you can even go ahead and put it in your instagram account and even share it with friends. Hope you will love it.

1. When you are downie, eat a brownie.

2. “ can you multitask” yes actaully i am losing my mind and chilling at the same time.

3. Listening to songs that remind me of you.

4. Y’all be hating and judging people who overcame situations that would’ve broke y’all into pieces.

5. Date in private. Love in private. Be happy in private. Live in private. Make money in private. Take your losse in private. Rebuild yourself in private.

6. Stop breaking your own heart by trying to make a relationship work that clearly isn’t meant to work.

7. I decide my vibe.

8. smile, it confuses people.

9. perfect is an illusion.

10. dont forget to play.

11. Be anything but predictable.

12. Have you ever wanted to share more of yourself, but felt?.

13. You are one in a mellon.

14. Be a nice human.

15. A balaced diet is an ice cream in each hand.

16. Never settle for just one scoop.

17. It’s never too cold for ice cream.

18. Life is like an ice cream.

19. Money can’t buy happiness but it can buy ice cream.

20. One day you will look back and see that all along you were blooming.

21. You can never cross the ocean unless you have the courage to lose sight of the shape.

22. One day at a time.

23. good vibes.

24. sunshine on my mind.

25. Lifes better in a bikini.

26. I like hashtags because they look like waffles.

27. Go where you feel the most alive.

28. In the waves mind at ease.

29. The first wealth is health.

30. Now shes ready for the world.

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15 Xxxtentacion quotes on happiness and feelings.

15 xxxtentacion quotes on happiness and feelings. If you have come of his best songs sad and changes are the most of my favourite songs i have heard from the late musician. As his songs is still be listened across the world , i have some of his quotes you might like.

This goes to all XXXtentacions fans who have come across this page. Some of these quotes are even familiar to you or even in his somgs. So please if you like this kind of content please let me know, and feel free to share with friends and family. You can read this quotes as you listen to your favourite xxxtentacion’s music.

1. The enemy does not want you to be happy, be happy, always. – XXXTentacion.

2. whether you realize it or not, everyday you evolve and create a thought. – XXXTentacion.

3. The saddest thing about betrayal is thatit never comes from enemies, it comes from those you trust the most. – XXXTentacion.

4. People always leave. Don’t get too attached. – XXXTentacion.

5. Being alone really makes you realize all you got is yourself. – XXXTentacion.

6. I could never say i understand how you are all feeling, nor can i find the right words to stay to you, but i do want you all to know, you are not alone. – XXXTentacion.

7. Who am i? Someone that’s afraid to let go – XXXTentacion.

8. Your self respect is what matters. You cannot have a good life or have other people respect you for that matter if you don’t respect yourself. – XXXtentacion.

9. Girl you’re making it hard for me. – XXXTentacion.

10. Depression and obsession don’t mix well – XXXTentacion.

11. I Advise you to not hide your feelings, don’t pretend to be okay when you’re not okay, don’t pretend to be happy when you’re sad, it’ll only lead to your misery. – XXXTentacion.

12. What is money really worth if it ain’t love? – XXXTentacion.

13. The saddest thing about betrayal is that it never comes from enemies, it comes from those you trust the most. – XXXTentacion.

14. Being alone really makes you realize all you got is yourself. – XXXTentacion.

15. Follow your dreams, and know that even though you have lost, you have guardian angels watching over you, day in and day out. – XXXTentacion.

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25 quotes about love Kenya +254.

25 quotes about love kenya +254. There are different definitions of love and people understand it many different especially when it comes to companionship. The strong feeling or emotion for a person as if you want to die for him or her who in which you have a romantic relationship with. There are many ways by your own definition you can believe what love is as for me by my definition is different. For all love couples especially my country kenya +254 we have some awesome love quotes that can keep both of you warm and close together.

15 elopement quotes and its definition

15 elopement quotes and its definition. Elopement has been an interesting word on the internet and therefore, we will try to define what elopement is. Elopement is conducting or planning a marriage or planning to get married without your parents or guardians having no consent or whereabouts about it.

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56 top lofi quotes that you may feel you like

The lofi world is such a beautiful art of its own. From aesthetic great pictures to great lovely wallpapers that can attract your eyes. The music dont forget the music, its soothing, relaxing so awesome. Sometimes you can wake up at 3am and listen to some lofi music that can make your morning wonderful, and even try as much to imagine more about life.

Matt mullenweg – creator of wordpress,top 30 quotes.

Matt Mullenweg – The creator of wordpress,Top 30 quotes. He is best known for developing the free and open source web sofware wordpress,managed by the wordpress foundation. He been An american online social media entrepreneur and web developer, here are his top 30 quotes from Matthew charles Mullenweg.Enjoy. 1.“Much of the lifeblood of blogs is …

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10 Ssaru songs to get you Vibez on

Ssaru is an upcoming musician who has a very compelling talent to show to her fans and the public. Having to get popular on social media platforms of having to freestyle, to the point she makes her own music and producing has become one of her major steps of becoming a rapper.

10 Ali kiba’s best songs. Old is Gold.

hey say old is gold. And that is true when it comes to the one of the best pioneers of the Bongo flava. Ali Kiba earned his major fame in the early 2008 when “Cinderella” was released making big waves in East Africa. Been that it was a hit other songs like “Nakshi Mrembo” followed by which made him to be a star in his craft.

10 Best songs of jay melody that must listen

It’s awesome to see new young fresh artist pave in their way to get success in the music industry. It allows new sounds of very talented artists to get a chance to have a voice in the market and have to showcase their talents to the masses. In a industry where it is tricky and can be very competitive Jay melody happens to pop up in my mind.