10 Alikiba Old songs to listen to.

10 Alikiba Old songs to listen to. They say old is gold. And that is true when it comes to the one of the best pioneers of the Bongo flava. Ali Kiba earned his major fame in the early 2008 when “Cinderella” was released making big waves in East Africa. Been that it was a hit other songs like “Nakshi Mrembo” followed by which made him to be a star in his craft.

Since then, he music has still been consistent and till today he makes music. It is great to see that his fans till today still vibe to his songs that he keeps on releasing. Even though he has some of his latest songs been played, the truth is his old golden music still remains to be the best.

Through his great work of art, his considered the “King of Bongo flava.”. Him been a major star, here are some of his songs below that will give that nostalgia of listening to his old Golden gems.

1. Nakshi Mrembo

Nakshi Mrembo is one of Alikiba’s best hits back in the days. Whenever you will try to tune to this song it can give old memories when life was simpler. This was a love song that went crazy all over the place, been played in parties, clubs, events and also in radio stations. “Nakshi Mrembo” is our favorite top been that it was such a vibey song to dance to.

If you have free time, please go ahead and listen to the old Best song of Alikiba, Naskshi Mrembo. Still today it stays the best song ever been produced in the early prominence of the Bongo flava industry.

2. Cinderella

Cinderella was termed in the early days as the best-selling album in east Africa. At the time, it was a huge deal, and it gave Alikiba a great name and more opportunities to pursue as an artist.

Cinderella is a song that happens to have a good story line. In the song, the guy ” Alikiba” talks about him of having to move on to the point he got married to a lady named “cinderella” and his glad that his has a life in Dar es Salaam. By this he advised his ex to go back home in Kigoma, and say hi to his people in Kigoma and tell them that he is happily married.

Cinderella brings a lot of nostalgia and memories in our heads as we listen to it. Been that it is the best song to ever come to existence, there is no song in Bongo flava that can top ” Cinderella” by Alikiba.

3. Mapenzi yana run dunia

My message to the next upcoming generation, Do not let this song die. “Mapenzi yana run dunia” means that “Love runs the world.” An old golden song to listen to is “Mapenzi yana run dunia.” when you listen to it after all this years, it can boost your heart for love.

A love song that could give you hope and another chance for love. This song I believe still sticks in the hearts and heads of many who are familiar with Bongo flava. A song that is highly recommendable to you and your loved one is this song. The truth is that Love runs the world till up to this day. Making this song very special.

4. Mac Muga

Another good story of young musicians having to rise from fame and riches and suddenly you fall. Max Muga is a living lesson to young people who are entering the music industry or even having to make decisions in your life.

Mac Muga is a very sad story of man having to find fame and riches to the point he mixes with life with women, lavish cars and drugs to the point having to spend his money in foolish ways. A good music that has very good story line, can teach many young artists to make the right decisions.

5. single Boy ft Lady Jaydee

Single Boy is another old good song coming from Alikba featuring Lady Jaydee. For those at the time who were single at that age, this song can give you so many memories. A very relatable song where having that thought of loving someone is a very tricky situation.

Whereby being a single boy or girl feels way better than having to go through all the tribulations of love. The chemistry between Lady Jaydee and Alikiba was just awesome. Having to remember the old hits of Alikiba, Single boy should be in your play list. Give some time to appreciate the old good talent.

6. Usiniseme

“Usiniseme” which means “Don’t hate me.” it is a song where many can dance to. This another song that can safley say you can openly listen to. Like wedding events back in the days used to play this song. Funnily the song has to be “Usiniseme” due to the person loves to eat.

This song is a good vibe song. A happy sound for everyone who wants to remember the old good days. For now, it one of the classic certified hit makers to be listen to in East Africa music.

7. Dushalele

“Dushalele” happens to have that kind of Lingala beats. The song which by its music video is vintage is another masterpiece that was done well by Alikiba himself. The mix of Lingala with bongo brings out a good chemistry of the two genres.

The song that can make you dance on the dance floor is this one. Been released in the early 2010s till today shows how much talent and great ideas came to light. If you are a person who happens to love Lingala, this could also be the song for you to enjoy.

8. Aje

Another hit by Alikiba was Aje. been released on 2016 under the one of the biggest record labels in the world Sony Music entertainment and shows how much how the song became a major success.

“Aje” which means “How” in English, was a hit song. By the show of this song it can show us how far Alikiba has come from his golden day of starting out in music. In Kenya this song was played everywhere, making it up to day it will still stay a masterpiece.

9. Mwana

A timeless song to listen to is “Mwana” by Alikiba. Been released in 2014, it became a first release song through a worldwide partnership with a label called Rockstar4000 and rock star publishing. At the time, an opportunity like this brought many opportunities to Alikiba.

Mwana is a song many can remember back in those good old days. If you happen to think of a good old song, do not forget to add “Mwana” in your playlist. This song might make you dance.

10. Njiwa

“Njiwa” is another old legendary song of Alikiba. “Njiwa” means “dove” in which if you understand Swahili songs closely, Alikiba praises the love for this girl, whom he says they met under a tree. In the song he claims her by saying that she is her dove.

Njiwa is a testimony to show how far people have come from. If you want on your own time to listen to another old banger of Alikiba this is it. Give it a try to play it on your spears or headphones.

In conclusion.

There is a lot of songs of Alikiba that were termed the best songs of all time that re not mentioned here yet. We just highlighted some just to give you the good old memories of the golden age when Bongo flava was coming up hot. If you have any song in your mind that you liked from Alikiba, please feel free to comment below. What was your favorite Alikiba song?.

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