10 Asa best songs of all time (pronounced as asha)

she is a Nigerian-French singer-songwriter and recording artist. going by Her real name is Bukola Elemide, she is known for her soulful voice and blending various musical genres such as soul, jazz, and folk. Asa gained international recognition with her debut album, “Asa,” released in 2007, which featured hits like “Jailer” and “Fire on the Mountain.” She has since released several albums and continues to be celebrated for her unique musical style and powerful lyrics.

Even though she isn’t as mainstream as we considered her to be, her songs and voice blend really well we shows she still has the talent and withstanding artistry that till today her fans can still remember for her big hits like “Jailer” playing in our minds as we can remember her name.

So far she has come been a very talented artist, below are some of the best Asa songs of all time to give you the good memory lane of what used to be back in the days, where life seemed to be simpler.

1. “jailer” By asa

“Asa” 2007 Album is the best contemporary music Album in the history of Nigerian music. The song discusses themes of freedom, oppression, and societal constraints.”Jailer” became a hit both in Nigeria and internationally, contributing to Asa’s rise to stardom as a singer-songwriter.

2. “fire on the mountain” by asa

“Fire on the Mountain” is another popular song by Asa, featured on her debut album “Asa,” released in 2007. The song addresses social issues and challenges, touching on topics such as political unrest, corruption, and societal inequalities. The song’s powerful message resonated with audiences, contributing to its success and further establishing Asa as a talented and socially conscious artist.

3. “be my man” by asa

“My Man” is a track by asa which was featured on her second studio album titled “Beautiful Imperfection,” released in 2010. The song is all on the topic of love, longing, and devotion, with Asa singing about the complexities of romantic relationships and the deep connection she feels with her partner.

4. “why can’t we” by asa

the song features Asa at dance party that’s full of ’50s technicolor rooms, pink and blue balloons and a whole lot of boogiein’. “Why Can’t We” is another captivating song by Asa, featured on her album “Beautiful Imperfection,” released in 2011. The song bring a good mood of energy that shows a harmonious world which promotes happiness.

5. “The way i feel” By asa

“The Way I Feel” is a track from Asa’s album “Beautiful imperfection, “which was released in 2012. The song is as smooth as silk, which obviously brings the expression on how “Asa” feels, you can tell it by the music video show itself been escorted with jazz elements in it.

6. “Ba Mi dele” by asa

“Ba mi-dele” which means “follow me home”, is a song by Asa from her debut self-titled “BEAUTIFUL IMPERFECTION” which at the time of the release was a bonus track. the song is beautiful story expressing the protagonist of not having to follow his customs of his traditions of not paying the bride price.

7. “Dead again” by Asa

in her album “Bed of Stone,” released in 2014, Asa came back after 2 years not releasing any song at the time which the song “Dead again” came in the limelight. here she not only sing but made the song become a masterpiece marching up with the message that it portrays.

8. “eyo” by asa

The title “Eyo” refers to a traditional festival celebrated in Lagos, Nigeria. under the album “Bed of stone” the song was originally been made in the year of 2015 but was been re done together with a music video in 2017 which became a success.

9. “ocean” by Asa

In her single “Ocean” Asa comes to the music scene again but with a different sound which is almost resonating with the current trends of the afro beats sound together with afro beats blending together. “ocean” is a show of how asa try’s to experiment her art.

10. “The one that never comes” by Asa.

“The One That Never Comes Back” is a track by Asa from her album “Bed of Stone,” released in 2014. This is a very unique song that shows the fear of commitment and love especially when it arrives at the time you are not ready for it and don’t know how to react to love. Been that it is a good “Friend zone” story, listening to this can get to understand people who have been or tried been in a relationship.

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