10 Babysantana quotes.

Been one of the youngest rappers in the game, babysantana as has been known to be 14 had be getting popular recently since there song together with kashdami went viral.

As both of them get to continue releasing there songs. Here are some of the quotes from babysantana you can check out below. If you like these content please feel free to share it with your friends.

  • I might get gone In a Porsche.
  • In school I was the weirdest one in class I’m 14 and I got a bag.
  • We went viral all of a sudden.
  • We started making beats.
  • I want some christian diors and pradas.
  • I am the goat, I am not a llama.
  • She like my dreads, she says am fire.
  • I love the ones who hate me.
  • I want the dollars.
  • I only fourteen.
  • I’m only fourteen but I’ma blow up as soon as I do, I’ma get me a Grammy.

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