10 Bahati Bukuku Gospel songs of the best all time.

Bahati Bukuku is one of the best early Gospel artists in East Africa to ever happen. Bahati bukuku is a Tanzanian gospel singer of which her songs like ‘Waraka’ became a big hit when it was released and was one of the best songs to ever been played in the gospel music genre.

Her songs have influenced many christians who are familiar with the Swahili language. Her songs till today have been considered golden to the memories of which her voice and vocals can still remember in our minds. As her songs still stay true to the dedication of spreading the gospel we are going to look at some of her old hits.

Below are ten songs of Bahati Bukuku that have been considered the greatest songs of all time.

10 Best Bahati bukuku Gospel songs

  • Waraka
  • Heshima ya Dhahabu
  • Dunia haina huruma
  • Maamuzi
  • Lazima usamehe
  • Umwewazidi wote
  • Kesho ni fumbo
  • Songa mbele
  • Ahabu
  • Atakushangaza

1. Waraka

‘Waraka’ happens to be one of the greatest Gospel songs of all time. ‘waraka’ is a song that best defines the story of Esther in the bible. The song that happens to be 12 minutes long shows the reason as to why is that long. It good story of having to learn from Bahati bukuku herself.

If you have never had the experience of having to board a bus to travel with this song, then it means there is a lot you missed out when this song came out. Many can remember back in the days when this song became a major hit. If you are a serious christian then this song is a must for you to listen.

A song with 9.2 million views on YouTube, still remains to be one of the most popular hits of all time.

2. Heshima ya Dhahabu.

‘Heshima ya Dhahabu’ is one of her hits back in the day. A song like this can basically really strengthen your faith if you happen to listen over and over again. Many can remember the time this song was on air. Plus the song has that reggae elements and sound making it more enjoyable to listen.

The song has very powerful message of having to focus on God, he will rise you up. Anything that is of God will make your life shine. But the powers of the human beings of having to rise you up, will by time disappoint you and put you down.

Which is a true message that she sings in her songs. Encouraging man to focus on God’s directives instead on the directives of what man tells you to do with your life.

3. Dunia haina huruma

‘ Dunia haina huruma’ means ‘The world has no pity’. Behind the meaning of ‘Dunia haina huruma’ addresses the issues of what Bahati bukuku in this song is really going through in her life. Her life experiences of having to be exposed shows how much of this song has a very powerful message.

A song like this has a very strong message and gives people the courage to move on no matter what you are going through in your life. Bahati bukuku herself having to go through all this can give you that strong feeling of having to carry on with life.

In the end, you’ll see the strong heart of forgiveness. Bahati bukuku having to encourage her listeners to have the heart of forgiving is one compelling move from her. having to forgive people that wronged you is not an easy step. But it is a strong step of courage.

4. Maamuzi

Maamuzi is one of Bahati bukuku’s old songs that has another good story of letting you sit down, relax and listen to watch the teacher is going to teach you from a certain story. Maamuzi is a song having to teach about on having to make wise decisions in life.

In Maamuzi the song has a story of a woman making a wrong decision of having to visit a witch doctor to fix her issues in life. In the story Bahati Bukuku shows the kind of struggles and cautions the woman went through due to her wrong decisions.

In the end, the woman find help through a preacher whereby together through faith and courage prayed for her problems to be catered for. In this song it is obviously that Bahati bukuku encourages people to make right decisions in life plus if they have any issues in life, remember to pray to God and seek help.

5. Lazima usamehe

Number five in our list is ‘Lazima usamehe’. If you translate it in English it says ‘It’s a must you forgive’. The story behind this song is well narrated by Bahati bukuku of having to start with the story of her good friend having to wrong her in all aspects of her life.

As her friends come to the point of having to come seek for her forgiveness, the pain in which Bahati bukuku has to express of the damage she did to her, she feels like she can’t forgive her. But this is just to use an example in her song putting across that in order God to uplift you and forgive you, you must forgive first.

The song has a great message about having to forgive the people who have done wrong to you. In this song she uses clearly the word ‘Must’ which means ‘Lazima’ forgive others for God to help you through with your life.

6. Umewazidi wote

‘ Umewazidi wote’ turns out to be a very special song compared to the others listed in this post. Her role in this song she has properly narrated the meaning behind ‘Umewazidi wote’ which shows why behind a successful man is an upright woman who stays strong in supporting her husband.

Bahati Bukuku’s umewazidi wote songs praise much of the humble women in marriage who stand strong to keep their marriage working and making it successful. So much can happen in a loved ones life and in time of trouble they are the ones to bail you out.

A song like this can make you salute to your dear wives of having to be their for you in time of trouble if you are a man. To the married women out there this is a song to give you courage to carry on with your marriage.

For all married couples, the best teacher you can learn from is Bahati bukuku from this song. At your free time, consider listening to ‘Umewazidi wote’.

7. kesho ni fumbo

kesho ni fumbo is a well writen song and sang by Bahati bukuku herself. Int the song that has done pretty well with having over 7 million views on YouTube till date shows that still people come back to the song to listen to it.

‘Kesho ni fumbo’ is a song that clearly addresses the problems of family insider issues that can really divide people into two parts, of which they fight each other due to different blood and ideologies of each other.

In the song Bahati bukuku is trying to settle issues of both sides of the family of having to come together and fix the issue of the hatred they have for each other. This song has exposed much on what families go through in this modern days.

So in any way you see families fighting each other, let ‘kesho ni fambo’ be a guide in the decision of having to settle down disputes in your life. And also give you that courage that God will help you to settle down things wisely.

8. songa mbele

They say wisdom never gets old. And after 10 years plus this song still is alive till today. The message behind ‘songa mbele’ means ‘move on’. Bahati bukuku explains that anything can happen in your life no matter how good or bad it is. In any way whatever happens to you learn to move on in your life.

Having that it is 10 minutes long the song has very good in depth explanation on the message she is really trying to put across. Theirs a lot of good quoted lines in this song that sound so priceless with so much wisdom at the same time.

‘Songa mbele’ is a song to educate you on having to move on in life. If you want to gain wisdom, this is the song to listen to at your own time. In her words “Maadui ni wengi kuliko marifiki” which means “enemies are many than friends” are some of her powerful words said in this song.

9. Ahabu

Another well narrated story by Bahati bukuku from the bible is ‘Ahabu’. ‘Ahabu’ is a song that talks about a king called King Ahab who at the time was king of Israel who caused a lot of havoc and problems in Israel due his sinful nature of having to kill the real prophets of God and setting up temples in Israel in the name of Baal who was considered god.

In the story of the song she also adds Elijah who was known to be the prophet of doom challenging King Ahab and his prophets of which is the real God between Yahweh and Baal.

If you are familiar with the story of Elijah the prophet. Then you already know who King Ahab’ was. To give you a good reminder of the story, listen to Ahabu by Bahati bukuku.

10. Atakushangaza

‘Atakushangaza’ is a good vibey Gospel song to listen to. “He will surprise you” which is the behind meaning of “atakushangaza”. When you listen to it closely, it gives you a sense that something great is going to happen in your life and God is the one who will surprise you.

The message in the song makes it joyful that things soon will turn out okay. If you hold on to God, blessings shall soon come on your way. For a good song to listen to in your happy moments, are this one.

At your own free time, A song that has almost 900 thousand views on YouTube will make you feel better about your day.


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