10 Bahati gospel songs to listen to.

There is a good old saying that old is gold, and it happens to be true when it also comes to music. Cause that’s where most of the foundation comes from. In his early rise to fame. Bahati broke through the Gospel industry in a big way back in the days before he ventured into the secular scene that he is right now.

Known to be an artist songwriter and very well-known celebrity in the country, Bahati’s success has become one of the most inspiring stories we have ever seen especially having to start from a very young age.

So what was behind his first success in music?, well we can look back and say the Gospel genre made him a name having his songs been played on radio stations, Televisions and also in public gatherings.

Bahati which means ‘Luck’, we are going to see 10 Gospel hits from him of his early days as a musician.

Top 10 Gospel songs of Bahati.

  • Barua
  • Mama
  • Barua kwa mama (with Eddy kenzo)
  • stori yangu (with denno)
  • Siku ya kwanza
  • Kuchu kuchu (with King kaka and Wyre)
  • Machozi
  • Ndogo ndogo (with David wonder)
  • Lover
  • lala amka

1. Barua.

When this came out in 2014 it became a major hit coming from Bahati himself. The song, having to have a good meaning of writing a love letter, got that mixed reaction of the Gospel vibes in it. The song did pretty well. Video was done well by Steve Wallace ‘ convex media’ at the time and brought much success.

The song having over 2.7 million views on YouTube till up to date is still a good look of its success. If you happen to lobe Bahati’s music then this song at least you can listen to remind you the Good old days.

2. Mama

‘Mama’ is a song that is dedicated to all mothers out there who by day and nigh struggle to take care and show love to their children till they grow up to become somebody in the current society. In the song ‘Mama’ Bahati appreciates his mother for having to be there for him.

‘Mama’ is such a lovable song that you can use it to dedicate to your mother when Mother’s day comes to your mind. A song to recommend for your mother is ‘Mama’ by Bahati.

3. Barua kwa mama (with Eddy kenzo)

Barua kwa mama is swahili word for “A letter to mother”. A song that happens to feature Eddy Kenzo brought the two together to have a perfect chemistry. Another song that is well dedicated to mothers is this one.

The music video of the song can make you relate on so many things you used to do while you were in school. At the time, writing a letter was still relevant. to remind you the good old days of writing such kind of letter to you mum, ‘Barua kwa mama’ is a song for you.

4. Stori yangu (with Denno)

One of the biggest collabs to ever happen in the Gospel industry is Denno and Bahati having to come up with a great Gospel song called ‘Stori yangu’. ‘Stori yangu’ is a very moving song that shows how the two are talking about their struggles in life. Been that Denno is blind, together they walk together as they narrate their own stories.

Each one of us has a painful past and when you bump into this song by Denno and Bahati, and you compare to where Bahati is right now, surely there is a God in heaven who can turn your life for a better tomorrow. From grass to grace, from zero to hero.

5. Siku ya kwanza

To really see how far Bahati has come,’Siku ya kwanza’ is an evidence of where he came from to where he is right now. This song happens to be live in the early 2012s at the time the Gospel industry was becoming a very stiff and very competitive. Having a young Bahati to start out in this genre was very iconic move of his.

His relevance in the music industry has made him maintain his name and brand as a whole. In the early rise of his career, who knew that one day he will pop up to become of Kenya’s biggest artists that we know of today. If you are young and struggling let this be a motivation for you to continue as an artist.

To the ones who have a dream to pursue, this is the song just for you to remind you that it is possible to get there at the top that you are aiming for.

6. Kuchu kuchu (with Wyre and king Kaka)

Number six on our list is ‘Kuchu kuchu’ by Bahati with King kaka plus Wyre. At the time this song was a big thing due to Wyre being known to be an R&B artist plus King kaka having to heavily build his music empire in the secular genre were collaborating together with Bahati who happens to come from the gospel music genre.

A song that was released at 2015 and coming out as a hit, with approximately 840 thousand views on YouTube still tells me that the song had way more listeners at the time of it’s release. To listen to the best collaboration ever to happen that felt very unexpected from Bahati is this one.

7. Machozi

‘Machozi’ which means ‘Tears’ is a well narrated song by Bahati about the pain and struggles of life that he is going through. A song that sounds like it was well written coming from his heart really can also touch the hearts of many who happen to struggle in their life.

‘Machozi’ was another of Bahat’s major hits. Having been that the content was done and administered by Calif entertainment Africa limited, with a good number of views on YouTube of 1.7 million views shows that this song was meant to be a success. Another song to uplift you is ‘Machozi’ by Bahati.

8. Ndogo ndogo (with David wonder)

Having two of the most funny characters in the video Njugush as the pastor and Dj Shiti as the narrator makes this one of the funniest start of the video of all time in Bahati’s music. ‘Ndogo ndogo’ which if you try to translate it English is ‘small small’.

The beats of the song have some dance hall elements, bringing a whole good vibe to the song. The message in the song is simple. Which puts across that it is time human beings stop complaining on the things they don’t have and focus on the things that they have.

This small things that we complain the we don’t have can really make us lose focus on what God has already given us. With 3.6 million views on YouTube, ‘Ndogo Ndogo’ happens to be another major hit song coming from Bahati’s songs.

9. Lover.

A song that happens to have a lot of dance and energy is this one. ‘Lover’ is a love song well written and performed by Bahati himself. At the time when it was released it became a good dance song to many of the people who came across this song.

A lot of the dance styles were learned from this song, making everyone have to practice and dance to this song. A good love song well twisted into the Gospel elements, this song to blow up like crazy.

Having that it was released on YouTube in the year 2015 gaining views approximately 900 thousand views, still tells me this song had way more listeners when it came out. With millions of people having to vibe to this song, ‘Lover ‘ is another major hit coming from Bahati.

10. Lala Amka.

‘Lala Amka’ is not just a song. It is an anthem. ‘Lala Amka’ in Swahili means ‘sleep wake up’. in the song he well talks about the seven days of the week and shows that Sunday is the day when to go to church. A good gospel like this is a vibe to dance and listen to.

Also, not to forget to mention we sleep and wake up every day, which is a pretty normal to say in a verse making it simple for people to sing to. During quarantine, this song was also remembered and people could very much relate to the situation at the time.

At your time, give ‘Lala amka’ a try.

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