10 Best Bien songs to listen to

In the dynamic landscape of Kenya’s music scene, Bien Aime has emerged as a true professional and a giant in the R&B genre. Following the split of the renowned group “Sauti Sol,” Bien’s decision to embark on a solo career marked a significant and transformative chapter in his musical journey.

Going solo.

Since venturing into the solo realm, Bien has showcased not only his versatility but also his determination to carve a niche for himself in the ever-evolving world of African music. The decision to step away from the group that brought him fame and success was undoubtedly a bold move, and Bien has proven that he is ready to chart his own path in the industry.

Bien Aime has long been recognized as one of the most talented artists in Africa, and his solo career has only solidified this reputation. His commitment to his craft and passion for music shine through in every release, captivating audiences and cementing his status as a force to be reckoned with in the R&B genre.

And Below are some of his best yet songs to discover in his solo career.

1. Bien x Dj Edu – Too Easy (Official Music Video)

” too easy” is a mixture of swahili and english song of having to express love and feelings for someone you think about oh really love.

The song was released in the year 2023 of May 19 having been produced by Dj Edu having to gain tremendous trends and view across music platforms and millions of views in almost all Social media platforms.

The music video happens to be very entertaining due to its theme and color captures the viewer very well.

2. Bien – My baby ft Ayra starr.

Having the “Rush” Hit maker Ayra starr in this songs makes this songs to be complete. “My Baby” is a beautiful love song which was distributed by Africori.

In the song Ayra starr wows kenyan listeners of having to use a drop of swahili words in the song been that she is NIgerian atleast she did her best to capture the hearts of Bien’s fans.

Been at the time of its release the song became a hit and therefore been a success. Plus the comic animations in the music video made the song become more entertaining.

3. Bien – Lifestyle ft Scar Mkadinali.

Number 3 on the list is “Lifestyle” which was a perfect Duo of Bien and Scar mkadinali to cook something fire and unleash the masterpice to the world.

The songs comes from the Album ” Alusa why are you Topless” which was been released in November 17 th 2023.

Having the best vocalist and the best rapper in this music turned to be fire.

4. Bien – Ma cherie

A song that has very captivating visuals of some of the historical shots that happened long time ago is this song “Ma cherie” By Bien. The song has very viby tune to which you can comfortably dance to.

The song come from his Album “Alusa why are you Topless” ended up becoming a hit by the time it was released. For those who treasure love and your relationships this could be the ideals song for you to at least vibe to.

5. Bien – I want you.

Bien Aime takes center stage with “I Want You,” a love ballad from his album “Alusa: Why Are You Topless,” released on December 6th, 2023, and skillfully chopped by @onlyomoke.

This soulful track is setting the Kenyan R&B scene ablaze, riding the waves of a captivating melody and Bien’s emotive vocals. “I Want You” is not just a song; it’s a trending sensation, showcasing Bien Aime’s musical mastery and cementing his place as a leading figure in contemporary Kenyan R&B.

6. Bien – Chikwere.

What makes this track stand out is Bien’s unique touch, serenading the audience with the soulful sounds of a guitar, creating a musical ambiance that resonates with the sincerity of his message.

“Chikwere,” a heartfelt love ballad featured in his album “Alusa: Why Are You Topless.” This enchanting song transcends the conventional with its narrative, expressing a profound journey of love.

In this song. Bien eloquently communicates the depths of his emotions, reaching a point where he contemplates proposing and pledges to devote his utmost efforts to love.

7. Bien – Sex and Marijuana.

“Feel It Taking Over,” a song by Bien Aime featuring Ms. Banks off his album “Alusa Why Are You Topless,” which was published on the 18th of 2023, hits a nerve.

The song’s lyrics allude to the difficulty of finding a deeper connection in a world when all that exists is marijuana and sex.

A notable track in the album’s modern feel, Bien Aime and Ms. Banks build a captivating tale that delves into the complexity of desire and connection through a rhythmic repetition of crucial phrases.

8. Bien – A Student.

The song “Student” from Bien Aime’s album “Alusa Why Are You Topless” offers a potent statement. Released as a single from the album, the song is an anthem with a worldwide concept.

No matter what grades a person receives in school, “Student” inspires people to overcome obstacles and follow their goals. Bien’s words turn into a call to action, highlighting the idea that one’s ability to fulfil their potential should not be limited by their academic standing.

With this motivating message, the song transcends beyond its musical form and becomes a powerful motivational force, inspiring listeners to rise above society norms and seize the endless opportunities that lay ahead.

9. Bien – Lost and found.

“Lost and Found,” by Bien Aime, from the album “Alusa: Why Are You Topless,” develops into a sincere declaration of love. The song’s lyrics exhort listeners to persevere in their search for true love by promising an unwavering commitment.

Bien promises with a heartfelt repetition, “I’ll be the one you need, Baby ooh baby eeeh.” The chorus, which echoes the hope that they would eventually cross paths, exudes a lovely expectation of a future spent together.

Bien Aime’s ability to interweave poignant narratives inside the musical tapestry of his album is demonstrated in this emotionally driven ballad.

10. kwama – Bien.

In this context, Kwama refers to “Stick” in the English song “Kwama” by Bien. Given that it is a song from the album Alus Why Are You Topless, it is appropriate to discuss love-related topics.

In particular, the song encourages people to stick with their loves once they find them.
This advice can be applied to a variety of life situations, including romantic relationships, career goals, and aspirations.

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