10 Best Diamond platnumz Love songs.

Diamond Platnumz the Simba himself which means lion in English is undeniably one of the best talented artists in Africa. Him making major hits and becoming a great lead in Bongo Flavor genre making it bigger and getting exposed not only in the African continent but also to the world.

Gaining a lot of fame and support from eastern and central Africa, him having to use swahili love songs to make it a major hit in the African music industry is no joke. His drive and passion of Bongo flavor and having to feature some of the most reputable music in his work is one of the huge steps he has attained to do as an East African artist.

Not many are artists are lucky to achieve the kind of level Diamond platnumz has achieved to make Bongo flavor to the way it is today. From coming from a humble beginnings to the been one of the most successful artist in Africa can be a very motivating factor to the new and young artists who want to become the next big thing. If singing in swahili can make Diamond a start, then I tend to believe anything can be possible.

A side of just been an inspiration, we have to remember the kind of songs he produces are love songs. And most of them are sung in swahili, it becomes very Genuine when you tend to listen to his songs. But If you happen to like the vibes of his songs without the understanding part that is okay. At least you can appreciate his artistry. From the a Boy from Tandale, lets checkout some of the best Diamond platnumz songs.

1. Mbagala – Diamond Platnumz.

If you want to know where really diamond came from, before the ultra fame and riches, Mbagala was the ideal song that shows that. This song happens to be an old Gem and one of the best favorite songs to ever hear and listen to Diamond Platnumz in his early days of music. This song still remain to be top for me. From humble beginnings to actually ending up to be one of the biggest stars in Africa.

2. Yatapita. – Diamond Platnumz.

Yatapita is a very beautiful song. A good scene in the video that shows a broke young man who is in love with a beautiful young lady as he struggles to keep on living his life. Yatapita if you listen to it is a song that gives much hope that all the pains of life wil one day end. In the song it is a powerful message saying ” This shall pass, everything has an end, a day will come, we forget all this.” All sang in swahili.

3. Number one – Diamond platnumz

Number one by Diamond platnumz was a huge hit back in the day. Having to listen to this song all over the radio stations and also on television was a big thing. This song suddenly ended up having to have one of the best collabs of all time. Which is Davido together with Diamond platnumz came together making Tanzania to lagos enter into our heads to been a successful hit. The remixed version sounds better but also the origin needs much more appreciation.

4. Ntampata wapi – Diamond Platnumz.

One of the most classical love songs to heart to of Diamond platnumz is ” Ntampata wapi.” In the text above, in english it means ” Where will I get like that one, One i loved so much. The song itself is basically a heart break song. Having to imagine been left by someone whom you loved so much, to the point you ask yourself where will you find suck kind of person is vert hurting. To those who know swahili you can relate much. Its a very nice song.

5. African beauty – Diamond platnumz ft Omarion.

From the album a boy from Tandale, their this one song that needs to praised highly. And that song is African beauty by Diamond Platnumz himself, together Omarion making a very nice song. Omarion in his verse is very soothing. And i was actually proud when the song came out. African beauty is trully a beautiful song to add in your play list.

6. Sikomi – Diamond platnumz.

sikomi is another beautiful love song, But also this happens to be for the broken hearted. With an impressive 60 plus million views on youtube shows how this song was a hit. Sikomi is a song that can and may heal your heart for those who happen to listen and understand swahili. A good stroy line together with a soothing made this song to be just wonderful.

7. Jeje – Diamond platnumz

If i was recommend you a song to really love and enjoy is Diamond’s platnumz song Jeje. This song is such a vibe. A mixture of Swahili and English and having a good mixture of beats together with some jazz in the elements. Watchin the music video adds more flavor. If you see it you going to love it. If you want to try out Diamond platnumz checkout Jeje. It might make you change your mind on having to listening to his songs.

8. Inama – Diamond ft Fally Ipupa

having to collaborate with thw Congo lese star Fally ipupa was the best thing to ever happen in central and east africa the Bongo flavor industry. Swahili plus lingala came together to make a big talented well produced song called Inama. In which it really did well on youtube having to surpass over 190 million views till up to date. Inama is such a good vibe song. And you should probably give it a try.

9. Salome – Diamond platnumz ft Rayvanny

One of the most traditional songs to listen to of Swahili from the two of the best Tanzanian artists is this song . The video itself shows how Traditions is really appreciated. The beats and the fashion is goes hand in hand with the music. A song like this is not only enjoyable to watch but also to listen.

10. My baby – Diamond Platnumz

My baby by diamond is also happen to be a an English mixed Swahili song. It easier to listen to this one than some other song which is heavily on Swahili. My Baby is a good love song that I would recommend you to listen. Incase you only understand most of the English language. Its not a bad song so also give it a try.

In conclusion.

This was just some of the songs to highlight and go and try listen to the, Especially their is a lot of Diamond Platnumz old songs which still remain to be golden. Their are so many loved songs of Diamond Platnumz i have not mentioned yet but you can include them in the comments below. So which is you favorite Diamond Platnumz songs of all time.

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