10 Best lists of Asake songs you must have in your playlist.

His sound is associated with a feeling. Having Asake in this afro sound industry make me feel envious for Nigerians having the best artists the whole world could offer from Afro beats. Also to be known as Mr money with the vibes surely is making big waves in making quality music to listen to. His songs has done pretty well to the point it got 400,000,000 million streams on Audiomack. That is crazy.

With a mix of afrobeats and also some Amapiano elements and a bit of some jazzy sound makes him special as an artist. He can set you in a mood of feelings. If you listen to Yoga, it is spiritual. Just that been one of them been evident of how he produces his song. But Bandana was a huge hit having to give that good vibes moment. Some of his other songs are also inspiring and also good to listen to. They can encourage you to always chase for your dreams no matter what.

If you take a good look At Asake, you can say he came from nothing to something extravagant. The life his living now is many would wish to aspire. If you want to be an artist, maybe having to look up to Asake could give you some motivation. With good music, talent, hard work and opportunity. you may reach those heights. But from this point I believe Asake will never go Dull.

10 Best lists of Asake songs.

  1. Bandana.
  2. Yoga
  3. Nzanza
  4. organise
  5. dull
  6. Sungba
  7. Baba God
  8. Peace be unto your
  9. reason
  10. Muse.

1. Bandana – Fireboy DML and Asake.

Na the love way I see na hin wey give me liver.

I be ghetto boy, i be sinner.

Fear nobody, Only jehovah.

And I thank the lord, I dey go far.

Bandana – Fireboy DML and Asake.

Having to have been a big hit, I know that Firboy DML is here, but we all got to admit it. The collab was fantastic. Especially the music video was a major success as to minds came together to make a great art out of it. The visuals in the video are very attractive. Also been having to make 40 million plus on spotify is a success. Fireboy Dml and Asake killed it on bandana. They made a good popular banger of which soon became an anthem to those who listened to it and loved it.

2. Yoga – Asake.

Make nobody kill my yoga, yoga.

Enemies I get them too much.

It is better to get them surplus.

Who go dey for you no go take off.

Yoga – Asake.

Asake’s yoga is really nice to listen to. The video itself was nice to watch. it is a highly spiritual song that seems to combine multiple cultures deeply having a connection with every one. This is a kind of song if you listen to it can take away all your stresses in your mind. If you want to have some peace of mind, Yoga by Asake could be just for you.

3. Nzaza – Asake.

Because I know my dream, mi o kere oh (kere-e)

Jazz on jazz but their jazz don cash

ony strong fit to fit survive

See am for my dream as I wear my crown.

Get down on my knees and I pray to jah, ah

Nzaza – Asake.

Another deep song to listen to and add to your playlist is Nzaza. This song is like an anthem and i personally love to listen to it over and over. This song is soo powerful and truly an inspiration. When you listen to it touches your soul and all the pressure of the world that is in your head goes away. If you are truly a fan of Asake, give this song a try. I feel it needs more attention than it already has right know. Nzaza is one of the best I have listened to so far.

4. Organise – Asake.


every other day i organise.

some of us are wise

every other person over wise.

Organise – Asake.

It time you think of organising yourself. This song will make you make things be in order. May it be in work place or home please try as much to organise yourself. This one, Asake went hard on this one. The video is very creative. If you go and watch the video it never disappoints. The dancing, the students , the jazz. So unique. All about creativity.

5. Dull – Asake.

I swear, I no go dull

Aje, I no go dull

see my star shine like a diamond (diamond).

Kini mo sonu diamond (diamond)

Dull – Asake.

This one of the best intro song i have ever heard. The beat, the choir, the voices makes this song be full of magic. Been an into to the album showed how much good quality music we were going to get from him. The son is soo short I would have wished to get a longer version of this masterpiece. Every morning you wake up, try to listen to Dull. it will give you that boost to carry on.

6. sungba – Asake.

Me I want fire bazooka, oh na

Mr. Money no day waste time.

Mr. money want to ease your mind

say babytoh fine no dey tooshy, unaka (pepper jo)

se o n whine mi ni ?

Mr money no dey waste time.

Mr money want to ease your mind.

Sungba – Asake.

If you want to drive and put a blast sound for people to hear you in the traffic jam, this this is it. Sungba by Asake has a good mixture of Afro beats and Amapiano. The best itself is a show of evidence. For good times you can really vibe well with this song. A song like this can make you dance the whole day.

7. Baba God – Asake.

My face doey show, my shoe dey shine

Omo ope gara gan

My face dey show, my shoe dey shine

Bi mo shey nlo, bi mo shey nb.

Baba God – Asake.

Baba God having to hear that song is a blessing. It feels like Gospel whereby at least you can appreciate what God has done to you and having to be alive each and every day. This song gives me goosebumps whenever I hear it. So if you got something to thank for in your life, Baba God is for you.

8. Peace be unto you – Asake.

Na everybody want to tear my shirt

I just blow but, omo, I know my set

Before dem use me, I go use my sense, my sense.

Peace be unto you – Asake.

Peace be unto you. very addictive and another song you can drive with if you are having a long journey. With 23 million views on YouTube, I feel like it still deserves more viewership. But all in all the song is good. Give it a try to listen to it and also try to add it in your playlist.

9. Reason – Asake Ft Russ.

Say na my reason i dey reason for my bed

I no dey think about anything

Na my hustle dey cry head (Dey my head)

As I dey work, I dey pray

I believe In jehovah

Everything i dey do dey go well.

Reason – Asake ft Russ.

Afrobeats can blend with anything. Having to hear Russ in the song brought much excitement to see if two can blend. And it did blend well. A very chilling song like this one is one of the best to calm you down. Especially on Russ’s part where he describes how much time he invested in his art to get to the point he is today. Very motivating.

10. Muse – Asake.

Baby, why why why you dey fear?.

Mr money just wan dey with you se.

I came here to turn up, omo o sha mo.

Never knew i would fall in love on the dance floor o she

Senorita, mamacita, my bonita make I fly you to ibiza.

You my nigga, you my jigga.

Muse – Asake.

One of the songs i would love to hear be given more extra time is this one. I felt bad when this song just happens to end so fast. It needs to be prolonged. It sounds so simple from the eight bar verses to the progression but delivered very professionally. The voice choir in it made it to sound more wonderful. For those who need a love song this is it. Listen to it.

In conclusion.

Been wanted for stealing the charts, Asake’s music is awesome. His videos are of good quality and creativity. And i think more people should listen to the kind of art and music his producing. Some songs are well done but don’t get that much recognition. I think Asake deserves more for his work As he gains much in the industry, I pray he continues to wow us with more of his songs. If you have any Asake favorite songs in mind you could say it in the comment section.

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