10 Best list of Tiwa savage songs of all time.

Tiwa savage been regarded as the queen of afro beat shows how much she has paved the way for new artists in the industry to make it bigger and better. Having to be an influence since 2010. Having to start late in singing since 17, her talent exposed to various special connections in the music business her having to be a back up singer and also getting a chance to perform in international events all over the world.

Her been still consistent still shows their much more we might get for her. Her title been queen of Afrobeats is no joke. And i hope it could stays like that. Even though it will not. her impact in the Afrobeats industry is still recognized. Recently having to release a good song with Asake loaded was good song. But their is still more to see to appreciate her good work of what she can deliver as an Afrobeat queen.

1. kele kele – Tiwa savage.

So your boys say you can get me with your money.

Don’t believe the hype, I’m not the, I’m not the type.

I got plenty guys who want me it ain’t funny.

Best believe the hype, I’m just their type.

kele kele – Tiwa savage.

This song was one of the first song I had listen to and it became a major hit been played all over the radio. Especially in public transport whenever you wanted to go somewhere. They were played in full volume. This shows how she became a star. Her deliverance in the industry was different. And still up to date I can still remember the lyrics.

2. Eminado – Tiwa savage ft Don jazzy.

One with the other

One without the other is nothing baby.

What God join together.

let no man come put asunder baby

we will be together.

me and you together forever baby.

Eminado – Tiwa savage ft Don jazzy.

Having to feature one of the industries Goats sgows how her work and kind of quality produced was just on point. This another song that was played all over the radio. This remember was the time before Tiktok or I think even Instagram ever started. Been on the radio was a big deal at the time. Jamming to some of her old beats makes gives you the Nostalgia of how things were back then.

3. All over – Tiwa savage.

Na because of you wey i get goosebumps.

All over, all over.

This feeling got me falling.

All over, All over.

E get as the something dey do me for body oh.

All over, All over.

All over – Tiwa savage.

Another song that rocked in africa is this song called all over. It is easy to sing to and it is easily been remembered in people head. Having to be on youtube till today makes it be timeless. A love song like this is to those who want and need love sometimes. If you fall in love with song soon you might get that goosebumps in future. For life.

4. MALO – Tiwa savage ft wizkid and spellz.

Roboskehskeh, roboskeskeh,

If no be you then tell me who,

Dem go sempe, Dem go sempe,

Nobody messin with my boo.

MA – Lo – Tiwa savage ft wizkid and spellz.

This song with no denial was a major hit. Especially having to feature the starboy himself Wizkid was the biggest thing to ever do. Even though we can appreciate Wiz and tiwa in this song we can’t forget the guy who was responsible of the instrumentals and the sound production, Spellz.

5. Koroba – Tiwa savage.

I no come this life to suffer.

If I follow politician.

You go hear am for paper.

They go call am prostitution.

Koroba – Tiwa savage.

African bad girl Tiwa savage is on the front page again. ” I no come this life to suffer.” hits me hard. but the message delivered here is deep. It has made different from all the rest i have ever heard. It is very relatable. Koroba is definitely one of my favorite. The video itself shows that. The fashion and art in it to me was aesthetic. And beautiful to.

6. Loaded – Tiwa savage ft Asake.

Tiwa I’omo t’on soh, t’on soh (t’on soh).

Today, Germany, to morrow na London (London).

Money too long, em no get bust stop. (bus stop).

Loaded – Tiwa savage ft Asake.

Seeing Asake in the video and songs made me feel excited. I felt great having to see him in the video. Asake style is unique. Having to see him hear tell me me he has evolved well to the point getting to have a chance with the queen herself. I envy every man who has been given the chance to have an experience with Tiwa savage. The queen herself.

7. Celia’s song – Tiwa savage.

Doesn’t matter what we’ve been through.

All that matter is what I can do.

Even through the world around me is upside down.

Always, I’m around with you.

Celia’s song – Tiwa savage.

In a time so many people and things fall apart, this song is vessel and a good sense of positivity. The song doesn’t have that much recognition than the way others have. But this is a very different side of her. This song can take you straight to church if you happen to be a church person. But the song itself is very emotional, can make you shed tears. Give it a try to listen to it. Its not always about numbers. Sometimes you’ve got to value the message.

8. somebody’s son – Tiwa savage.

Tired of getting it wrong.

This won’t be another heartbreak

somebody’s son go find me one day.

I don dey wait, don’t stay too far away (Far away).

somebody’s son go love me one day.

somebody’s son – Tiwa savage.

This one is special. It can be very encouraging and uplifting. To the ladies who feel they can’t find love, this one is for you. This song will give you that encouragement that someone eventually in future will come and love you for really who you are. To the guys, I guess you can change the title and the message to your favor that hopefully someone’s daughter will eventually come to find you one day and give you that love and support you need.

9. Keys to the Kingdom – Tiwa savage, Mr eazi.

Oh, you are the remedy, don’t know what’s inside

But you’re the key to the kingdom.

You’re the key to the kingdom.

Keys to the kingdom – Tiwa savage, Mr eazi.

The song is powerful. Very motivating and her voice here was very soothing. A song like this will urge you to chase your dreams and don’t give up. You can anything you want in this world. You have just to believe in yourself. And this song can be just for you if you need that extra Motivation.

10. Get it know – Tiwa savage.

The time is running out.

You better get it know.

The time is running out.

Get it know – Tiwa savage.

This song caught me off guard. Although their is a version of it with Omarion, listening to the original was best for me. This song showed how really evolved from MA LO. The song is simple and soothing. And obviously Tiwa’s savage voice is beautiful. No much hype but is simplicity of it was okay. But the Omarion one deserve more attention than it got.

In conclusion.

Their so many good songs of Tiwa savage out there that have not been mentioned here. but this are some of my best that i have happen to like and a listen to more often. If you have a favorite song of hers you can comment it below. Everybody is different and that is okay. Especially listening to the stated Queen of Afrobeats.

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