10 Best marioo songs. Mi Amor been the first one.

Marioo is one of the most talented artists in the music industry that we have ever seen. Him having to take the Swahili Amapiano to another level and having to mix with some of his Bongo flava and also Afro beats together with R and B music, shows how he tries his best to entertain his audience with those genres.

Having to come from nothing to becoming one of Tanzanians hit makers, he also happens to not only be an a artist but a CEO of bad nation company limited in which it produces much of his work to the masses to listen to his jam.

If you are young and want to become an artist, this could be one of the most inspiring artists just for you. As you try hard to break through in the industry, Marioo might be your guy.

Anyway. For those who are interested below are some of the best Marioo songs to listen to at your own free time.

1. Mi Amor ft Jovial


We are familiar with the word “Mi Amor” which by its meaning is my love. “Mi Amor” is a special love song of Marioo which was a major hit at the time of its release. In 2022, this song was played all over again in radio stations, social media and also television sets. Been of the most favorable songs to listen to “Mi Amor” will stay on top.

2. Naogopa ft harmonize

Having Harmonize in this song made this song to be vert interesting. The two having to deliver the song “Naogopa” were done well. Harmonize by having to deliver his lyrics and verse made the song come out perfect. Konde boy and Marioo delivery was just fantastic.

The chemistry of the two in this song was just wow. If you feel like listening to one of Marioo’s best songs, I recommend listening to Naogopa featuring Konde boy himself.

3. Inatosha

A song that is very relatable when it comes to day to day relationships, is this song “Inatosha”. The meaning of the word “inatosha” is enough. By the description of the word itself can show you someone has had enough.

Been released in 2019 in early upcoming of Marioo, the song can touch somebody’s broken heart. Having someone who does not know what you want or doesn’t love you anymore can be very painful.

But it does not have to be this way. By time, you will find somebody who will love you for they way you are. For now if you feel you have had enough, this is for you.

4. For you

A good song that expresses love is this song ” For you” by Marioo. In the music video you will see that Marioo is praising the girl for her beauty and character in which he goes to the point he says ” I will sing for you.”

If you are not that familiar with Swahili that much, this song will at least make you understand since it is mostly done in English. Been that the song was shot in Zanzibar caught my eyes. Also having that the song has over 8 million views I feel it deserves more than what it has now.

Another good song to listen to is For you by Marioo. Add it in your playlist.

5. Raha

Raha is all time old classic of Marioo. having the band behind in the video, plus the instrumentals, the guitar, the drums all of that in the song is just sounds perfect. “Raha” which means happiness is one of Marioo best quality songs coming out there from him

Having it been released in 2019, still I feel it needs more recognition than it already had. This is a song whenever you are in a road trip you can listen to. If you are looking for song to drive with, this is it. It’s a very good song to vibe to.

6. Mama Amina

A song that brought so much vibes in Swahili Amapiano genre is ” Mama Amina.” The well Amapiano beats elements in this song is just amazing. Sho madjozi and bottle smith really do some justice to the song.

If you are a Amapiano person, this song could be actually for you. Especially if you tend to drive a lot. A song that you can blast your speakers to. ” Mama Amina is a highly recommended song to add to your playlist.

7. Dear ex

Another Amapiano hit from Marioo himself is “Dear ex.” Having been produced by the South African producer Tony Duardo, the song has very good vibes to listen to.

Dear ex is a song that shows dedication to an ex-girlfriend telling her that he has moved on and is doing well. Which in the song also lives a very interesting question: of would you rather die or go back to your ex?.

This is a song that is dedicated to all exe’s out there.

8. Beer tamu

To those who like to drink and party, beer tamu is an Amapiano hit by Marioo which is a must-listen if you want to have fun with friends. The man behind this beat should be considered a legend. Also having Tyler ICU, Visca and Abbah process having to contribute to this jam is amazing.

So in your free time when it is on weekends, this is the kind of song to switch up to after a long week of hard work or labour that you do. Beer tamu should be considered in your playlist.

9. wow

A song to let you become loose at a party or have a good time is wow. Been shot at Dar es Salaam and directed by Ivan has made the good music video till to date surpass 1 million views. A song like this could be of times you want to dance. It can be more fun if you do it with friends as well.

For good vibes, Wow should be in your playlist right know.

10. Unanionea

To all of Marioo songs that I have come across this one tends to get me. This song can hit a different time when you are going through a break-up from your former person. “Unanionea” which could mean you see me, but by understanding is like being treated in wrongful way.

In the song, Marioo talks about how his been treated by the girlfriend by being mistreated and also manipulated which is making his heart feel the pain. Not only does he feel pain but also broken the fact “Anamwonea.”

For you who have recently gone through a heartbreak, this could be the ideal song to at least help you heal your heart. Heart breaks can be very painful. But songs can also be our biggest remedy. Enjoy.

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