10 Best msaki best songs

In the great scene of South African music, there exists a voice that reaches into the very soul of its listeners. That very beautiful voice belongs to Msaki, a singer-songwriter whose music is well unique, very talentented in her craft of having to do music .

With a sound that defines the real difference of her soung that the usual amapiano that trends now, Msaki has carved a niche for herself in the industry, weaving together threads of folk, soul, and jazz to create something truly unique and deeply resonant.

exploring some of her most captivating and soul-stirring compositions that have left an indelible mark on the hearts of her audience, below are her best songs so far that you can easily pick and listen to her best sounds so far.

1. Mntakababa

song: Mntakababa ft kabza de small, focalistic

Released: oct 2021

2. Kuja utanipata

song: Kuja Utanipata

Released: nov 2021

3. fetch your life II

song: fetch your life II

released: nov 2021

4. chem trails

song: chem trails

released: nov 2021

5. Uthando lwam

song: Uthando Lwam

Released: nov 2021

6. tomorrow silver

song: Tomorrow silver

released: Nov 2021

7. nangomso

song: Nangomso

released: Nov 2021

8. mjolo for who

song: Mjolo for who

Released: Nov 2021

9. limfana ziyabona

song: Limfama ziyabona

Released: apr 2016

10. fika kaloku

Song: Fika Kaloku ft kabza de small

released: nov 2021

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