10 Best of Azana songs.

Having to start her music career at avery young age of 15, Azana proved herself that she has what it takes to get in the music. Her sound and vocals will make your ears to marinate for more as she does what she knows best ans that is music.

Azana was born in the Year 2000, which shows she very young and capable in making big waves in her music career to chase for more. Her breakthrough song came from her album “Ingoma” in the year of 2020 which her song “Your love” Became her hit success.

Having that at the time she was known under the Label Big city dreams, Azana has proven herself that she can do it herself. As far she is going solo, her music is what will make us admire her even more.

Been one of the youngest Talented south African artist that we have today, Below are 10 Best azana songs that you can listen to at your own particular time.

10 Best azana songs.

  1. Your love – azana
  2. Lover and bestfrinds – Azana
  3. Zalabantu – Azana
  4. Higher – Azana ft Yanesa and knight sA
  5. Sifanelane – Azana and Mthunzi
  6. Uthwando lwangempela – Azana
  7. Shona malanga – Azana
  8. Ngixolele – Azana
  9. Egoli – Azana
  10. Never the same – Azana

1. Your love – Azana

2.Lovers and bestfriends – Azana

3. Zalabantu – Azana

4. Higher – Azana ft yanesa and Knight sA

5. Sifanelene – Azana

6. Uthando Lwangempela – Azana

7. Shona Malanga – Azana ft Amahle

8. Ngixolele – Azana Ft s.Tone

9. Egoli – Azana

10. Never the same – Azana

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