10 Best of Prince Indah songs.

One of the prominent artist’s coming from the Nyanza sides of the region is Prince Indah. By his real name Evance ochieng owino, he was born in the year 1994 of 9th august coming from a village which many might not know or heard of called Oloma Murumba in Ugunja, Siaya county.

Prince indah has been very known to be producing the best and making the sweetest Ohangla’s to not only listen but vybe to in this country and the world to witness the beautiful genre of Ohangla’s music.

Prince Indah has made a name for himself in the Kenyan Ohangla music scene. He is known for his unusual voice, catchy melodies, and relatable lyrics that appeal to a wide audience.

And in this he has not only been establishing himself in music but also he has done well enough to been a music tutor to train musicians to be better, philanthropist of having to give back to the community and a business man in which his the CEO of Malaika Musicals.

To appreciate his artistry below are some of his top 10 songs that will make you listen to him over and over again.

10 Best of prince Indah songs.

  1. Prince Indah – Mama watoto.
  2. Prince Indah – Girwa ni.
  3. Prince indah – Chike hera.
  4. Prince indah – Nyar Jaluo.
  5. Prince indah – Nyar migori.
  6. Prince indah – Kido mar hera.
  7. Prince indah – Double Double.
  8. Prince indah – Te amo.
  9. Prince indah – Herawa ni.
  10. Prince indha – Kwach ogole koke.

1. Prince indah – Mama watoto.

2. Prince indah – Girwa ni

3. Prince Indah – Chike Hera.

4. Prince indah – Nyar joluo.

5. Prince Indah – Nyar migori.

6. Prince Indah – kido mar hera.

7. Prince Indah – Double Double.

8. Prince indah – Te Amo.

9. Prince Indah – Herawa ni.

10. Prince indah – Kwach ogole koke.

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