10 Best of Tems love songs. Higher been the best.

Tems has become of the major female artist to see her shine on the global platform. Having to giving up her job to chase her passion for music, looks like it was all destine for her. Been one of the top female artists to be featured by drake and Wizkid has shown she has rose to become a major star.

Tems seems to be a very amazing artist. Especially her having to use her wonderful voice to sing it makes you to hear more of her sound and the kind of message she trying to put across. If you look like a song higher the live performance one was my all time favorite compared to the one produced in her album for broken ears. Her voice is touching, and it feels deep when it is all together packed in the kind of message she delivers.

Best of Tems love songs.

Even though their so many great song produced by the artist, their are some which of related issues to deal with love and relationships. Her songs in this can describe so much of what she is going through. It could be a toxic relationship, or a guy trying to drug her down. Something like that we will get more in detail below. Below are some of the best Tems love songs to add in your playlist.

Higher – Tems.

1. Higher – Tems.

If the world was ending

would you cry, or would you try to get me

tell me now, i want you to be clear, yeah?

Tell me now, i need you to be clear yeah.

Higher – Tems.

Higher by Tems truly took her to higher levels. The songs has been a hitmaker with over 45 million streams on Spotify plus it been sampled in wait for you song with drake and future making another bigger hit with streams over 400 million plays on Spotify. Higher when you listen to it, it makes you feel like going to haven. This is one of the best songs songs to listen to especially it relates so much of how grim a relationship can be.

Love me down – Oddio Tribe, Tems

2. Love me down – Oddio Tribe,Tems.

If you love, you could.

You could be my baby, my lover.

If i’m falling, could you?

Would you

save me

would you let me be yours.

Love me down – Oddio Tribe, Tems.

When the song is played you will hear Tems voice. The beat is amazing and well mixed. It is different than most of the songs i have heard from other Tems produced songs and I can say OMG this song is way sweet. Her voice here is winderful and the beats feel like it is house music. I feel this song is underplayed and it needs a lot more views and streams for it to be heard. Cause this song is such a gem that many may not know.

Found – Tems ft Brent faiyaz.

3. Found – Tems ft Brent faiyaz.

People always trying to take a bite out of my mind

If you need a fight, maybe we could start

I feel I might just becoming under

Tell me why you can’t be found?

It’s so unreasonable, I know you.

Love is a difficult life.

Found – Tems ft Brent faiyaz.

This made me be excited when i came to find out that one of the modern RnB stars of today Brent faiyaz made a song with Tems. Both of them released a very nice love song that i have been hearing it for repeat like 20 times. Tems vocals in the song is soo beautiful. Plus having Brent faiyaz in the song is the best part. Guess two of the best coming together can create an golden masterpiece.

Essence – Wizkid ft Tems.

4. Essence – Wizkid ft Tems.

I tried to teach you.

But I’m gon’ need some reasons

I need to give it all

I tried to leave but I can’t

I don’t know why, you’re the one.

Turn me out of your mind.

Essence – Wizkid ft Tems.

Essence is the best song so far heard it from Wizkid’s album Made in Lagos. Bearing in mind that the song is under Wizkid work, we can also appreciate that Tems voice in the song contributed to the success of the song. Been also another song that became a major hit, Essence is one of the most successful that happen to have a collab with Justin Bieber.

Avoid things – Tems

5. Avoid things – Tems.

Page me on the beeper, babe

I need a request, Babe

I need reason to wait while you relaxing

Take me away today

I’m on a wave today.

Avoid things – Tems.

This song hits hard when you are single. When you listen to this song it feels like she is talking to you. The song has very deep message things to relate on relationships. It so relatable when you are tired to fight with someone all the time and you just want to just avoid things. But avoiding this problems do not make things better but it make it wore. So on order for the to be fixed it needs to be confronted.

Interference – Tems.

6. Interference – Tems

If you thought I was disturbed before

Baby boy I’m gon’ disturb you now.

If you thought I was disturbed before

Baby Girl I’m gon disturb you now

Interference – Tems.

This song is a masterpiece. If you listen to it it will touch your soul on another level that I myself I cannot explain. Her voice can take you out of this world or even heaven, it makes you feel to be at peace with yourself. This song will make you feel love your self. It can also make you feel so blessed of waking up each and every morning and having to be alive. Give this song a chance to listen.

Ice T – Tems

7. Ice T – Tems.

Running in, I be fighting for your time

Right, I know it’s fine, I know it’s good

Damn, I might be wrong, But I don’t care

I just with my own

Ice T – Tems

The song is very therapeutic when you jam to it. It’s a nice love song to listen to. In this song you will clearly listen Tems high notes and her nice vocals. The songs tend to be sweet when you have your baby next you driving and you don’t know where you are going. Its a lovely song. Well done by Tems herself.

These days – Tems.

8. These days – Tems.

These days are made out the pain

These nights are not for the stars

And you remain in my way

Tell me what you think about

Tell me that you feel the gain

You’ll be with me with me till the grave.

These days – Tems.

Another song that really speaks to the soul is this one. This song will also give you that peace of mind. And to vibe with it is way more better way to enjoy this song. This song is deep. If you are not feeling it try to turn up the volume, keep silence and meditate on the words she is saying.

Crazy things – Tems.

9. Crazy things – Tems.

Give me some time, I need peace

I’m a need space some days

And I’m just tryna do my thing

And i’m just get my way

Crazy tings – Tems

If you listen to the song, it feels like Tems is as if she may be in toxic relationship, and she is genuinely looking for space and searching for some piece from the guy he may be dating. The song is very relatable especially when you happen to be in an awkward situation in your relationship. Crazy tings – by Tems is good song to to put into your playlist.

Peace – Mannywellz ft Tems

10. Peace – Mannywellz ft Tems.

What an unfortunate situation

I’m tired of doing things for confrontation

I need to save my time and energy

I don’t need to e yours

You don’t need to be mine.

Peace – Mannywellz ft Tems.

I know the song is not purely of Tems but whenever I see Tems, I click on it. That simple, and I found to stumble upon a very nice song and it happens to be this one. When you listen to the song is as if you are ascending to haven. It can give you peace and the fact that is not everywhere is so sad. If you listen closely to Tems, it is evident that she has a nice voice. If you need a new song in your playlist, let this be it. It’s a great song anyway.

In conclusion.

Having Tems representing her talent to the world gives Africa a sense of pride. Theirs more we might from the talented artist. As she still shine in her fame and success, by time we might hear more of her songs. If you have a favorite song of Tems in your mind you can comment them below. Have a great day.

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