10 Best okello max songs .

Having to work behind the scene for the some of the most influential artists in the Kenyan music scene e.g Bien, Ben soul, savara and many more artists which he has gone ahead to deliver his work and art making a very big effect of him to deliver his talent in the back ground at the time.

And for this reason, it has made him to be encouraged to continue love what his doing by having to come up to be his own artist of having to venture the Dholuo flavour which in this term is like the rnb version of been in the luo genre in the music scene.

His talented and very unique. And what he has to offer is something that is obviously and will really please your eyes and make you believe that he has got what it takes to get your attention and enjoy his type of music that will make you appreciate his work.

with no further a do below are okello’s max best hits so far,

10 Okello max best songs.

  1. Okello max – Nakufa ft bensoul and amlyloto.
  2. Okello max – Kung Fu ft Bien and Bensoul.
  3. Okello max – I gatchu ft Bien.
  4. Okelllo max – Amezaliwa ft Ywayaa.
  5. Okello max – kiss ft jerry owallo.
  6. Okello max – Police na guitar.
  7. Okello max – Okinyal elewa ft suzanna owiyo.
  8. Okello max – Oreo ft Bensoul.
  9. Okello max – Sembo ft Coster ojwang.
  10. Okello max – Kinda piny ft coster ojwang.

1. Okello max – Nakufa ft Bensoul and Amlyloto.

“Nakufa” is a Swahili word for I am dying. But in this context of the song it happens to be a love song.

The song was released on Youtube on the date of August 31 2021.

It became a major hit having that it had Bensoul and Amyloto in the mix of the song.

The song is a mixture of Dholuo plus swahili language, whenever you listen you get to enjoy the tone.

Having that the song is catchy and very addictive to listen makes it number one in this list.

2. Okello max – Kungfu ft Bien and Bensoul.

Song in this list of the best hits of okello Max is “Kung Fu” which was released under the boss album in the year of 2022.

The song happens to be another masterpiece having still the rhumba vibes, having the context of love and bed stories of partners who just love to explore each other.

Bien’s voice and the contribution of Bensoul made this songs come out perfect.

The sound is well combined with electric guitars and also elements and the clear vibes of rhumba which many would like.

For couples, this is the song to be a must listen.

3. okello max – I Gatchu ft Bien.

The song “I gatchu” starts with a very cinematic scene of having to drive the attention to the lesson of that a man has two fights in him.

This sounds different and happens to be a very unique song. The sound given that it is mixed in swahili and in English. Which is more easier to understand.

The song was released in the year of 2021, and got premiered on YouTube on oct 20 th.

Having Bien in the song and his voice together with Okello max has made this song to have a great chemistry from both sides.

The song “I gatchu” is a song that really talks about the issue people have in relationship especially men. Having to fight for love and fighting your demons are two things that ain’t easy to do.

4. Okello max – Amezaliwa ft Ywayaa.

A song that will have you appreciate Christmas festive seasons is “Amezaliwa” which is a Swahili word for “He is born” in this context of the song having celebrating the birth of jesus Christ.

The sound “Amezaliwa” is a mixed swahili and luo song that uplifts you to enjoy christmas.

Musically “Amezaliwa” has a beautiful blend of vocals together with Rhumba elements making the songs sound catchy.

The song was well written by okello max and Ywayaa having to bless and wish their audience a happy christmas day.

This Sound was released in the year 2020 25th which depicts the Kenyan Christmas culture and the spirit of togertherness.

5. Okello max – kiss ft jerry ogallo.

Kiss – Okello Max ft Jerry Ogallo.

Okello max and Jerry Ogallo came together to comine their forces with the song “Kiss” which is all about having to express love and admire for a girl whom you value.

Also this sound happens to be another song that happened to be very different than the projects released since the Year 2020.

“Kiss” happens to be one of the early songs that did well and got recognition for him as an artist.

Having that the song was released in 2019. shows how far Okello max has come from and how he has evolved as an artist.

6. Okello max – Police na guitar.

Normally on christmas, We get used to sing “Feliz navidad” But Okello max happens to do his very own version of his Christmas songs.

“Police na Guitar” is a luo mixed swahili songs that is well shows of the best way to celebrate Christmas with friends and family.

The song was released in the year 2021 and was premiered on YouTube on December 17th.

If you want enjoy your upcoming Christmas events, police and guitar could be just for you.

7. Okello max – Okinyal elewa ft suzanna owiyo.

“Okinyal Elewa” comes to be number in this list but it can be an exemption that will eventually can earn itself to be top,.

The song was released in 2022 having to be featured with one of the Queen when it comes to the luo music scene Suzanna Owiyo.

The lyrics of the sing was written by three artists accordingly which is Okello max, Suzanna owiyo and simon eugene Ywaya.

“Okinyal”means “You can not” and “elewa” means Understand.

8. Okello max – Oreo ft Bensoul.

Love gonna Make you go crazy. And this song is a best definition of that.

“Oreo” is a beautiful love songs that ends up been under the Boss album.

The song writers behind this beautiful sound is Julius McRymboh and Benson mutua.

Having Bensouls vocals in this song make sthe song feel way more better and heatwarming.

The song was released in 2022 and it still remains to be one of the best songs that Bensoul and Okello max ever have done together.

9. Okello max – Sembo ft Coster ojwang.

“sembo”is another good love song that well glorifies her lover and for that he finnaly has the right to say its her lover and he can embark on his journey to go ahead and see her lover.

Sembo is a short form for Asembo Which happens to be a place where Akello max is happy to go and visit.

The song was well written by Julius McRymboh and Coster Ojwang’.

Coster Ojwang having todo his part has made this song to sound spectacular.

Having been released in the Year 2022 under the boss album. It a worthy song to go ahead and listen to it.

10. Okello max – Kinda piny ft Coster Ojwang.

Number 10 on this list is “Kinda piny” by Okello max together with Coster Ojwang.

“KInda piny” is a beautiful Ohangla song that happens to be in Luo language which many luo’s can really enjoy the sound of it.

The song was welll written by Julius McRymboh and coster Ojwang’.

“Kinda piny”was released in the year 2022 Under the Boss album.

This song happens to be separate from others and as well as unique been that it is a song that deserves to be in the Ohangla genre.

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