10 Best Rayvanny songs.

Rayvanny happens to be one of the best bongo flavor stars. Him having passion for music since at a very young age to the point he is right now, He has shown immense talent to the industry of having to get to the top through hard work, Connections and his love for Bongo music.

“Kwetu” been a hit maker and made him a serious artist made people to take him more serious on his own art. Given that he was guided by the Bongo flavor star Diamond Platnumz under WCB records gave him confidence to continue his full journey to create incredible music.

This mentorship and experience has finally made him to launch his own record label Next level music making himself chief executive officer. As he goes through his journey of music successes their is more to expect from the Bongo flavor star Rayvanny on his art and music.

Him still making Music shows that he is still continue to become relevant. Below are some of his best listened songs of all time. Some are recent and some are of his old golden music that he used to produce. I hope you find this useful to add his music to your playlist.

1. Nitongoze – Rayvanny ft Diamond platnumz.

I have never ever heard this kind of version where Bongo music to add it together with Amapiano. The beats came together to produce the best Hyped sounds to ever hear. The song Nitongoze has been a hit success given that it has streams over 25 million from all over music platforms. The duo was one of the best to occur of Diamond platnumz and Rayvanny coming together to make a banger.

2. Number one – Rayvanny ft Zuchu.

Another duo that went so well together was zuchu and Rayvanny having coming together with the song number one. Number one is a sweet love song having to be produced under one of the best labels in Bongo flavor WCB records. The song has surpassed 77 million views on youtube and also was one of the trendiest song to ever been played In 2021. For the sake of love number one could be your song to listen in your playlist.

3. Tetema – Rayvanny ft Diamond platnumz.

“Tetema” is the most respected banger to ever hear from Rayvanny himself. ” Tetema” which means shake in English was released in 2019 making it a huge hit all over east Africa. The song gained so much fame to the point it got to one of the most famous Colombian star artist Maluma which was released in 2021. having 37 plus million views on Youtube shows how well the remix was done making it a success.

4. Ex Boyfriend – Rayvanny.

To all the people who have broken hearts, Appreciate those who never saw your worth and decided to dump you over the edge so as to get yourself a more and better prosperous life. Some people come to our lives in two ways. That is they are either a blessing or a lesson. Make peace with your past, and find ways to heal your heart. For a song that will be your guard for the time, listen to ex Boyfriend by Rayvanny.

5. Kijuso – Queen Darleen ft Rayvanny.

Kijuso is another good song that became a hit. Those were the times when Rayvanny was uprising to become a star. The video of the song with 24 million views on Youtube shows how it was well produced. The video itself is even funny when you start to watch in the beginning of calling her girlfriend who she’s hanging with a rich guy in boat. Rayvanny having to call her before his friends and having to be rejected makes him look like a fool. Which is why Kijuso is a song showing that Rayvanny is pissed having the girl to embarrass him and pretending that she doesn’t know him.

6. kwetu – Rayvanny.

Kwetu is a Swahili word meaning our home. The song kwetu is good story of the Boys girlfriend desire to know where the boys origin, where he actually came from. The boy insist that the place is not for Rich girls like her but he decides to show her anyway. The home is shown to be in a slum or the ghetto where in the song talks about the kind of experience he has had living in the slums. Seeing all this the girl still loves the boy his despite his poor background. In the end it shows that love still conquers.

7. Girlfriend – Rayvanny ft Rowlene.

Girlfriend is a purely English song sang by Rayvanny himself. If you are not that much familiar with Swahili this song could be the one you could give it a try and listen. Girlfriend is a song that shows someone is searching for a girl who can much up to his needs. For those lonely guys out there, i mean this can be added in your playlist if you love to listen. It’s a good song having Reggae beats and elements in it. Give it a try, it could be your new fave.

8. Natafuta kiki – Rayvanny.

One of Rayvanny’s earliest songs to pop up is Natafuta kiki. A song that in his early upcomimg as a musician i feel is not getting much recognition that it deserves. Natafuta kiki in english Am looking for kiki In English, has some good form of poetry when in swahili form. The music video with 15 million views on Youtube till up to date can give you goosebumps of where Rayvanny was and where he is now.

9. Zezeta – Rayvanny

Zezeta is a good simple song to sing to. It is a song that can clearly make your heart dancing. But this song is one of his earliest releases back in 2017. But the song itself is very nostalgic and happens to remind of the good old days when life felt more much simpler. Zezeta having to have over 12 million views on youtube and was shot in South Africa. I still think it deserves to have more recognition than it deserved. Truly time flies when this song just their other day was on play in 2017.

10. Naogopa – Rayvanny.

In the song ” Naogopa” means I fear. The song itself has very strong message of Rayvanny talking about how love can be tricky and in the process of been in love can make you wonder if you are lucky to have found the one or are they the person who comes to play with your heart. This is proof that many people want to be loved, but their is fear of also been used to the point you end up again been wounded. In a world whereby relationships can be sketchy, the message of this song show how true it is of having the fear of Love.

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