10 Best songs of jay melody that must listen


It’s awesome to see new young fresh artist pave in their way to get success in the music industry. It allows new sounds of very talented artists to get a chance to have a voice in the market and have to showcase their talents to the masses. In a industry where it is tricky and can be very competitive Jay melody happens to pop up in my mind.

Jay melody is a young talented man having to e raised in the slums of Tandale kwa Mastogole of which he has be termed to have a strong spirit of hustle and grit in him. Him having to be a musician and also a song writer has made himself easy to portray his love in the Bongo flavor genre.

As Nakupenda we went viral everywhere as his fans showed him appreciation on reacting and dancing to his music, has given him much confidence to pursue much on music on which he shows his love. As people continue to try to support him their song which is highlighted below to appreciate his art. Some of the songs here you can add them in your Spotify playlist.

Nakupenda – Jay melody.

1. Nakupenda – Jay melody.

Nakupenda we

Nakutaka we

Kwako sijiwezi

Ooh my love

Mpenzi we

Roho yangu we.

Nakupenda – Jay melody.

” Nakupenda” which means i love you in English, how would you show your loved one that you love them?. The song is very catchy tune which went so viral on tiktok making a banger for Jay melody. A love song like this having to have a good sound and melody mix has even made the Non swahili listeners to vibe with the song. To those who want to show love, this is the song for you. Very catchy and addictive to sing to. Making it the best of the best.

Sawa – Jay melody.

2. sawa – Jay melody.

sema uzuri ananipanga asali

me nailamba tu

na penzi letu ni kama suma

na ulinzi kama suma

hata akinuna

Sawa – Jay melody.

If you are looking for a fresh sound to listen to this could be the one. His lyrics in the song really rhyme very well and the flow of the song will make you to have the desire to fall in love again. A song that I expect for it to have much recognition is this one. It is a good song from the artist him self and you should probably go and listen to it and add it to your playlist.

Sugar – Jay melody

3. sugar – Jay melody.

sweet like kupa tamu sana

sweet like soup am going to die

Kwenye dimbwi sijiwezi nimezamaa

Mi corazon my baby banana aa

Sugar – Jay melody

Sugar is another banger from Jay melody. With 12 million views on youtube, the song tends to be so melodious. Having to vibe to sugar is listening to a very sweet song. In the video is a vert entertaining dance of salsa when it starts. this is to show that this song is a song you can dance together with your love partner. If you want to salsa with your love, this is the song for you.

Namwaga mboga – Jay melody ft Nandy.

4. Namwaga mboga – Jay melody ft Nandy

Ugonjwa wa moyo kutetemeka mama

Kunikana ndo wazi wazi aibu hauoni

Mapicha ya huko status unamkomoa nani

Mipaja hadharani wafanya biashara gani.

Jay Melody.

Namwaga mboga is a good song that did pretty well before “Nakupenda” happen. The video show how the boy has been struggling to make ends meet, while the girl is having to dis value his man foe not having to be wealthy due to the poor living conditions he is in. As he try his best to love the girl, the girl has second thoughts on dumping the boy.

Nitasema – Jay melody.

5. Nitasema – jay melody.

Akilini mwangu oh mara moja

Ninayopitia ni kama umenoga

Haya mapenzi yamenipa gonjwa

Japo sijali kukuambia

Jinsi ninavyo kuota

Nitasema – Jay melody.

Another Good hit coming from jay melody songs is Nitasema. ” Nitasema ” is a swahili word meaning ” I will say” in English form. A song that will make you to want to fall in love again is a song like this. While it is one of his trending songs having to gain over 2 million Views on Youtube, the talent behind this man seems to be amazing. Listen to ” Nitasema” by jay melody.

Goroka – Jay melody.

6. Goroka – Jay melody.

Na penzi letu game la nyoka

Angalia usije gonga

Mamy ridhika na goroka

Usije we ukanizuga

Goroka – Jay melody.

If you want to know where the early upcoming of Jay melody this is the song that you have to listen to. Jay melody “Goroka” you could see in his youtube video him be young and to start producing music shows that he has talent and focus on what he wants to do in the near future. ” Goroka ” which means roar in English.

Zeze – Jay melody.

7. Zeze – Jay melody.

Kwako nota sijaingia na kutoka

Moyo wangu mkweche mamiso naogopa

Kanaota kabisa ka’naota

Vipi nibaeleze dodo nimeokota

Zeze – Jay melody.

A song that really deserved to have a million views was this one. Zeze happens to be a very nice and relaxing song together with the flow of his lyrics. A song that can capture yours mood in and make you feel better is a song like this. Zeze having been to have 1.2 million views, it has been a total success for the young upcoming artist.

8. Raha Tele – Jay melody ft Aslay

Hatari sana

Mtoto Kumnuya

Unavyonipa umoto

Unaenjoy sana michezo ya kukutamia

Raha tele is another love song been sang by Jay melody featuring Aslay. The song itself has a good rhythm into it and some flow. ” Raha ” which means pleasure in English is song you could try to add in your playlist. Even though it does not have much views and attention, i think it is a song that you should try to listen.

Mikogo sio – Jay melody ft Dogo janja.

9. Mikogo sio – Jay melody ft Dogo Janja.

Mashauz mengi kujishebhenua

Najiulizaga kwanini unasajamika

kwa marafiki naibuu

Basi niambie wewee kama unatka jina

Mikogo sio – Jay melody ft Dogo janja.

Mikogo sio also happens to be one of Jay melody’s early releases. From having to come far enough to where he is, Mikogo is evident to show that Jay melody is very talented. The video itself shows the true identity of his origin from Tanzania. If you need to listen a bonus song of Jay melody this is it.

Puuh – Billnass ft Jay melody

10. Puuh – Billnass ft Jay melody.

Aah ili penzi la ukwelli baby nipe tu

Na ukinikuta nimelala unakuja ju

Tena kwa jinsi liko hoti linawaka tu

Na ukinikumbatia moyo unadunda pu

Puuh – Billnass ft Jay melody.

One of the best talented rappers in Tanzania Billnass together with jay melody released a song that went viral in radio stations to the point it landed in the top charts of Boomplay making it to be one of the most listened songs to be played on Air. Jay melody’s voice was well done here. And if you looking for a song to really vibe well in the weekends, this is it.

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