10 best taylor swift ai songs

Swift’s path to fame started when she took up a guitar at an early age and began creating songs, using her own feelings and experiences as inspiration. Her 2006 self-titled first album won her critical praise and a devoted following by introducing the world to her unique blend of pop and country sensibilities.

But it was her sophomore effort, “Fearless,” that catapulted Swift to superstardom, with hits like “Love Story” and “You Belong with Me” dominating the charts and earning her multiple Grammy Awards. From there, Swift continued to reinvent herself with each album, seamlessly transitioning from country darling to pop icon with albums like “Red,” “1989,” and “Reputation.”

having been the biggest mainstream artists in the music pop scene, it has come to the point whereby ai has come to the the point it captured Taylor swift voice.

and to for see that below are some of the best taylor swift ai songs ever to be made and uploaded on Youtube platform.

1.taylor swift ai – life is a highway cover

released: august 8 2023

Name of the songs: Life is a highway

Video description: The AI is almost there. I can hear Rascal Flatts in the chorus, and its not quite perfect throughout, but dang does it sound like Taylor through most of it.

2. taylor swift ai – starboy ai

Released: october 12 2023

Name of the song: starboy

video description: it sounds like “I’m inlove with a starboy” and it fits so well.

3. Taylor swift ai – The hills (cover)

Released: august 4th 2023

name of the song: The hills

Video description: A.I. Voice Model that I used: Taylor Swift RVC V2 | RMVPE (350 Epochs) by AIVERSE from Discord Software that I used: Adobe Audition Adobe Premiere Pro.

4. Taylor swift Ai – My heart goes on

Released: Jul 30 2023

Name of the song: My heart will go on

Video description: Featuring the young Taylor Swift singing the My Heart Will Go On from Titanic 1997. not actual cover by Taylor Swift.

5. Taylor swift ai – cult of personality

Released: december 15 th 2023

Name of the song: cult of personality.

video description: Taylor Swift ai cover of Cult Of Personality Remastered 2023 – Living Colour Song used: Title: cult of personality (remastered 2023) Artist: Living Colour Released: 2023.

6. Taylor swift Ai – all i want for christmas

Released: december 2023

Name of the song: all i want for christmas (cover)

video description: Practically impossible to tell the difference!

7. Taylor swift ai – red sun in the sky

Released: october 29 2023

Name of the song: red sun in the sky

Video description: All the Swiftys are going to learn Chinese!

8. Taylor swift ai – you’re the reason

Released: september 7th 2023

Name of the song: You’re the reason

Video description: Experience the iconic magic of Taylor Swift’s “You’re The Reason” as you’ve never heard it before. Our cutting-edge Artificial Intelligence has blended Taylor’s signature sound with the charm of the Victorious Cast in this mesmerizing acoustic cover. It’s a harmonious fusion of past and present, all thanks to the power of AI creativity.

9. Taylor swift ai – if only

Released: may 23 2023

Name of the song: If only

Video description: 1989, reputation and Lover were the Eras when Descendants, Descendants 2 and Descendants 3 happened I would love to hear My Once Upon A Time sang by AI Taylor! This is so good!!!

10. Taylor swift ai – love wins all

released: jan 27 2024

Name of the song: love wins all

Video description: Original – IU – Love wins all Arrangement – IU – Love wins all Vocal Stems Used – IU’s Original Vocals AI Program Used – RVC v2 Mixing And Mastering – FL Studio Autotune For Some AI Mistakes – Melodyne Video Editing – DaVinci Resolve.

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