10 Best yung lean songs

When it comes to music, there are many distinct artists throughout the world that the mainstream media does not always present us. Such artists are adamant about their passion of music and art.

A great name comes from the early era of cloud rap by the name of Yung Lean, who was born in Belarus and is creating waves in the Swedish rap music genre. When the song “Ginseng strip” became a great hit on the internet, Yung lean got renowned.

His songs are very unique up to date, and it gives so much of what his personality in music is. As we sour to some of his hits, here are at least 10 best songs from Young lean.

10 Best Yung Lean songs.

  1. Ginseng strip 2002
  2. Kyoto
  3. Yoshi city
  4. Diamonds
  5. Hurt
  6. Red bottom sky.
  7. Hennesy and sailor
  8. Afghanistan
  9. Miami ultras
  10. Highway patrol

1. Ginseng strip 2002 – Yung lean

for more than 10 years, this song still becomes a very legendary sound from Young Lean. The instrumentals in the song is the kind of sound that can still stand with time.

The song was well sampled by loop 61 DE DE mouse but a slowed version of the sound. The song also got popular again in 2022 in TikTok as creators and fans as well used it to entertain and share their creativity side of the platform.

2. Yung Lean – Kyoto.

A song that showed that it was ahead by its time is “Kyoto”. The music video has awesome aesthetics of japan and the nostalgia of the sound will make you want or even plead to listen to this song again for the first time.

The editing in this music video was done perfectly. Fitted very well to show the signs of Japan lyrics and effects making it number in the list. For to re-enjoy this song. The best sound to listen from Yung lean is “Kyoto”.

3. Yoshi city – Yung Lean.

The instrumental of this song is just awesome. The song was majorly produced By Yung Gud and together with Yung lean came together to make their very own masterpiece.

In the end of the music video it just shows Yung lean friends surrounding a white vehicle, showing that his friends were together to make incredible hits like this.

Since the song was released in 2014, the song still is been bumped to by his core fans.

4. Diamonds – Yung lean and Thaiboy digital.

Having the Thai rapper and singer Thaiboy digital in the song, the Duo came up with another hit song Diamonds.

The lyrics of “Diamonds” frequently discuss money, extravagance, and the difficulties of celebrity. The laid-back, almost detached flow of Yung Lean’s voice adds to the song’s pensive and meditative vibe.

Having a very great production in the Music video, makes the song euphoric and nostalgic. Making “Diamonds” been number 4 in the list.

5. Yung lean – hurt.

“Hurt” is another song by Swedish rapper and vocalist Yung Lean that was released in 2017. “Hurt,” like much of Yung Lean’s music, has an ambient and melancholy tone.

“Hurt” is produced with a haunting, ambient beat that produces a sombre and introspective vibe. Slow, ambient synths and a minimalistic percussion beat dominate the instrumental parts, allowing Yung Lean’s vocals to take centre stage.

Having a great instrumentals and aesthetics in the mix makes this song awesome.

6. Yung lean – Red Bottom sky.

It’s evident that Yung Lean’s music, particularly songs like “Red Bottom Sky,” has a significant impact on you. His ability to portray feelings such as worry, sadness, and substance abuse brings solace and understanding, making you feel less alone in your own experiences.

The song serves as a powerful companion through your darkest moments, acting as a source of strength and connection. The evolving impact of the song, intensifying in the challenging days of someone whose trying to figure out life.

Been that it is a very unique sound, The song tends to be deep and very touching song that can really resonate with you.

7.Yung lean – Hennessy and sailor ft Bladee.

“Hennessy & Sailor” explores issues of love, money, and the complications of celebrity. Yung Lean’s delivery is contemplative and emotionally powerful, with words that express vulnerability and genuine honesty.

Been that it is unique, it shows the difference of all the kind of songs that he has ever done before in his early years. Sounds more chilled and calming that will make you appreciate his change and artistry.

8. Yung lean – Afghanistan.

One Yung lean best Traps is “Afghanistan” which was awesomely produced by Yung Gud. The music video shows how Yung lean and his friends are having the on time making the video simple and at best on their own time.

Truly its a song ahead of it times and the editing is perfect which the music video was done by @lvtrkevin.

9. Yung lean – Miami ultras.

“MIAMI ULTRAS” is a 2016 song by Yung Lean. The song is famous for its dreamy, ethereal music and heartfelt lyrics, which are typical of Yung Lean’s approach.

The song really shows and talks about the kind of struggles and anguish that Yung lean went through having to surge in this world of rap. Its very emotive in which it can capture your attention.

The song another unique sound from the normal trap sound like “kyoto” and “Afghanistan” had.

10. Yung lean – Highway patrol ft bladee

Grear Patterson directed Alex Goldberg and Emilio Fagone’s production in 2016. Highway patrol was produced as a result of their collaborative efforts with Yung Sherman, Mike Dean, and Gud.

With Bladee in the song, his supporters were ecstatic and went crazy in this one. Fans who love and embrace sadboys praised and enjoyed his poetic delivery in the song. Bladee’s remarks in this song were well received.

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