10 Best Zahara songs of all time

Due to her late passing in the year of 2023 of december , South africa and the whole continent of Africa have lost not only an icon of the music industry but a legendary queen of her own art of having to give us the best gift her talents in making a sound so unique and authentic of being herself.

Zahara, the acclaimed Afro-soul singer hailing from South Africa, showcased her musical prowess by seamlessly blending her native Xhosa language with English in her soulful compositions. A skilled musician, Zahara not only mesmerizes her distinctive vocals but also demonstrated proficiency on the acoustic guitar, adding an authentic touch to her performances.

Her groundbreaking debut album, “Loliwe,” achieved unparalleled success, shattering records in South Africa by attaining platinum status within a remarkable two weeks of its release. Zahara’s remarkable achievements extend beyond commercial triumphs; she is the proud recipient of 8 South African Music Awards (SAMAs). These accolades include Best Newcomer, Best Produced Album, and Song of the Year, among others, solidifying her position as a trailblazer in the South African music scene.

Her loss shocked many of her fans and it has really made people to not only moan but also share their condolences on her passing at the age of 36 which is still a very young age.

As much she had success and won awards, the best she could ever do is give us music that we can listen to. Been that it is the only gift that we can have for now, despite her passing her music we leave forever for people to enjoy.

Below are top 10 songs of Zahara songs to give a listen to.

1. zahara – loliwe.

A word from the Xhosa language called “loliwe” means “train” in English. Zahara gave her first album the title “Loliwe.” The word choice reflects her journey and experiences, much like a train ride.

The song “loliwe’ is the exact song that made her a star and got her recognized in the music scene at the time. The song reflects so much on what many can relate in our own lives.

Given that it has strong message, this song will still remain to be Golden and one of the best she has ever done in her career. Give it number one.

2. Zahara – phendula

“Phendula” happens to be a gospel song in which Zahara is asking answers from God. The song was been released in the year 2013 which was well accepted by the christian community and became a song to be sang inside churches and wedding functions.

Due to this it became another successful after the release of the loliwe album in the year of 2011.”Phendula is a great jam to listen to. Even though its a gospel song.

3. Zahara – Ndiza.

A song that speaks to the soul of many who will listen to closely is “Ndiza”. A song that you don’t really have to understand the language forth it brings inner peace and that make ist even more beautiful.

When things tend to be tough and not going on your way this is the song to listen to that will surely comfort you in those dark moments. Zahara gave us a truelly remarkable song that was very emotive and relatable to the struggles of what a person can go through.

4.Zahara – Impilo.

Number 3 on the list that comes in really handy to listen to is “Impilo”. “Impilo” is a reaslly good song that can make you appreciate health given at a time where we live as human beings is priceless.

Having to put up on making sure you have good health is a very important. Without it life tends to become very difficult.

In the music video she makes it look simple of having to play the guitar in front of her judges who get impressed by her performance. The song is older than 10 years which shows how time really flies.

5. Zahara – Lengoma.

This is not only a song, but a gift to those who listen and felt who are almost to give up or even lost hope in the direction they are heading to. In the song “Lengoma” has very powerful statement which is like prayer that pleads you to listen to it.

In the song “…I pray you listen to this song. It will uplift your spirit and give you a newfound hope..” which its a clear message of Hope especially for the lost.

“Lengoma” happens to be a very beautiful song that can really uplift your spirit. If you feel so down this is a must song to add in your list.

6. Zahara – umthawalo.

Another song of Zahara that will help you propel through the hardships of life is “Umthawalo” which means “Burden”. The song was released in 2011 under the “Loliwe” album which touched hearts of many of her fans.

Given that it is one of her old songs, surely it can bring back memories of what was happening in our lives at the time.

Even though it is an emotional song its a song many can hang on to it to give strength on having to press on as we live in this earth.

7. Zahara – Mgodi

“Mgodi” is meaningful word for “Mine”. The song was released under the album “Mgodi” album in which still is an emotional songs made airwaves and on digital platforms in the year of 2017.

The song was opening for the Album itself. Which really resonates hon how someone can connect with her feelings as well as what they are going through.

“Mgodi” is a must listen song to uplift you in tough times.

8. Imali – Zahara

“Imali” Is a well produced song that has a very strong message in regarding to what money can do to people or even change of who they are really are to what they have become. The song speaks well on how people have worshipped money and will do almost anything to get it.

Given that it is a song that is evident to what is happening in Todays society, the song was released in 2015 and got into the airwaves making a success for Zahara.

9. Thembalam – Zahara.

“Thembalam” is a happy love song that was released in the year 2018 which well suits for a wedding at the time. The song talks on the matter of love, hope and happiness of which most marriage ceremonies would love to vybe to.

Even though time has passed, and the trends of music have changed, This song remains to be one of the unique songs from Zahara.

10. Zahara – Destiny

in the “loliwe” album, “Destiny” by Sahara emerges to be one of the best songs that really inspires a dreamer to achieve their own dreams. The song doesn’t have much clout but the message behind it is so thrilling to the point it will give you hope and strength of not having to give up.

A song that can carry during the hard times is a song like this one. Best written and sang by the south african, Queen and Icon Zahara herself.

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