10 Christina Shusho songs to praise and worship God

Having to commit her entire life to been a woman of God has brought much blessing to her life. Having to come from a very religious and humble back ground her story can inspire many who want blessings in God’s ministry.

In the early upcoming of the Gospel industry in East Africa her songs were echoing in every church, every radio station and also in on every Television sets. Christina Shusho happened. And from that point she has been a blessing with having to use her love and talent in music to give us a praise and worship songs to listen to.

As she continues to deliver what she does best, below are some of her best old songs and today still have so much value in our spiritual life. Christina Shusho is such a blessed name many can remember growing up. If you are person familiar with church, here are some songs of her to reminisce.

1. Unikumbuke

A good old worship song ever came to life is this song. ” Unikumbuke’ which means “Remember me” is a good crying song asking for God’s help and attention of having to tell him please remember. This song has become a blessing to many people who take their time with God.

If you feel you need God’s help to carry on with life, “Nikumbuke” is a song that will give you peace and your prayers answered. When Sunday or Saturday comes, Let “nikumbuke” be your first song in mind.

2. Ushirika na wewe

“Uahirika na wewe” in English it is defined as fellowship with you. A song that can really touch your heart and listen to in repeat is “Ushirika na wewe.” The song was a big success back in the early days of Christina Shusho’s continuous career in her work.

The song is self has done pretty well to the point it got a new release modern version in 2021 and today it has over 1 million views on Youtube making it still a success. The modern version sounds way better. Making a song that can help you get deeply into the spirit with God.

3. Ning’are

A song that can make you know or feel that your are blessed is this one. The song “Ningare” which by its meaning is ” I shine’ is a song that can make you dance and smile despite what you are going through.

for you feel blessed and wan to wake up to get that motivation in you, Ninga’re will give you that energy of having to thank God for the blessings he has given you. If you know that you are shining, the song that you have to get it in your playlist is “Ningare” by Christina Shusho.

4. Thamani ya wokovu

“Thamani ya wokovu” happens to be a song that can touch somebodies heart. With some of that rhumba sound elements plus it been a gospel song is truly a blessing. Her voice and mood in this song is so elegant.

In the message of the song, many can relate at the point she says “nikisema nime okoka mbona hamnielewi” if you translate it, it says ” if i say am born again, why do you not understand me?.” This is a good rhestorical question that many christians can relate.

At your free time listen to thamani ya wokovu in your playlist.

5. Nipe macho

The song “Nipe macho” in English is “Give me eyes.” But in the song it has a very good message. The message in the song is about having to as God to give you spiritual eyes to see things clearly. The normal eyes that we use to see may not be enough to really see what is around us.

Having to be Given God’s spiritual eyes, is the best idea to have. To be able to tell what is true and what’s not true, and determine who really are your friends or enemies in your life.

“Nipe macho” is another eye opening song that is recommended to listen to. In your time with God put nipe macho for God to open your eyes and see clearly.

6. Tumsifu bwana

The zeal in this song till up to date is till fresh. “Tumsifu bwana” means “worship God” is a song that gives you so much energy and power to praise God. An old song that carries so much power and memories is this song. If you come from a family background where going to church is no joke at least this song you can remember.

In those fine mornings of your parents having to get to remind you that we are going to church, this song would always be everywhere been played on each and every Sunday.

To all who are familiar with this song, I know you can tell the kind of Nostalgia you went through when this kind of songs were played over and over again.

7. Hapo mwanzo

Christina Shusho having to bring this song on board, just alone it feels like it can drive us up to heaven. A song not only I believe only humans can listen to but also the birds can listen. “Hapo mwanzo” which mean in the beginning is another gold song coming from her.

Listening to “Hapo mwanzo” makes me feel like am the student and Christina Shusho is the teacher. This is a song to listen and learn from more about God. Their so much to learn from above, and having to listen from a woman of God is such a blessing.

Having Christina Shusho having to put this message in a song, is one of the best things she has done in her work. At your free time please listen to “Hapo Mwanzo” at your own free time.

8. Mtetezi wangu

Another good song to relax and enjoy is “Mtetezi wangu” by Christina shusho. “Mtetezi wangu” which means “My defender” is a good gospel song of praise that Glorifies God been our defenders in our day to day life. The song has so much anointing and can bless you in very many ways.

A lot of Good testimonial stories have come up due to this song. Having to meditate on the word of God with this song can be very helpful. In times of trouble at least we know who we can call to come and defend us. And God is the best defender you can ever have in your entire life.

This a song that a good testimony of no matter how many challenges you go through God will always be their with you.

9. Bwana umenichunguza

This song will never get old. This song happens to so simple and very creative making it a masterpiece till today. In the song the beats having to change in her chorus is soo mind blowing.

A song that will make you really feel her creative mind back in the days is this one. Her voice hear having to use her vocals are just pure and amazing. ” Bwana umenichunguza” which means God you have examined me is another old gem of Christina Shusho work that I urge you to play in your own free time.

Till today, this song still stays as a blessing to many people who have been touched by her songs.

10. Wa kuabudiwa

another old gem of Christina Shusho is “Wa kuabudiwa.” By it’s definition which is “To be praised’ is another good simple sound to listen and also sing to God in your good hour with God. This song been a very old song by the Grace of God it was brought back in 2021 by Christina Shusho herself.

The song has done so well recently having 7 million views on Youtube till today. Which means their is a lot of listeners and fans as well have been blessed with this masterpiece.

Songs that will get you back on track no matter what you have gone through is this one. If you feel you need a good time with your father in heaven, this is the ideal song for you. For God deserves all the praise and glory also honor. Be blessed.

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