10 Eric omondi songs. Funniest of the funny.

Eric Omondi has been King of African comedy ever since his started to use his talent. Having to be a star in the entertaining industry, Eric Omondi was a star since he rose to prominence in performing stand up’s, Events and mainly getting his Fame from Churchill show which was airing on NTV Kenya.

As time changes he has successfully been relevant of having to remain in the entertaining game for a very long time. To a point he had to have his own show called wife Material, which at the time to the audience was worth to watch.

In the early rise of the social media in Kenya, and also East Africa Eric Omondi became a big name on the internet to the point whereby he delivered content on YouTube to entertain his audience by doing what he loves best. comedy.

In his mix of ideas, having parody of songs that were popular at the time was his thing. Which you are going to see some of his old music videos parody that turned to crack your ribs at least to release that stress.

To remember the Good old days, below are some of the best Eric Omondi songs to listen to watch.

1. Zilitemwa.

Number one song on the list to crack your ribs is “zilitemwa”. The song came after its original song called “zilipendwa”which was sang by Diamond Platnumz, Rich Mavoko and Rayvanny which at the time was a major hit song from the Bongo flava genre.

In the song he makes fun of the old things that were done tend to evolve till today. Spreading the message that what the young are doing today was already done in the old days. Plus in the song Boasts on the team Arsenal having to be sang in a womans voice. Maybe just trying to make fun of the team at the time.

2. Nabeba Mawe.

“Nabeba mawe” is another song that will make you laugh. The origin of this parody song is another hit maker coming from the song “Nasema nawe” by Diamond Platnumz featuring Khadija Kopa.

But if you listen to Eric Omondi’s version it really sounds good. His voice in really go well with the song. Been that it’s a funny song whereby Erick’s body is skinny, he tries to compare himself with other men who have muscles and are strong.

Been that Erick Omondi is giving into pressure of having been told to build up his body, as he tries to do that turns out to be a very funny scene to watch. Number 2 on this list that you should try to watch is “Nabeba Mawe.” It’s very Hilarious.

3. Saratina

From the popular musical Drama movie Sarafina, this where the song “Saratina” idea came from. Even though it came with mixed reactions on having to make it a comedy, this actually can remind you the original movie.

To the comedy part, I think in the ending it came out funny when a chicken was involved. The song at the end turns out to be very funny scene. As much it was to do for the purpose of entertainment, this came out to be number 3 on the list.

4. Sango’ombe salome remix.

Having to start with the sound “Wachafu” will make your ribs crack. If you are familiar with the original intro of WCB labels intro which is “Wasafi” you will get the real point of the joke.

The idea of “Sang’ombe salome Remix” by Eric Omondi came from the song which was another hit from Diamond Platnumz together with Rayvanny having to release the song “salome”. At the time this song was a banger, for it was been played all over the place.

To get your mood up, listen to “Sang’ombe salome remix” by Erick Omondi.

5. Wimbo wa Historia

Wimbo wa historia is such an emotional song coming from Erick Omondi having to mention the veterans of the old entertainment industry such as the late Mzee Ojwang, Mama Kayai, the late Masanduku,the late Masaku and also Likobe. It is a very short song that can give you a small history about the old Kenyan comedy scene.

Its origin comes from a very patriotic song that is about how Kenyans struggled to gain independence during the colonial error. “wimbo wa Historia” which was Done by Leyla is a very Patriotic song that you should check out. To get the understanding why Erick Omondi had his on version.

6. Kiwaru

In this song, at the time Erick Omondi was trolling Arsenal team for having to be defeated by other teams giving Arsenal fans sleepless nights. Adding the cherry on top, this song came out and made Arsenal fans look as if their team was a joke.

The song was inspired by the hit maker bongo flava songs called “kwangwaru” which was sang by the best Duo in the music industry Harmonize and Diamond Platnumz.

If you are a person who loves to watch football, this could be of interest for you. Checkout “Kiwaru” by Erick Omondi and MC Antonio.

7. Ndege Nyege.

Another funny parody song from Eric Omondi is this one. “Ndege Nyege” is a song inspired by the hit maker song “Mwanza” which is a dance song done by Rayvanny and Diamond Platnumz.

“Ndege nyege” almost becomes a good replica of the original song Mwanza. Having their own duo, Eric Omondi and MC Antonio brought a lot of life in this parody sound. Been that is number 7 on the list, Listen to “Ndege Nyege” by Eric Omondi together with MC Antonio.

8. Aje

Aje is one of Eric Omondi’s song parody of all time. The video itself is very entertaining especially the part where the girl brings her entire friends to come and party, drink and eat at the expense of Eric Omondi paying the bill.

Eric Omondi having to see the long bill placed on his hand. His facial expression will make you laugh of the way he is shocked. The origin of this parody song comes from Alikiba’s song “Aje” which was hit song in 2016.

A sing that will make you laugh hard is this one.

9. Rafiki pesa

Another song that was made from a Bongo flava hit is “Rafiki” pesa. The song “rafiki pesa” has a very good story line of how his life tends to look good with surrounded by people whose interests are for your money.

The main song came from “Number One” by Diamond Platnumz which in 2013 the song was a major hit to the point it got a big collaboration with the Nigerian star Davido which they released a remix version.

10. Kuliko jana

“kuliko Jana” is Akorino version of the original song “Kuliko jana” by Sauti sol which was one of the most moving songs ever to be produced in the Kenyan Gospel scene at the time. Even though the parody song came with some mixed reactions, this was just to show the kind of Talent he wanted to give his audience of what is in his mind.

“Kuliko jana” which was done by Sauti sol and Redforth Chorus, came together to make a great masterpiece which became a major hit in Kenya Gospel industry. At the time it was amazing of how Sauti sol blew people’s minds. At your own time you can go and listen to both songs.

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