10 Ethan Muziki most popular songs of all time

In the vibrant and ever-evolving Kenyan music scene, one name has been making waves, captivating audiences, and carving out a niche for himself as the undisputed King of RnB – Ethan. This year, the talented singer, songwriter, and music producer achieved remarkable milestones, pulling in massive crowds at iconic venues like Sarit Centre and KICC Grounds, solidifying his status as a force to be reckoned with in the world of Kenyan music.

Ethan’s journey to becoming a household name in the Kenyan music industry has been nothing short of extraordinary. Known for his commitment to creating music with memorable melodies and compelling lyrics, Ethan’s performances transcend the boundaries of conventional RnB, offering audiences a unique blend of artistry that resonates on a profound level.


Ethan during his music career and jorney has been nominated in three different various awards such as Xtreem Awards which was held in the year 2021. Another nomination was i Pulse music video awards which also happened the same year in 2021 and Cafe ngoma Awards which come along the following year.


Ethan Muziki is making waves in Kenya’s music scene, collaborating with fellow artists like Kinoti, Spellcast, Brandy Maina, and Bridget Blue. Their joint venture, “Jioni” with Kinoti, promises a blend of their unique styles, potentially crafting an emotive track capturing the essence of the evening. The choir rendition of “Wimbo Wetu” with Spellcast adds an exciting twist, showcasing their creative synergy in reinventing familiar tunes.

Teaming up with Brandy Maina for “Tokea” and joining forces with Bridget Blue on “Sema,” Ethan is shaping diverse narratives. “Tokea” hints at a significant event, while “Sema,” translating to “speak,” suggests a song encouraging expression. These collaborations not only highlight Ethan’s versatility but also contribute to Kenya’s vibrant music landscape, offering Gen Z and millennials a mix of fresh sounds and relatable stories to resonate with in the evolving Kenyan music scene.

As he continues to wow his fans and Audience of having to make rnB music, below are some of his popular hits that you might have come across or has made you love his music even more.

Top 10 Popular hits by Ethan Muziki.

  1. Kesho kutwa – Ethan Muziki.
  2. wimbo wetu – Ethan Muziki.
  3. Tokea – Ethan Muziki featuring Brandy Maina.
  4. Sweet matunda – Ethan And Matendawili.
  5. Uko poa – Ethan Muziki
  6. Sema – Ethan Muziki.
  7. Homabay – Ethan Muziki.
  8. Jioni – Ethan Muziki.
  9. Maziwa – Ethan Muziki.
  10. Giza – Ethan Muziki.

1. Kesho kutwa – Ethan Muziki.

2. wimbo wetu – Ethan Muziki.

3. Tokea – Ethan Muziki ft Brandy maina.

4. sweet Matunda – Ethan Muziki and Matendawili.

5. ukopoa – Ethan Muziki

6. sema – Ethan Muziki

7. Homabay – Ethan Muziki

8. Jioni – Ethan Muziki ft kinoti

9. Maziwa – Ethan Muziki.

10. Giza – Ethan Muziki

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