10 Lava lava best songs to listen to.

Lava lava is a Tanzanian singer who rose to prominence when “Tuachane” came out becoming a big hit. His talents and efforts made him lucky enough to be signed in the record label WCB records.

Since then he has consistently been making music with other artists as well making appearances on performing shows all over the place. Because of his dear love for music, you are going to see ten of his best songs of all time and why you will have to listen to them.

1. Inatosha

If you love Rhumba, this is for you. This banger is dedicated to all the single people out there who see life been more simple than having to fall in love. In the song. Lava lava talks about the downsides of love and how someone can go crazy or loose sleep once you are in a relationship.

Instead of choosing love, he decides being single is way better than having to be in love. The song which became a hit due to its mix of Bongo and Rhumba made the song come out perfect as is it.

As it is said in the song “Niko single Na enjoy” meaning “I am single, and I am enjoying” made his fans to jam to this song. Making it be played over and over.

2. Tuachane

In 2017 ” Tuachane” was a hit song coming from Lava lava. The meaning of Tuachane is simply ” Let us break up” in which by it’s evidence of the video it shows that this song is a heartbreaking song in which talks about having to love someone who is seeing some else in a show that they do not love you anymore.

3. Niuwe


Niuwe by Lava lava is such a vibe song. The dance video is a good show of it. The art is very eye catching to the point where Afro beats elements have been used in this song. Style here, if you notice in the video becomes very interesting by the kind of matched colored quotes they wear. “Niuwe” which means “kill me” is a song that you can dance to and have a good time.

4. Gundu

Gundu is such a very relatable song. In the video you will see that this is a guy who happens to be sad due to he can’t find love. As he walks, he sees that everyone else has somebody. And yet he has not been that lucky to even find that one person. For this by the look of the song he wonders why it is so hard to find love while others have it. Gundu is another heartbreaking song to listen to.

5. Basi Tu ft Mbosso.

Loving someone who does not love you back hurts a lot. The way Lava lava expresses emotions in this music video, expresses how pain feels like. To the people who have gone through this is very painful. And in the song shows how providing love to someone you don’t love is so disappointing and also brings much misery. If you are going through this situation, stay strong and maybe basi tu can help go through the painful feeling that is inside you.

6. Go gaga

Another vibey jam to listen to is Go gaga. A song that you can really dance to and also to uplift your moods are low. With over 8.2 million views on YouTube, the song I believe it needs more attention than it had before. Having that it has a good chemistry with the beautiful ladies in the song makes this song look spectacular.

7. Habibi

In show of Tanzanian’s treasure and Dynamite, this is the song that has shown true beauty at the same time having to show love as a good force. The dancers of the in the music did a great job making the chemistry in the song to be awesome.

A good theme of tradition is also shown here. In the video you will see old Swahili music instruments being presented. Also, the culture is there by the show of the dressing code from men who are in white clothes from head to toe. A song like this deserves more. By the way culture has been presented, it is really done well.

8. Kilio

“Kilio” which means cry, shows that this song happens to be another song that is heartbreaking. The message behind the song can really touch your heart. It is a about a village boy fell in love with a beautiful girl. After a while he comes to find out that she is getting married to someone else who happens to be a prince.

While this happens he becomes depressed and wondering why she had to do all that to him. Despite the fact she is getting married to the prince, he is trying so much to win back her love, but it seems to be impossible. Making him end up in kilio. Which is in cry.

9. Nitake nini.

In 2018 “Nitake nini” was released to the mainstream with a very good meaning behind. The song shows how moving from a previous relationship and having to be in a new one is big step one can have. In the video Lava lava praises the new girl in relationship for having to love him for who he is as a person.

To those who have decided to move on in their relationship, this could be the song for you. It can so relatable for the ones who have decided to love someone new in their life.

10. Utatulia

The song, been shot in South Africa by Justin Campos, has really exposed the true beauty of nature in South Africa. The pink flowers and the trees in the video makes it come out very well. ” Utatulia” means you will calm down.

In the song, the guy promises the girl that he will give her anything in this world that she needs only that if she promises to him that she will calm down. A love song to recommend in your playlist is ” Utatulia.”

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