10 Masauti songs to give a try.

Masauti happens to be another very talented artist coming from Mombasa to Nairobi to chase his dreams and show his passion and love for music. Masauti is known to be in the Swahili R&B genre, but also he has continued to try other genres as well to appeal to his audience.

Since he has been relevant with his work by releasing music, below are some of the songs to recommend listening to some of his best talented sounds so far. As he progresses on to continue releasing music, there is something fresh coming from him.

Below are some of Masauti songs you should give a good listen to.

1. case

A song that will sike you up on the weekend is “case” by Masauti. The song itself is a good vibey sound to listen to. Especially when you know that your personality is all about been of events and parties most of your free time weekends.

“Case” is good song to vibe to. To release that stress out of your system. If you feel like you need good vibes in your own time, “case” should be in your playlist by now.

2. Ipepete

“Ipepete” was a banger when this song came out in 2019. For all good weekends this song was the main thing at the time. It’s turns out to be a song that turns out to be very interesting and also fun.

Especially in the part he says “Mathwiti thwiti” making sound perfect in the song. Another good jam to vibe to is this one. Been that it was a banger it became a successful song coming from Masauti.

3. Nurulain

A good chilled love song to listen to from Masauti himself is “Nurulain”. When you listen to this masterpiece you will get to enjoy it. The mixture of Swahili plus English with a good voice makes this song been one of the top songs from Masauti.

A song that deserves to have more recognition is this one. Even though it got 1.7 million views on YouTube, it still needs more views and listeners to appreciate this talent. Give a “Nurulain” a try. You will never regret it.

4. No stress ft Trio mio

With having Mavo on the beat in this song and Trio mio, it was evident that the song will come out to be another Banger from Masauti. The song having some Amapiano elements shows how Masauti was keeping up with the trends.

Having Trio mio in the song, his lines came out well. “No stress, have some fun” shows the song is for good vibe only. So if you having an upcoming party, don’t forget at least to request this song. With over 2 million views on YouTube, the songs turned out to be a success.

5. Sokote

Masauti was ahead of time when “Sokote” came out. Obviously, when this song was out it was played everywhere in the streets, Television, social media platforms. Parties and so on.

This is a song that you can’t really hate on. And if you do then you have issues. The sounds and elements in the song was fire, the beats were lit, the music video was on point and the good energy is everywhere. At your own time listen to “sokote.”

6. Dondosha ft Lava Lava

” Dondosha” is a very unique project apart from the other songs mentioned here. At the time, Having Lava lava an artist coming from WCB records in this song was one of the biggest collaborations in Masauti’s career.

It was show of how Kenyan artists together with Tanzanian artists can come together to make this song a banger. Having that it has 4 million views, the support could have been way better if we made this song hot over 5 million views on YouTube.

A song to dance to, to really vibe with is this one.

7. Gaga

“Gaga” is a song that will make you wish to fall in love. A song that will eventually uplift your mood when you are feeling low. “Gaga” happens to be another of Masauti’s love songs that is pretty well done.

It’s unfortunate that a good sound like this didn’t get much recognition that it deserves. A song like this should have hit at least a million views and more in YouTube.

A song that will make you go “Gaga” is this one. Give it a try.

8. Kiboko remix ft Khaligraph jones.

Having the best rapper of all time in Kenya, the OG himself Khaligraph Jones, in this song brought so much life in this song. At the time of the release, the song became a hit with having over 5 million views on YouTube.

Masauti’s vocals in the song was just amazing in this song. And Khaligraph killed it with his Thotiana verse in the song. The Duo did a great job releasing a fire music such as this one. And for to enjoy at your time, give this song a try.

A song that will surely give you good vibes.

9. Foyu

A good wedding song to recommend listening to is “FOYU” by Masauti. Been that it was debut single of 001 EP was a different approach from Masauti having to get that piece of the wedding market.

For the song was really done well, and worth listening to. Given that is a song that shows that can really well be played in wedding ceremonies, no vulgar language is used making it safe to listen in public events, especially when family is involved.

Having Mavo on the beat mixing and mastering on the sound shows that this song deserves a lot of Mad respect. “FOYU” is a song you should try at your given free time.

10. Burudani.

“Burudani” is another debut single 001 EP which was released in 2020. An evergreen song like this is another one of his songs that will make you dance and release your stress on a weekend.

The bass and the vocals of Masauti plus the beats made the sound to turn out dope. A song that deserves to have more recognition is this one. “Burudani at least needs to get a chance to make it to over a million views.

A song that has views approximately 470 k views it needs more boost and support to give him the good confidence to release more of his music.

In conclusion.

These are some of the songs that are just mentioned to appreciate the artist’s talent. There are a lot of his songs that are great and may not be mentioned in this post. If you have any song in mind that is your favorite coming from Masauti, then comment it below. And if you are fan, please continue supporting Masauti.


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