10 Mbosso best love songs to listen to. Hodari Been the first

Under the music label WCB, he has consistently produced music. Currently, not only is he’s trying to entirely use Bongo instruments and elements but also exploring some of Amapiano, Afro beats and Arabic genres to add more Flavor in his art.

Mbosso Khan is a tanzanian talented artist who rose to prominence when his song Hodari and Nadekezwa was released. At the time it was in the early 2018 when the market was still hot. Him having to be in the come up got him a deal In WCB records.

Here are some of the best love songs of Mbosso that you should probably give it a try. These songs will boost some of that Mapenzi in you.

1. Hodari ( 2018)

Hodari – Mbosso.

“Hodari” means strong, having this song been released it became a major hit everywhere it has been played all over radio stations and also in all over social media platforms.

In the song you will hear “Hodari ya Mapenzi” which if you translate it in English it is strong of love. For those who need strength to carry on with love, this is the song to vibe to.

2. Baikoko ft Diamond Platnumz (2021)

Baikoko – Mbosso ft Diamond Platnumz.

The chemistry between Diamond Platnumz and Mbosso in this music video was just amazing. The dance in the music video was lit and the energy delivered brought party vibes to many who danced to this song in 2021. The duo between the two made this song to be a major success.

So if you know the week is about to end, switch it up to Baikoko. A song to dance to together with friends, or even you loved ones and have a good time. A song that surpassed 44 million views on YouTube, you can tell it became Mbosso’s successful project.

3. Tamu (2019)

Tamu – Mbosso.

In 2019, one of the most romantic songs to hear on the Bongo Flava airwaves is Tamu. In English, Tamu is termed as “sweet”. In the music video, Mbosso professes her love to a young lady for her beauty and her perfection.

Also, not only he praises her for her beauty and character but also describes why she is sweet to him. If you are in love with somebody’s daughter, best believe, if Swahili is her thing Mbosso can be your teacher.

If you are thinking of good song to show to your love or try listening to, Tamu by Mbosso. It is truly a sweet song for the loving heart.

4. Nipepee (2018)

Nipepee – Mbosso

Here is a song that will make you look at your person with so much cherish. Another one of those most romantic sultry lyrics and lovely poetry is this song Nipepee. Usually in this song, the work of a fan is to cool you off.

But in the song Mbosso requests her love to switch off the fan, and instead the girl that she is with is requesting her to cool him off romantically.

The poetry in this song is really romantic. And for those who are seeking for that kind of special feeling, do something special for your loved ones. And maybe then maybe you can get something from that in return.

5. Your love ft Liya (2021)

You love – Mbosso ft Liya

Sometimes it could be hard to describe the kind of love you have for someone. To some who overthink, the mind just lingers you with a lot of words in your thoughts, and you get into that kind of faze of what am I supposed to say?.

This song comes in. It shows how to describe someone’s love to you is special. A love that you have never seen or feel it before in your entire life. In the song you will see Mbosso telling her loved one that he loves her.

Also on Liya’s part to respond on his message of love, with that kind of vocals is just wonderful. The two released a good sound of music with some saxophone elements as well as Afro beats in the sound. Another love song to try is Your love by Mbosso featuring Liya.

6. For your love ft Zuchu (2021)

For your love – Mbosso ft Zuchu.

A song that has more chemistry than my chemistry book is this one. The duo between zuchu and and Mbosso in this song was lovely. Zuchu’s voice in the song was obviously sweet plus it gives you the chills to hear her voice.

The love song it entirely chilled and relaxed. There was no force. Just pure chemistry of two people producing good music. When two good professors in music meet to entertain us, hard work and discipline are the keys to the upper ladder.

7. Nadekezwa (2018)

Nadekezwa – Mbosso.

Nadekezwa means I’m intoxicated. But in this song Mbosso talks about a girl who has sent him greetings, and he clarifies that he has received them. The song also shows that Mbosso he is been intoxicated by her love.

Her being with him, he professes his love and desire of her to be around him. For those who would want to appreciate their loved ones been around this is the song that could be of fit for you. In a simple word like “Nadekezwa” is not that hard to sing along with the song.

8. Haijaka sawa (2020)

Haijaka sawa – Mbosso.

having to be broke at the same time be in a relationship with someone you love is one of the most challenging situations you can be in your love life. Having someone to understand your struggles and happen to commit to you in this day of age when you are broke is a story that is very rare and fear.

This song gives strength to many who are in that situation. Hoping that one day things will come out well living a better life to make your loved ones happy as you get to achieve your dreams.

Struggles are real. And some fear that they will be left out due to the condition they are in now. Loved or left, all that matters that one day things will change for the better. And this song is not only a message, but also a medicine to the brokenhearted.

9. Tamba (2020)

Tamba – Mbosso.

Tamba in this song has to mean dance. In the song there is so much energy and dance in it. Mbosso in this song has made a good image of a hustler can really fall in love despite his struggles. Not to forget the girl in the video, she is beautiful. with none of that extra features.

The two look like they have perfect chemistry. This song will make you believe that love out here is real and can be maintained if you do it right. If you’re up for good vibe kind of love song, this could just for you. Just have fun with the person you dearly love.

10. Ate (2020)

Ate – Mbosso.

Another love song to put it in your playlist is Ate by Mbosso. Another song that shows how Mbosso shows his love to a beautiful woman shows how romance has always been his thing.

With an approximate of 2 million views on YouTube I still feel the song needs more attention and appreciation. It is a good song that clearly confesses on someone having some feelings for someone they love. Through well written lyrics, if you listen to it closely it is like poetry. Making Swahili as a language to sound more romantic.

In conclusion.

This just based on my review. So please do not feel that offended of not having to mention some of his best songs of Mbosso. He been an incredible artist, theirs a lot of songs of his not yet mentioned in the post. If you have a favorite song of Mbosso in mind please feel free to comment it below.

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