10 Navy kenzo songs most popular hits.

I envy Tanzanian’s so much of having the best artists that we have ever seen in east Africa. One of the best afro pop, Hip/hop and Bongo flava duo to ever happen in the music industry is Navy Kenzo. Since their famed story of having to meet in India and comeback to release music is one of the most inspiring stories ever heard.

Been that they are known to mix their songs in english and Swahili and having to make hits from it makes a good identity of the East african art and music of having to preserve the actual swahili language. Even though they rose to prominence with their first hit ‘Chelewa’ their are other songs as well that has made them popular in recent years.

As they continue to deliver their artistic talents to the world, we have some of the most popular Navy kenzo songs that has ever been played since it got it’s name in the Bigger space of the music industry.

10 Navy kenzo most popular songs.

  • Chelewa
  • Manzese
  • Kamatia
  • Game (with Vanessa Mdee)
  • Katika (with Diamond Platnumz)
  • Feel good (with Wildad)
  • Fella
  • Morning
  • Bajaj (with Patoranking)
  • Moyoni

1. Chelewa.

One of the best crazy Swahili afro hits to be released was ‘Chelewa’ by Navy kenzo making this song to make them rise in the early prominence of their music career. Been one of the most underrated songs, ‘Chelewa’ wowed so many people back in the day of what a mix of Swahili and Afro pop can do.

If your pretty well know Navy kenzo, then this song can’t be that strange to you. Been one if the most successful songs that became a hit, we make ‘chelewa’ been a number one song in the list.

2. Manzese

Number two in the list is ‘Manzese’. A good song that can really touch your heart if you happen to fumble or fall in love is this one. ‘Manzese’ is a nice relationship. If you have been following up Navy Kenzo makes you feel the song more due to the kind of message it delivers.

It makes you remember that they’ve come a long way through it all. The video comes is amazing showing how all the struggles, fights and heartbreaks they still find ways how to balance making love to lead the way. Relationships can be tough, and this is the song to remind you that still love is here to stay.

So in any case to uplift your moods and make your heart to be strong, ‘Manzese’ is a must listen for you.

3. Kamatia.

A good reminder of your child hood, when this song came out life was good. Admit it. This song was a banger when it came out. The kind of birthday parties, school events and a lot of public events you had to attend to this song was must been played everywhere to capture your attention.

Having that Dance hall elements in the song made everyone to rock with it. The best of the song still remains iconic making this songs to be the Goated songs of all time ever been played in the African continent.

having been that it has 16 million views on YouTube and been released on 2016 was the best summer days of all time. Life seemed to be good when this song came out. To remind yourself how a banger this song was go a head and listen ‘Kamatia’ by Navy kenzo.

4. Game (with Vanessa Mdee)

When it comes to good music Tanzania happens to be like a dynamite in the room. The only thing it needs is a lighter and everything blows up. And that is what happened when Vanessa Mdee was featured in this song. The song was clear bomb when it came out.

‘Game’ is a song that can make you dance the whole day plus gives you the hype to do so. Been the hottest duo ever seen in 2015 at the time of the release, in 2015 with approximately 4.3 million vies on Youtube still shows that this song was way bigger than the views we see today.

To the good old days when this song came out, to remind yourself and get that nostalgia feeling listen to Game by Navy kenzo featuring Vanessa Mdee.

5. Katika

‘katika’ by it’s meaning of this songs is to dance. Having to feature one of the industries iconic Bongo flava legends Diamond Platnumz also nick named as ‘Simba” was mind blowing at the time. It showed the amount of support that artists like navy kenzo having to be exposed to Diamond Platnumz audience at the time.

The song ‘Katika’ did surprisingly well. By the time of it’s release in 2018 the song became a trending sound all over media stations across East Africa and to date it has done well with 28 impressive million views on youtube.

If you happen to love jamming to hype songs this is the one considered to listen at your own time.

6. Feel good

A song that deserves to get more views that it has recently, is this song ‘Feel good’ featuring Wildad. A song that will keep you dancing on the dance floor is this one. Been directed by Justin campos the video is such a vibe to see. A song that happened to be released in 2016 was a good summer song to listen to.

The beats of the song is also iconic when you listen to it. This song when you listen to it clearly is mostly made up of English language. Making it easier to understand compared to the song which have been mixed together with both Swahili and English. A good vibey song to listen to at your own time is this song.

7. Fella

‘Fella’ is a song that if you listen to the song it is hard to get bored or tired to listen to. With that Dance hall vybez in the song it will make you dance to release all those stress you have. Having Swahili have good mix with Dance hall is this song. With a fiery song like this is all for those party moments to vibe.

At the time of it’s release. the song became a sensation to the people who love to listen much on Dance hall. Having to come from the best Tanzanian Duo of all time, releasing a Dance hall made in East Africa was gifted thing to do coming from our own. With a song like this shows how talented Navy kenzo is.

8. Morning

From the debut album of AIM (above in a minute) is a song that come in number eight in our list is ‘Morning’ by Navy kenzo. The beats and chemistry is just awesome. Another love song to appreciate is this one. By the show of its title ‘morning’ is a well done song that targets well loved couples out there.

If you need a love song in your playlist, ‘Morning’ by Navy kenzo could be just for you. Even you can share the song with your loved ones who happen to care and show love to you.

9. Bajaj

Having the reggae dance hall singer in this song was bet thing to ever happen for the duo to release the song ‘Bajaj’. The song ‘Bajaj’ has good message to tach you a bout relationships. It really spreads the message of love and a having to always remind you to treat your loved ones with love and respect.

Especially to guys. If you happen to find someone who loves you for you are, it well encourages you to treat her with love isntead of having to use her. That is why in the song says “Mwanamke sio bajaji”. Which means a woman is not a motor bike. so remember to treat her well.

That’s a good advice coming from the most respected couple.

10. Moyoni.

To make you feel proud about Africa listen and watch the music video ‘Moyoni’ by Navy kenzo. Even though it is a love song, it credits much on the African culture. The attire and the venue of the music video is a true evident to that. Been released in 2014, this was the time Navy kenzo was coming up.

‘Moyoni’ is Swahili word which means ‘In my heart’. So anytime you hear saying ‘Moyoni’ you can at least understand what the song is all about. This song happens to be an epic and Iconic song given that it shows how far the Duo have come from to the point they are today still been relevant and releasing music ever since.

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