Top 10 Nikita kering songs of all time.

We can go back in the early years of 2010s where it all started. In an old interview of her on citizen television featuring her in “your story” you could see a young bright girl who has a dream that soon came out to be real. in her words ” Nothing can stop from been a musician” has become a word that now it is a reality.

Over ten years later, till up to date, she came up with one of her breakthroughs with the album “Happy with you.” and ever since through her experience of music and her music studies she has been consistent in her music career till today.

Her big moment came when “ex” became a major hit with over 6 million views on Youtube plus having it been played all over social media platforms gave her much boost in her early success and rise in the music Industry. Apart from been a song writer and a award winning singer her voice happens to be perfect. Even some say that her voice could match up to that of Adele.

As she continues to release more of her songs, Nikita kering is one of the most talented female artists to have in Kenya. And it will be awesome for her to get more support than she has today. So if you have some of that heart to support her here are some of the songs you can listen from her beautiful nice voice.

1. “Ex”

A song that can slap you hard right in face is this one. Her voice in this is so elegant. An epitome of poetry. A song that deserves a good place in international charts. A song talking about a couple having to struggle in a relationship due to that fear of commitment is a song many can relate to.

Having that at the time this song was released blew people minds. With a good quality sound like this one could have done really well if she was maybe in the states having to do this kind of songs. She would have maybe gotten a bigger audience and exposure to match up some reputable artists in the R&B industry.

If this is the kind of voice that happens to come off from our country, I feel Nikita deserves more support than the ones she has today. At your free time give “Ex” a chance to listen to.

2. On yah

If she was a Nigerian artist or star, this song could have gotten a lot more views that it has right now. Been released on October 12th 2022 with views a up to over a million views, it has done pretty well. The visuals in the video are just amazing and of good quality.

The message of the song is clear, and can define many who have been in the dating scene for a while. Having to fall out of love in a relationship sometimes happen. And this song gives that feeling and expression of that kind of situation. In her song having her to talk in the song are one of the chilling parts of the song.

Another song to listen to and add in your playlist is “On yah” by Nikita kering.

3. Better than ever

If you are a Kenyan, please it is time we take a break from some of the best R&B stars in the world and focus on Nikita Kering. Here if you listen to the song, it sound so magical and very pleasing to the listeners ears. For that sad time hours to listen to is this one.

If you are heartbroken, this song sinks deep in your heart. And makes you think all the things you did with that particular person. If you are a person who just found this song then you can tell that her vocals in the song plus the elements came out just perfect.

Not yet listened to better than ever?, then what are you waiting for. Add better than ever in your playlist and your heart will thank you.

4. Never let you go

a good happy vibey song to listen to is “Never let you go” by Nikita Kering. Never let you go could be that song that you could appreciate someone like your loved ones or friends for them been on your side no matter what.

If you happen to have that one friend or loved one in your life, you can recommend them this song and at least show them who they are to you. All of us human beings we don’t really want to let go the people who are of value to us.

And that’s why a song like this one, should be in your playlist as well play it with your dear friends and loved ones when they are around.

5. Happy with you

To give this songbird good credit, at the age of 16 “Happy with you” was written, sang and been released by Nikita herself. Having to be that young and having to release a very beautiful song like this shows much of her quality of her talent is pure perfection.

A song that can get you smiling by the day is this song. Also it can be an inspiration to young girls out there who have the dream to become best artists like Nikita Kering. To smile through the day while you take a good walk, add “happy with you” in to your playlist.

A song like this, you will never regret to hear it. A song that can surely direct itself to your heart.

6. Crossing lines

“Crossing lines” can make your moods feel mellow. If you feel the song it almost makes you feel like you are the most beautiful, caring, warm and loving person in the world. That high quality R&B vibes in this song makes it to almost much some of the most international sounds you could ever hear.

Having an authentic Kenyan song like this questioned me so much on why did it no get at least a million views on Youtube. A song like this deserves to be given more credit than it deserves.

Her voice in this song is Amazing. having to hear it on repeat will make you get addicted to her sound. To give more boost to the best artist we have today, it will be nice if you go and listen to crossing Lines by Nikita Kering.

7. Last name

“Last name” is a good feeling song. A song that talks about having to see someone from the fist time and been blown away by the way he looks to the point your attention is heavily focused on that person.

Nikita’s voice having to express the experience and feeling about this song is very accurate. A song to calm your nerves and make your day feel better is “last name.”

with 230 thousand views on Youtube, It will be awesome to give her more boost.

8. Falling Down

A song that defines best on feminine power is this one. Nikita kind of explains her struggles and her the things she has faced in this song which she comes to say all this makes her like she is falling down. In this song we see that she is trying to almost explore the Dance hall genres with her voice.

“Falling down” been the song that is of dark themed side of her, and what she has grown through herself, shows that she is an artist who feels free to try some thing new.

If you study the lyrics closely it makes you feel to want more on what could be going on in her mind. A song been released on November 11th 2022, with over 150 thousand views on Youtube, I feel still she deserves way more.

9. save me

“save me” by Nikita kering is a very interesting song to ever hear from her. A song like this can’t tell someone can be on their lowest point in life or having to face the darkest faze to the point you might cry out to be saved by the lord himself.

The song also has that kind of Gospel vibe which make it special from the other produced Albums she has ever released. That painful moment that you might be facing, this could be the one song that may understand your pain

To have that Goosebumps feeling in your body I guarantee you this is another of her songs that can make you feel that way, “save me” is a song that will make you cry for lords help. Sometimes things can be tough, and asking to be saved could be the only way out.

10. Where you been

Another song that will best recommend for you is “Where you been”. This a song where Nikita is like in a relationship with a guy who suddenly changed and does not give him that kind of attention and time that she needs. That why in the songs she says “Take me back 2001” where he cared about no one about her.

Thinking that all that time she thought that the boy was hers, until he started playing her and lying to her. Makes her question where he has been cause all see can see is that she is losing him.

This song is one of her best works of hers. I didn’t want it to put it last but we aren’t ranking her by views or numbers but the kind of songs that we feel that needs more recognition that it deserves.

In conclusion

Nikita Kering is one of the best young stars that we could ever have in the music industry. And still she needs more support to help her continue that confidence in her work so that she could carry on with her work. Give her more love and support that you can give. So as to see a young African star shine out all over the world.

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