10 Odongo swagg songs.


Odongo swagg is one of the many prominent Ohangla’s artists in kenya whose talent has captured many fans and audience from the most part of the Western Kenyan scene and also Kenya itself.

Odongo swagg is a very talented artist from the county of Kisumu which he acts as not only an artist but also as a composer, creative and a performer by excellence. His song has brought many to enjoy music and have fun when it comes to his shows.

As he has ranked millions of views on YouTube, it has made him popular ever since he started his great journey in the music scene. As we continue to celebrate and enjoy his beloved songs, below are some of his top 10 songs of odongo Swagg.

Top 10 Odongo swagg songs.

  1. Odongo swagg – Nyasembo.
  2. Odongo swagg – Chwande Gi Nyundo.
  3. Odongo swagg – Lindah.
  4. Odongo swagg – Odongo yaaye.
  5. Odongo swagg – Beryl Nyar ugenya.
  6. Odongo swagg – Hanah mama.
  7. Odongo swagg – Nya Mbita mama.
  8. Odongo swagg – Adhiambo Nyasiri.
  9. Odongo swagg – Simba Okalo Buogo.
  10. Odongo swagg – Osiepe.

1. Odongo swagg – Nyasembo.

“Nyasembo” come to be number one on the list given that it is Odongo’s super hit song that got him to the exposure as an Ohangla artist. The song has bought many people together as one and enjoy the song in one accord.

Having to be a luo term, it well expresses love and affection to someone else which greatly means that this could be a love song which you can obviously enjoy without the need to to be translated to know the full meaning.

2. Chwande Gi Nyundo – Odongo swagg.

Anothe highly respected song of his is “Chwade Gi Nyundo” which well accumulated a good number of fans and audience of almost over 5 million views and beyond. The song was released in september 13 th 2021 making a hit.

Till today it still glorified by many. making it an astounding to many for those who know its meaning and also for those who do not know the meaning all that it matters is that we all can enjoy the music.

3. lindah – Odongo swagg.

Number three in the list is “Lindah” which is another beautiful song that expresses love and desire to someone that you really think about. The song upon it’s release became a certified banger to many which dance to the song with a lot of fun and joy.,

The song was released on october 15 th 2022, which was well uploaded and administered by Dapstrem entertainment limited which you can clearly see the logo in the music video.

4. Odongo Yaaye – Odongo Swagg.

Having the marumbiri beats of tombi mixes well with the song which can make you feel to jump or even dance to shake all the stresses that you have in your mind and body. In this song shows how odongo is lethal and has the right on point vocals that make this song to come out sprctacular.

The song was a hit success having to surpass millions of views on YouTube upon its time of release in the year 2021. At your own free willing time , Listening to “odongo yaye” will make you enjoy yourself.

5. Beryl Nyar Ugenya – Odongo Swagg.

Another beautiful that expresses well about love, “Beryl Nyar Ugenya” is another song that you will surely love and respect to listen to in your own time. The song portrays so much on expressing love and appreciating a woman for not only of her acts but also for her beauty as well.

Been released on jan 26 to 2022, the song has become another hit that many can obviously listen to. At your own free time blast “Beryl Nyar Ugenya” for at least to enjoy the song. Even when you are driving this song can accompany you in your journey.

6. Hanah mama – Odongo swagg.

“Hana Mama” is another crearive song that is coming from Odongo himself. The song and the sound produced from this song evokes energy and hype to people who vibe to the song. The song “Hana mama” which “Mama”which means mother is a song that has done so far lately.

The song was released on 13 th september which became another hit success having to pull in a good numbers of fans to enjoy the artist’s music.

7. Nya Mbita Mama – Odongo swagg.

The song is like a musical love letter to this woman, praising her elegance, charisma, and grace. Just like a captivating melody, her presence captivates everyone around.

Odongo Swagg uses catchy rhythms and lyrics to express how this special lady from Mbita holds a unique place in his heart and in the hearts of others. It’s a rhythmic tribute to a woman who’s like a musical tune that you can’t get out of your head – charming and unforgettable.

8. Adhiambo nyasiri – Odongo swagg.

Odongo has scored highly in storytelling in this song. And sometimes not his stories but stories of our land. Nyathi Osiri has done to Odongo what many women have done to men. Leaving. And Odongo has questions to ask about where she went and what she is doing now. Odongo is reminding us of Angwai too and his Aoko Lizzy.

That’s a great way to link a people’s past to their present. And then, there’s the sacrifice that any artist, a night-performing artist, must make. At night when people are giving birth, Odongo, Bongisa and the team are out entertaining us.

9. Simba okalo Buogo – Odongo.

“Simba Okalo Buogo” is another beautiful song from Odongo swagg. The song talks all about in memory of a loved one who she may pretend of having not know him anymore due to the fact he couldn’t make a good threshold of having to come up with the dowry.

The song is a beautiful way of having to express and remember of what true love is for a person who may be in the same situation that this song well potrays.

Given that it is almost 12 minute long song, it something you can dance to and enjoy the music.

10. Osiepe – Odongo swagg.

A catchy high pitched husky deep voice. I am tempted to say the vocal resembles that of legends like Okatch Biggy, Aluoch Jamaranda, Dolla Kabarry, George Ramogi, Odhiambo Tusker, amongst others…. Ohangla Music to the world.

such kind of music like this has made Odongo swagg to stand out in the ohangla music scene, There are more to cover but this are his top ten music which has made him to be the star he is today.

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