10 of the Best lists of Burna Boy songs to listen to.

African giant. He may be a singer, artist, song writer or producer him been in the industry shows that he is a living icon. Having to start his talent at a very young age till today show what kind of value he produces as an African artist. His songs have been globally bringing very impressive vies and streams since his early years of his career.

His songs can make you feel anyhow depending with the mood you are in. Some are low but makes you feel better, some are their to turn you up like in parties and gatherings while some could make you just vibe with his sound. Having to be a Global hit all over again, Burna boy never disappoints.

Their are so many songs been produces by the African giant himself. So many that people are different and tend to have their favorites song of his albums. So here we you are going to see ten of the best Burna boy’s music that you should at least give a try to listen. Or some of them have become a major hit and you have probably listen to.

10 Best lists of burna boy songs to listen to.

  1. For My hand
  2. On the low
  3. Yawa dey
  4. Alone
  5. Bank on It.
  6. Last last
  7. Ye.
  8. Common person
  9. Level up
  10. Gum body

1. For my hand – Burna Boy ft Ed sheeran.


Whenever I’m broken, you make me feel whole

Whenever i’m lonely, you’re there for my soul

Wherever you are girl, that’s where i call my home

Whenever you doubt it, i’ll be letting you know.

For my hand – Burna boy ft Ed sheeran.

For my hand is such a beautiful song. The accuracy of the song is just too much. Been a love song it can surely touch your heart. Having Ed sheeran in the song really completes the song very well. Two different worlds coming together making such a master piece is so great. Having to surpass 125 million streams on spotify shows how successful the song was meant to be.

2. On the low – Burna Boy.

Angeli, Angelina, you dey cool my temperature,

If you call, i go come deliver

I no go fall e your hand, never

say na me you go love forever

I’m a khaki, no fit be leather.

On the low – Burna Boy.

On the low has been one of the most favorite songs that would love to hear over and over. Having a streams of over 199 million on spotify, still I feel the numbers could be bigger living alone spotify. The song was a major hit having to be played all over radio stations and all over the place be it parties, birthdays and so on. The song deserves major respect to Burna boy himself. the song is a vibe and easy to sing to.

3. Yawa Dey – Burna Boy.

They taking on me’s behaviour

Them call me oluwa burna lyrics creator.

on the road greatness

Dem a sink under haters

some of them a hire private investigator

Yawa Dey – Burna Boy

Yawa dey is the most fiery song ever produced. Before African Giant and twice as tall album, this is the song that made me discover and love Burna boy. This song is a certified classic. Gives me goosebumps whenever it is turned up. To me the world was a beautiful place when yawa dey was released. A legendary song like this needs to have a lot more attention than it already has. Go check it out and listen to it.

4. Alone – Burna Boy

wetin I go do

wetin you go do

when you feeling like you’re falling

and you can’t find nothing to hold on to

Alone – Burna Boy.

Alone is a song that I find to be special and also been featured in the movie Wakanda forever is a great achievement. This song can touch you. it is very soothing and spiritual. So if you feel so sad or so low maybe Alone by Burna Boy is for you. It is a very gifted song. Especially a song been featured in Wakanda forever movie.

5. Bank on it – Burna Boy.

And so as the day comes, as i gon

Protect me lord, I cannot trust my neighbours

Be my saviour

When that day comes

Defend me from my enemies and my neighbours

Bank on it – Burna boy.

The intro of the song surely hits different. It is like a prayer. Having to pray God for protection from your enemies, when the song starts it really flows in the veins and gives you that wholesome feeling of having to sing the song praying that nothing bad happens to you. If you are reading this. listen to bank on it. Especially at the start. It’s a blessing and it puts you in another mood.

6. Last last – Burna Boy.

I dey port hartcourt when dem will soboma

i dey try to buy motor, one toyota corolla

my feelings been dey swing like jangolova.

feelings been dey swing like

Last last – Burna Boy.

Last last is not just a song but an anthem. The song is a hit to the point it was given a Grammy awards nomination. But unfortunately, it feels like he was robbed. A good song like this having to be done so well didn’t eventually get a grammy. Their were so much expectation for Burna boy to at least get the appreciation of his work. Grammy or no Grammy the song will remain been one of the best songs ever produced by Burna boy. Grammy is not a validation that a song is good.

7. Ye – Burna Boy.

My ni**a I what’s it go’ be ?

G – wagon, or the Bentley ?

The girl dem riding with me.

I no fit die for nothing.

Ye – Burna Boy.

Another soothing sound to listen to is Ye. Even though their is some politics of the song having to perform well at first due to kanye west song – ye, what really matter is how the song was delivered and produced. Is it a good song, yes it is. Was it done well. Yes it was done well. With kanye or no kanye’s influence having to make it do well, what matters is how the song is produced. And I think Ye by Burna boy is among the best songs to hear.

8. common person – Burna Boy.

I be common person

But my happiness oh, still be on my own

Everybody get role

No mean say your own role pass my own

Common person – Burna Boy.

Common person is another beautiful song to listen to. In his video it is very relatable having to surpass over 8 million views on youtube. The song shows how Burna boy sees the value and the struggles of how Nigerians are living and hustling each and everyday. The song is soo up lifting. So if you think that you need to be uplifted this could be the song for you.

9. Level up – Burna Boy.

And to anybody wey dey

Doubt me

I swear to make sure you never

forget me about me

Level up – Burna boy

Level up is the introduction of the twice as tall album. And when you hear the song closely you will tend to understand Burna boy’s a bit of life and how his trying hard to get that grammy award but all in all it has built him to become more better and a bigger artist. Having to hear him say level up, his truly leveling it up. Whether you like it or not. Burna is an African Giant.

10. Gum Body – Burna Boy ft Jorja smith.

And you had that tight dress on

When I saw you last night at the club

Even though I had my dark shades on.

I was looking at you all night long

Now I’m in the middle of the street

Gum Body – Burna Boy ft Jorja smith.

I was surprised to see and hear Jorja smith in this song. Her voice is so nice having to much up to Burna boy’s sound. This is a love song that I think you should give it a try to listen two talents joining together to make such a very nice sound. To all who are in love, give this song a try. If it is not for you that is okay.

In conclusion.

The songs mentioned here are not by ranking. Just suggestions. Am not saying that this song or that song could be better depending on the arranged number from 1 to 10. All this is just a suggestion to give a try to listen to the music mentioned above. Their is a lot of good Burna’s songs out their that have not been mentioned here, but the ones mentioned are for give it a try songs. What is your favorite Burna Boy’s song?. You can say it in the comment below.

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