10 Phy songs best of the best to listen to

One of the young talented artists we ever had in Kenya is Phy. Her genre been RnB and Afropop, she got recognized of having to win of the talent show Maisha superstar back in 2015, and got a big hit of having to produce the song Taboo. Even though she has not been relevant in producing music, she still marks one of the best artists of having to produce good quality music.

Phy songs.

But back in the days she was on fire on been an active artist of having to perform gigs and get featured in other musical projects as well on other famous artists like King kaka back then. To kind of appreciate her love and work of good quality music to listen to below are some of Phy’s best songs to ever listen to

Despite the fact her songs have to get a few views on YouTube, we not going to review due to views but by quality. It will be nice to boost her up. In fact, below are top 10 Phy songs that also included her album ‘Philosophy’. Enjoy.

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10 Phy songs to listen to.

  • Taboo
  • Ruka (with King kaka, Khaligraph Jones)
  • Siwezani
  • Power (sage, Donn)
  • Twende tuka wake
  • Kenyan boy kenyan girl
  • Chuki (cover)
  • Hamnitishi (cover)
  • Leta wimbo (cover)
  • Sinzia (cover)

1. Taboo

One of the greatest R&B songs to ever happen in Kenya is when ‘Taboo’ song. ‘Taboo’ which means something that is been prohibited or restricted by customs. In the song ‘Taboo’ narrates about side guy loving her and this makes her feel kinda guilty of having to cheat his main person.

As this goes on she expresses how she feels about the relationship having to call the guy “Taboo” due to his behavior. ‘Taboo is the second single to the album ‘philosophy’ of having done well with over 2 million views on YouTube where people still can access and jam to the song.

2. Ruka

‘Ruka’ comes second on our list. With a song that happens to have two of the greatest rappers in the music King kaka and Khaligraph made this song a hit. The song ‘Ruka’ gives that kind of international music vibes. The song quality is soo impressive and also happens to have good vibey sound for you to enjoy.

‘Ruka’ is a party song that is recommended to hear from Phy’s one of the best collab projects. Having a good theme song that could make you listen to blast music when you are free, this is the song to listen to at your own free time. By the way ‘Ruka’ translated into English is ‘Jump’.

3. Siwezani

Number three on the list is ‘Siwezani’ which is another love song that entirely talks of having to love someone who suddenly falls out of love of you. In the song, she wonders why his man is comparing her with Instagram girls, and also she still stuck with the guy because she still loves him

‘siwezani’ if you will translate it to english means “I can’t” which in this song she makes it clear that there are things she can do in the relationship to get the attention of the guy. In 2017 the song ‘Siwezani’ been directed by Brian KG films, is a song under the label Ennovator music got 117 thousand views on YouTube but still the song is of good quality.

4. power

One of the songs that we feel was hardly slept on was this song Power by Phy featuring together with Sage and Donn J. ‘Power’ is that song that will give you energy to walk confidently in the streets with your earphones locked in your ears.

The wardrobe and the style in the song was super B. The prowess of the lyrics of the song turned out to be awesome. Having to get that energy and powerful vibes in your system, ‘power’ can be a song to motivate you throughout the day.

This song deserves more recognition than it has already have for the past years since it was released. If you are looking for a song to add in your playlist, I consider ‘power’ by Phy together with Sage and Donn J.

5. Twende tuka wake (cover) ft syd

In having to respect K-rupt one of the most respected names in the early comings of the rap culture and Hiphop in Kenya, Phy did an amazing Job to do a cover song of ‘Twende tuka wake’. In this song she breathed life in old skool songs of the early 2000s in Kenya.

This came out to be the most dope Tbt songs coming from her. To get your jam on the best cover of all time, ‘Twende tuka wake’ by Phy will make you change your mind about her creative mind.

6. Kenyan Boy kenyan Girl (cover)

Another cover that will happen to get you at your soul is ‘kenyan Boy Kenyan girl’. The origin of the song goes way back in old skool days when the best groups ever to form in Kenya were alive and shining making great Airwaves in the music industry called Necessary Noize.

Necessary Noize comprised the three found members of the rapper Waire, singer Naziri Hirji and Rapper Bamzigi but sonn left leaving the two Waire and Nazizi Harji to carry on.

In the song which was originally produced by Ted josiah, Naziri Hirji and Kevin Wyre at the time, became an old skool hit back in the day. Phy’s version adds more flavor and taste to the song. Which gives much respect by adding life to the old skool song that made noise all over the radio stations, Televisions, public gatherings and so on.

7. Chuki (cover)

One of the best R&B old skool songs to be released in the early 2000s was Wyre having to release song ‘Chuki’. The kenyan R&B was shaken at the time this song came out. In those sad boy or girl hours to listen to at your own time when broken-hearted this songs.

Having to be brought back to life again in 2016 by Phy herself was the most incredible thing to do. It’s so sad much of the current generation can’ give much credit to the old songs that happen to be played back then.

There is so much talent and nice voice coming from this song. The lyrics are timeless. If you happen to know this song you can tell the Nostalgia you get when you Bump to this kind of song. Go ahead and give it a try. A good cover of Chuki by Phy might make up your day.

8. Hamnitishi (cover)

‘Hamnitishi’ comes from the legendary form of the kenyan 2 pac of the time E-sir. ‘Hamnitishi’ is one of the best songs to come out from the legendary rapper E-sir. As his legacy continues to move and inspire artists in the industry, ‘Hamnitishi’ still will remain in the hearts of many people who at the time listened to his song.

Phy doing this was giving a big respect to the one of the best young upcoming artists at the time, who suddenly died in a car crash on 16th march 2003. having to produce this song through her cover makes it look special been that the song was brought up alive through her cover to honor respect to the legendary Hiphop star.

9. leta wimbo.(cover)

Sema happened to be a trendy group when the origin of the song was released. Comprised of three members Pam, Sanai Tande and Kevin Waweru, the group made great hits, been that at the time of their popularity were sponsored by Coca cola.

In this song, ‘Leta wimbo’ is well revived by Phy herself making this song also been given respect of its value of perfect quality sound. Making it number 9 on the list ‘Leta wimbo’ is one of the covers that actually you should listen to at your own free time.

10. Sinzia (cover)

Number 10 on our list is ‘Sinzia’ cover done by Phy. They are actually two versions of the song and both are considered to be incredible. The lives on felt way better having in the video having that Nameless was in the crowd having to take part in the session.

The energy in the live performance was awesome. At the time ‘Sinzia’ was a big hit song that has ever happened in Kenya. And having to perform with Nameless was a big thing at the time, bringing a lot of attention to from the audience.

If you want to really enjoy this part of this song, give it a try to search the Live session one of Phy and Nameless was on the same platform together. But her normal cover is also dope given that she has a very nice voice.

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