10 Rayvanny Best songs of 2023

Having to emerge from his debut song “Kwetu” Rayvanny has been one of the most successful and talented Tanzanian artist. Him been a song writer and also been his won boss of been the Chief executive officer of the record label known as “next level music” it is a show proof of that.

Rayvanny has been known to the world of having Bongo flava genre to be exposed to a wider audience. And since of his early success in his music career, Rayvanny has proven himself by still staying relevant to the game.

As he continues to release music below are some of his new songs released this year. By the show of his artistry it shows his music look well promising.

1. Nitongoze featuring Diamond platnumz.

Next level Music label introduces one of the most trending songs in bongo flava plus amapiano having that the song has been featured with one of the biggest names in the industry which is Diamond Platnumz.

The sound having entirely been based on Ampaiano elements makes this song easy to vibe to. Who knew the Duo of rayvanny plus Diamond platnumz will release such a banger. Been that it is number one in the list you can go ahead and listen to it.

2. Maan meri jaan (African version) with King

“Maan meri Jaaan” is beautiful indian song that happens to accidentally find its market in the East African market by having Rayvanny to be in this song to have the African version. Rayvanny been having to release this song shows his trying something new.

Having to surpass a million views on YouTube makes this songs a success. Since its a love song it highly recommended for the love birds out there. So if you have someone in mind who likes to listen to love songs, maybe this one will make them add in their playlist.

3. Forever

Another refreshing love song coming from Rayvanny is “Forever”. A song that will make you want to feel the love by force by fire is this one. Since of its release on April 1st, the song was number one trending at the time on YouTube in Kenya.

The song was a sure success went it also happened to surpass a million views in the month of April. Been that it is a smooth sound to vibe to, I hope that if you are in love or in a relationship let it be at least smooth like this song “forever” by Rayvanny.

4. one day yes

Heartbreaks can be a difficult to handle and also feel at the same time. The experience of going through the pain can be very hurting and this song is a showcase of that. Especially having to portray people who break the hurt of someone who they loved.

“one day yes” by Rayvanny gives hope of that. Even though you were been wronged on the side of the relationship. its better to move on and forgive your partner for having to break your heart.

“One day yes” show that one day someone will love you and give you the attention and support you yearn or deserve to have. This is a song for the broken hearted who want their hearts to be healed.

5. Gibela remix with Chino kidd, s2kizzy, Mfana kah Gogo.

Apart from love songs, “Gibela remix” proves to be a certified club banger. This another Amapiano song been released by Rayvanny and so far so good the song it pure straight up fire. A song that can get you hyped up is this one.

Having that it has a good mix of swahili plus Amapiano, the song fits well and am sure its going to have to drive people crazy in public events. been the second Amapiano sound coming from Rayvanny show their maybe more to come.

6. Mchepuko – Rayvanny ft Phina.

Mchepuko has been a successful song having to be released on may 12 th of this year having to surpass a million views on Youtube.

The music video happens to be a very funny skit of how Rayvanny been caught cheating with another girl which leads to him in a big problem. having Phina in this song was a blessings due to the duo making a perfect song that really captures their audience.

7. Dance – Rayvaany Ft Jay melody.

One of the hottest bangers to ever happen in the Bongo Flava scene is having both Jay Melody and Rayvanny having to come together to release a very beautiful love song called Dance.

Dance is a love song extracted in Rayvannys album flowers III which was a success of having to also surpass a million views since the time of its release. The song has become a big influence making it trending on charts under the Bongo genre.

8. Habibi – Rayvanny.

Another song that did well in the Top music videos on Youtube at the time of it’s release is Habibi by Rayvanny which is another song that is extracted from the debut album flowers III. Habibi is another love song that shows how much love the man professes to the girl.

Making it one of the freshest songs this year from Rayvanny, Habibi is a must listen. You can not deny the kind of art Rayvvany brings when it comes to music.

9. My Babe – Rayvanny

A song that will make to linger for love is this song “My Babe.” The song itself shows how the man himself Rayvanny is glad to have some one who can love her for who he is. Making it show how love can turn out to be sweet.

“My Babe” is a song that happens to be track number 7 in his debut album flowers III. Been that it is a lovely song, if you have someone to show your love, recommend this song to him or her, at least to make them feel special.

10. Mtamu – Rayvanny ft Bahati.

“Mtamu” is another song that deserves to be appreciated. Having the one of the most popular talented musician from Kenya, Bahati made this song spectacular. Its very surprising to see the known Gospel artist Bahati having to venture to the Bongo scene.

Been a track number 4 in the album flowers III, the chemistry between Rayvanny and Bahati is just incredible and it shows how in the past they have also made songs together and in the future we might see more features like this.

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