10 Rose Muhando best songs to listen.

Malkia wa Musiki wa Injili.

Her songs were popping before the big existence and presence of social media in which “Kiatu kivue” became the greatest hits in the Gospel industry having been played in the streets, Radio stations and also televisions back in the days.

From having to change her religion from being Muslim and becoming a Christian, a great woman of God who was a music teacher ended up to be one of the queens of Gospel music in East Africa, Rose Muhando has been a symbol of a star to many youths who want to thrive in the Gospel industry, which has been very competitive.

Not only is she a musician but also an entertainer in the industry shows how she has done a great work in following her dreams in having to serve in an industry where God work is involved, and many Christians can enjoy listening to her songs to strengthen their faith.

Rose Muhando has continued to release her in showing that she is still relevant. If you are a fan of Rose Muhando and you gladly enjoy her music, this could be just for you. Some of the songs we are going to highlight here are some of her old Golden age hits which have been played all over the place.

10. Nakaza mwendo – Rose Muhando.

Nakaza mwendo – Rose muhando.

“Nakaza mwendo” means am pressing on in English in the context of this song. For those who are very familiar with Swahili., this song has a very deep message. The message shows that in her suffering she finds happiness. And through the almighty father she will find heaven where their are neither sorrows or worries at all. A place where if death comes, a new body is formed.

9. Kiatu kivue – Annastacia mukabwa ft Rose Muhando.

Kiatu kivue – Annastacia mukabwa ft Rose muhando.

Okay a song like this isn’t a hundred percent entitled to Rose Muhando herself, but this song was a major hit of having to be played all over the place. In churches, wedding ceremonies and also some birthday parties. If you can remember this song you can tell how the song is nostalgic. Having to dance to a song like this back in the day in primary gives me good memories. ” Kiatu Kivue ” is a song inspired by the calling of Moses to save the Israelites.

8. Utamu wa yesu – Rose Muhando.

Utamu wa yesu – Rose muhando.

The sweetness of Jesus. That is the real meaning of “utamu wa yesu”. When this song was released it became an anthem to many who came across to listen to the song. In the old music video itself it shows how much energy and effort was put in that song. The song is about having to test the sweetness of Jesus Christ and how it has changed and better her life in many ways.

7. Ndivyo Ulivyo – Rose Muhando.

Ndivyo Ulivyo – Rose muhando.

Another song of Rose Muhando that aged well like fine wine is “Ndivyo Ulivyo.” It is a good worship song that declares that God is God and nothing can change that. To many who have listened to this song. It is such a blessing and a testimony to all those who still jam to this song. A good song to worship God at your own time.

6. Shujaa wa Msalaba – Rose Muhando.

Shujaa wa msalaba – Rose Muhando.

One of the best worship songs coming from Rose Muhando herself is “Shujaa wa Msalaba.” If you put in English it translates to ” hero of the cross.” Who is this hero you ask?. well it is obviously Jesus Christ. In the song it was heavily inspired the story of Jesus Christ being crucified for our sins. For that Rose acknowledges God as the hero of the cross.

5. Nibebe – Rose Muhando.

Nibebe – Rose muhando.

The biggest hit of having to be released by Rose Muhando herself is ” Nibebe.”. If translated well it means carry me. The song made people break their bones and dance in the middle of the church. Even in your homes if you had this song immediately played on the radio, for those good days to remember, this song is just for you.

4. Kama mbaya, mbaya – Rose Muhando.

Kama mbaya, mbaya – Rose muhando.

If bad, bad. That is what it means. If you listen to the song, it has a very deep message. The message is simple. It takes about our enemies. For those who want to plan anything against us, it shall not prosper. A song like this really condemns the enemy. May it be the devil or our personal enemies, If bad, Bad. Let God deal with your enemies.

3. Nipe uvumilivu – Rose Muhando.

Nipe uvumilivu – Rose muhando.

” Nipe uvumilivu.” is a good old worship song. The song is about running to God to ask for strength and courage to go on with this life full of tribulations, sickness, betrayal and so on. Asking for God in times for trouble is not a cowardice act. Therefore, run to the father in heaven for help. This song will encourage you to that. A song of crying for Gods’ help.

2. secret Agenda – Rose Muhando.

Secret Agenda – Rose muhando.

Secret Agenda is a song that happens to have a good trendy bit. She has made the Gospel music to be fun and making it easy for it to trend. A song like this happens to be trending everywhere, secret Agend is a very motivating song that happens to touch the hearts of many people. If you tune to this jam, you will definitely start to like the song.

1. Wanyamazishe – Rose Muhando.

Wanyamazishe – Rose muhando.

Many find this song have a testimony to tell about their life experiences. Many people can relate to this song. Of how fake friends and relatives behave when things tend to go down on you. When they wish the worst to happen to you. People who you thought that they love and care for you are the ones who suddenly plan for your fall. And in the song Rose Muhando says “Wanyamazishe” meaning silence them. If you are going through the same faze please listen this song I recommend it for you.

In conclusion.

There are so many good songs of Rose muhand that are not highlighted here, but I believe that the ones that need to be appreciated more are those mentioned above. For those who feel their more good songs of her, or your favorite is not mentioned above please feel free to comment it below our platform. Be blessed.

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