10 Ruby songs to listen from the female Tanzanian artist

One of the young talented female artists that comes from the best countries in East Africa to produce music is Ruby. Having to know her talent from a very young age from the church to venture into secular music was a big move for her to establish her name as an artist.

In 2014 where it was the year of her perfect timing, she rose to prominence when “Na yule” came out which gave her more recognition in having to participate in big stage grounds like Coke studio Africa and also landed her to be featured with some of the biggest names in the industry like Sauti sol, Davido, Joe boy e.t.c.

Despite her talent, we are going to see some of her own work as a musician. To appreciate her talent, below are 10 Ruby songs to listen to at your own time.

1. Na yule

Having to come from Tanzania house of talent, her first single “Na yule” was composed by Barnaba plus been produced by Tudd Thomas from epic records together from a Director from Nairobi Kevin Bosco junior brought a lot of life to this song. The song in 2015 was a hit coming from Roby’s work herself.

Been that it was a success at the time, it gave her more open doors ahead to continue her confidence in creating and producing more music. With over 10 million views onYouTubee till to date, shows that this song was major success for her career.

2. Forever

Number in two in the list is “forever” by Ruby. “Forever” happens to be a very beautiful produced song by Ruby herself. Her vocals together with the beats happen to have a good chemistry of each other. With over 1 million views on youtube plus another live version in Coke studio Africa having over 2 million views, the song was a hit and got more recognition.

This got her to sing live together with Yemi Alade and Nyashinki in coke studio Africa. On 2016 this was a very unique feature of having to produce the remix with one of the most popular artists from NIgeria and also having a Kenyan artist to come together in one platform. At your time listen to it.

3. Jela

“Jela” which means in English “Jail” is an uplifting song coming from Ruby. The song talks about the kind of struggles of her having to go through to provide for her loved ones and the issues also that happen to be in her surroundings. The song also talks about the kind of issues she faces when rumors come up on her name.

For people who happen to struggle each and every day in the lives, this is the kind of song that will uplift your soul whenever you happen to be down. A song to give you strength is this one. “Jela” should be one of the songs to end up in your playlist.

4. Ntade

“Ntadeka” is a very sweet song to listen to. Her voice and vocals in this song just turns out to be awesome and chilling to listen to. In her music video which is found on YouTube has a very good love story line of having to be separated from his lover to be taken and given away by her father to a rich man.

A love song such as this is at your time you must try to listen. The beats and the voice is so melodious. Makes you feel to listen to it over and over again.

5. Dakika moja

Number five on the list is “Dakika moja”. If translated in simple English means “One minute”. What is very interesting about this song is the lyrics. If you read the lyrics of the song, you will tend to see how clever it is written by Ruby. Also in the song has a good lesson and message in it to learn from. If that is if you know Swahili and understand the language.

“Dakika moja” is another of her songs that her vocals are just wow. In this song at your own time, listen to it and do not forget it to add it in your playlist.

6. Alele

Another good love song is “Alele” by Ruby. A song that will make you listen on repeat is this one. The song is about a heartbreak. Which she says in the song that God knows that you are heartbroken, and he will help you payback. Love an be tough sometimes.

Especially to the people who know how to love and seem they are not getting the same feedback from you loved ones. For the heartbroken, this song happens to be therapy. If you know that your heart is broken, this is the song to give you strength on the way.

7. Tai Chi

“Tai chi” which is a word well-connected to martial arts, the song “Tai chai” is a song that well symbolizes for good fight for love. This song happens to be different from her other releases she has done. The song has very well Lingala beats and mixing it with Swahili.

In the music video there is a lot of energy in the dance group and also in Ruby herself been the main character in the song. If you happen to love Lingala, then this song might just be for you.

8. Niwaze featuring The Mafik.

Even though it origin audio was released in 2018. The song still stands out to be one of her good works as an artist. The sounds like that bad girl vibe of having to like men who have money and good lifestyle. Which in the song she has that good thought of “Let me think about it.”

Having featured The Mafik was giving them more credibility of their talent. As she continues to release songs, it becomes clear she might turn out to be relevant artist.

9. Sesa

In 2022 it seemed that Ruby was trying to make a comeback and had to release some of her songs on her YouTube channel. One of the songs that came across to be one of her well done songs was “Sesa” even though it did not get much traction. Sesa is another love song coming from her.

The elements in the song is clearly Lingala, which will make you dance on the floor as soon as you hear it. “Sesa” is good vibe song that I recommend you give it a try.

A song that has good vibes to listen to is this one. To kindly support her listen to Sesa by Ruby herself.

10. Naolewa

The visuals in this video were really well done. Together with the lyrics which you can easily sing to. “Naolewa” which means “I am getting married” is asong that is highly recommended when it comes to having to plan a wedding or having a wedding event that is soon to happen.

Beats, Elements, the voice and the background sound of the guitar were really well done. Honestly this song has shown that Ruby is really talented and it’s sad to see this song not making the 1 million views mark on YouTube. But in the meantime we can appreciate the talent she has for having to release such a nice song like this.

For those who have weddings, this song should end up in your playlist. To complete in full support of having east African artists grow and stay consistent in their lane.

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