10 Ssaru songs to get you Vibez on

In the early years of Gengetone having to be viral in the Kenyan music industry questioned so much on its relevance and the future of its survival and how long it going to stay. Some people who have become familiar with the Kenyan music industry can now say that Gengetone is good as dead.

But the question remains, Is Gengetone really dead?. Some artists are proving that wrong. And that’s when the termed “Queen of Gengetone” today and having to prove the game wrong by making hits in the music industry is Ssaru.

Ssaru is an upcoming musician who has a very compelling talent to show to her fans and the public. Having to get popular on social media platforms of having to freestyle, to the point she makes her own music and producing has become one of her major steps of becoming an artist.

Given that spotify equal music program gave her boost in 2021, it gave her a stepping stone and strength the strength to excel in an industry where the men mostly Gengetone genre stars.

Here are some of her top 10 Ssaru songs that you have to listen to.

  1. Kichwa tu (with Trio mio, Timmy dat)
  2. Zitoke
  3. out ( with Masauti)
  4. Tembeza ( with breeder Lw)
  5. some love ( chan chan, Fathermoh and jovial)
  6. Salsa (with cedo)
  7. Dea moda
  8. Rhumba ya Ssaru
  9. Nimerudi tena (freestyle)
  10. Kamkora

1. Kichwa tu

One of the top songs coming from Ssaru as well as other featured artists is “Kichwa tu” which means “Head only.” The song has the hottest artists like young stars Trio mio and Timmy dat. The combo in this song left a good chemistry of the song making “Kichwa tu” to of the top in this list.

Numbers itself can tell. Having the music video released on January 2022, with over 1.7 million views made this song a simple hit. If you happen to have upcoming party events, the best belief in your playlist, “kichwa tu” will not let you down.

2. zitoke

Having to be number two our list is “Zitoke”. A song that happens to have good flow and beats is this one. Having to start with the sound “London” and having to be produced by Kaskeed, the beat itself is awesome. ” Zitoke” in its full meaning ” come out” can get you dancing to shake out those stresses you may have in your mind.

In the song say “Jichoche, Jichoche tu” encourages you to have a good time dancing or vybing in this song. As it comes to be number two in this list, With over 400 thousand views in Youtube, “Zitoke” should be in your playlist.

3. Out

In March 10th 2023, this song was released making trending in the Kenyan music space as soon it was released. The song “out” which was featuring Masauti, happens to talk about dating. Whereby it is just about have to take someone out for a date.

In this song, having to choose a good place for their video, made this song top-notch. Swahili being evident in the song can show much of our identity and the Chemistry between Masauti and Ssaru was just perfect in the video.

For those people who end up being two by two, this song can spice things up. Especially when it comes to Ssaru’s lines. They come out the best. If you want to add up a good vibe song to your playlist, the song “Out” is for you.

4. Tembeza

“Tembeza” happens to be a special song apart from other released songs Ssaru has ever released. Drill beats and elements are well evident and placed in this song. And her rap been fluent in Swahili made this song Fire.

“Tembeza” which is a hard drill song meaning “take a walk” is a way savage kind of style song that can give you that can rise the toughness in you to come out alive. The well done background sound in this song is done by Breeder Lw who is featured in this masterpiece song.

At your own savage moments, if you need that motivation boost, this song could be just for you.

5. some love

Another good vibe song to come up fifth on our list is “some love” by Ssaru featuring Chan chan, farthermoh and Jovial. A song had to start with Ssaru in the music video., in her lines and flow she obviously killed it. Chan chan having to have to use his awesome voice in the chorus made the song better.

Fathermoh having to come through with his lines also gave this song of the three a good chemistry. Even though jovial is not in the music video her voice was wow.

For some of the love, this song in a good day you can put it on your free time and vibe to it. Show this song some love having to jam with it as much as you can.

6. Salsa

“Salsa” is a song that has that happens to flow with Latin America sound and instrument which truly can make you Salsa on the floor. By think of it, I think it is a very pretty smart move coming from Ssaru herself of coming out with a track to mix Swahili with Latin American sound.

“Niko ready” having been behind the meaning of the song, is a good song that could get you dancing with a partner or your lover. Having Cedo come up and produce an incredible song with this one.

This just shows how creative Ssaru can be in having to try different genres of music. If you feel like salsa with Swahili word in it, this is it to get you dancing.

7. Dea moda

“Dea moda” is such a powerful song that happens to show Ssaru’s comeback in 2021. In this song if you listen to her closely, Ssaru new way of having to come back in the industry shows that she is much more eager and hungrier than before to do her best to establish her identity as an artist.

“Deamoda” which means the slayer of them all gives such a sense of a focused mindset that is ready to get the ball rolling. As it marked her new beginning of how she will deliver her songs, has been evident ever since, and it is true to say that since her release of “Deamoda” she had improved greatly.

This is those one kind of a song that shows giving up is not an option. If you feel you can be one of the best in your craft, keep on pushing till you get to the point you want to be.

8. Rhumba ya Ssaru.

Ssaru and Charisma acme together exploring one of the genres we have in Africa and that is Rhumba. ” Rhumba ya Ssaru” is a song about the girl going back to his old lost contact lover having been that it has been a long time they saw each other, Ssaru having to express in her rap in the beginning contacting him that soon she is coming.

The instruments and beats in the music are just magical, for who are familiar with Rhumba would likely enjoy this more. Having that Ssaru trying out Rhumba is a show of having to be creative and see the outcome

And the outcome of this song came out well done song. Even though it may have an equivalent of over 200 thousand vies on YouTube, we still think it deserves more. If you are a good fan of Rhumba, this one can excite you.

9. Nimerudi tena

Nimerudi tena which means ” Am back again” is one of Ssaru’s most fiery free style songs in existence. Her rap and flow in this song just turned out to be amazing. Her style in the song screams much about having that attention on her.

The lyrics spit by her are just awesome. Having that she did rap this song in 2020 is one of her songs that happen to show her early entrance in the music industry. To know that she can free style, this song is a clear proof of that.

10. kamkora

At number 10 on our list of Ssaru’s songs is “kamkora” which almost perfectly means something like “crook.” It happens so that this song has Dancehall vibes in which it makes it easy to dance to.

The video of the song is well simply put together with some talented dancers in the background. Even though been that it has 80 thousand views on YouTube, I still think it just needs a little bit of boost to get more recognition.

On your free time, give this track a try in your playlists.

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