10 TID songs to reminisce to.

In the early uprising of the Bongo flava industry, a good name was echoing from popularity to fame. At the time of him releasing music, He kinda looked like the ‘Usher’ version of the Tanzanian artist. His talent and delivery of his songs at the time was big banger to many people who listened to him.

Khalid Mohamed also known as ‘TID’ which in its full words ‘Top in Dar’ is one of the most talented artist coming from Tanzania. His hit song ‘Zeze’ and ‘Siamini’ gave him a name in which it opened more doors an opportunities in the music industry to collaborate with other artists.

Having to acquire such kind of luck and success at a very young age is a story that can inspire young people who want to pursue their dreams of becoming an artist.

But below we are going to see some of his old hits and how far they have aged to the point they have considered golden to today’s society.

1. Zeze

An old song that seems to age well like fine wine is this one. An old song like this till today has been praised for it quality and the kind of message which is spread. ‘Zeze’ is a love song that shows how the man is confessing hi love to the girl he loves.

In the song he does well by expressing how he feels and what he has been going through in his mind. In the music video was a good old dance video if you have had to be young at the time, this dance was very epic at the time. A love song such as this been as Swahili has been considered the best song that made him a star.

2. Siamini.

Next on the list is ‘Siamini’. ‘Siamini’ in this song means ‘I cant believe that I’m with you’. In the song their is a Salsa kind of vibe which if you were young at the time, and happen to be in love you had to know how to salsa. It was a good show of romance at the time. Not the way dances of this age and era have sometimes turned to be.

And having a salsa vibe with a good mix of Swahili song was mind blowing at the time. Creativity was pure at the time. In any date that you can remember having to dance to this song, then clearly you had a good time. At your time let Siamini remind you of the good old days.

3. Nyota yangu.

‘Nyota yangu’ is a song many can say that it has become their all time favorite in East and central Africa. The song at the time became a huge banger to may who listened to swahili songs at the time. ‘Nyota yangu’ which in English means ‘My star’ is a good love song coming from TID himself.

The lyrics of the song has a good sound of poetry. And many can’t get enough of this song since it has aged to become one of the goated bong flava song to ever come to existence. A song to make your heart beat is this one. Toa appreciate the old times listen to Nyota yangu by TID.

4. Asha (with Top band)

‘ Asha’ is all time one of top songs of TID. The song ‘Asha’ has a good narrated story of about love and money been a conflict in a man life. In the song, TID shows how been a broke man with many dreams of having to marry a beautiful lady and building a life together can be tough.

In the video we see how a man has a willing heart to love and marry their girl of their dream, is that the only challenge is he doesn’t have money to do that. That’s why he feels the hurt of not having that money which makes him to ask himself when will he ever be rich to do all that.

A song like his can encourage young men out there who are in deer need of love and at the same time have issues of not having the enough money to sustain the relationship. By some few twiks here and there things soon will eventually work out. Especially in a society whereby money has become the first requirement to most people.

5. Girlfriend (with Jaymore)

‘Girlfriend’ is a good reminder of TID acting a movie of the same title. In 2003 Ay ,Jay moe, Crazy Gk and TID were featured in a movie called Girlfriend which was majorly centered on the lifestyles of musicians at the time, and which can almost relate to some today which equates to what love and Hiphop is.

A song like this showcases how talented TID is. His not only a singer and a songwriter but also can act as well. Having to diversify your talents in different genres can be very important from an artist point of view. And this is a good case of that.

6. NI pekee (Mtanzania Mie)

‘Ni pekee’ By TID is a patriotic song of having to show his love of been a Tanzanian. In the music video we see that TID is having to go abroad to shoot this song. At the time TID was widely heard in East Africa by been at the top most listened artist at the time.

The song is a clear show of how his music would also much up to those old rap song at the time. TID brought foreign look for songs to Tanzania. This shows that he was open minded in his art of music.

7. wewe dada (with Rich Mavoko)

‘wewe dada’ is another song that comes to number eight in our list. ‘Wewe dada’ which in English means ‘You sister’ is a song that evidently shows how TID of having to follow and praise the girl for her beauty or features.

In the video we see that TID is following this girl by trying to impress her so that he can get her attention to the point he break dances some of the moves at the time were still trendy.

An old love song of TID that shows his tray of been relevant was this one. If you want to bump to a song to chill to , try to listen to ‘We dada’ by TID.

8. Raha (with Professor Jay)

‘Raha’ in Swahili means ‘Happiness’. Raha is a song that show love to the people you really call them love in your life. An old song that made the swahili R&B to be known was this song.

A song that is about expressing your feelings to your girl and appreciate her for giving you happiness, is a song to vibe to if you are really love to vibe the good old quality songs.

At your own time, listen to ‘Raha’ by TID and professor jay.

9.Anymore (with Lady Jay Dee)

A song that was officially released on 2019 is this song called ‘Anymore’ with TiD together with legendary queen of the Bongo flava industry Lady Jay Dee. The song basically is all about the issues and the well spoken problems of the relationship of the two.

In the song, the lyrics of both parties show how in the love life of this story of two people imperfections, struggles and also challenges of having to keep up together.

To show that TID was trying to be relevant this song was a show of it. At your time you could give a try by listening to it.

10. Nilikataa sasa nimekubali.

Another song not to forget is ‘Nilikataa sasa nimekubali’. This was a time when music was music when swahili music at the time was getting recognition. Even though it had some weird stuff was happening in the video, while TID was doing his dances and also singing, you can admit that he was talented.

The good old vocals in the background of his will give that nostalgia of how the old days was. The voice overs and the chorus at the time was just magneficient. If you have come a long way reading this post, then this is a Gem you should listen to.

A song that also happens to age well as fine as wine.


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