10 Top Elvis kadori songs

Ohangla music genre seems to be one of the most prominent music of all time and bringing up some of the most talented young artists in the game. For instance in this article we have Elvis kadori been the star of his own craft and he got all his got in been having the next Ohangla star artist.

Elvis kadori started his music career during the time of the pandemic that stormed the country and also all over the world. It gave him the time to continue making music and having to meet various reputable artists in his genre.

His first hit “Nati matek” is a song that put him on the limelight in which made him to gain traction and gain fans for the work and talented he has delivered to the masses.

As we hopefully see more of his songs, below are some of his top 10 songs that Elvis kadori songs that I find them very interesting.

Top 10 Elvis Kadori songs.

  1. Elvis kadori – Nati matek.
  2. Elvis Kadori – Rit ine kendi.
  3. Elvis Kadori – Lamoa ngima.
  4. Elvis Kadori – iyudo motoya.
  5. Elvis kadori – Kifo haina Huruma.
  6. Elvis kadori – Inauma.
  7. Elvis kadori – Indeh.
  8. Elvis Kadori – Hera rume.
  9. Elvis kadori – Dau Lau Yuach.
  10. Elvis kadori – Nyar Abandu.

1. Nati Matek – Elvis kadori.

2. Nati Matek – Elvis Kadori.

3. Lamna Ngima – Elvis Kadori.

4. Iyudo moloya – Elvis Kadori.

5. Kifo Haina Huruma – Elvis akadori.

6. Inauma – Elvis Kadori.

7. indeh – Elvis kadori.

8. Hera rumo – Elvis kadori.

9. Dak Lau Yuach – Elvis Kadori.

10. Nyar Abandu – Elvis Kadori.

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