10 Yuno Miles best songs.

They say laughter is the best medicine, Rap and comedy can really blend together and make better make peoples day especially when you have a bad day or have a bad mood.

That’s when Yuno miles comes in to rescue your day of having to produce and make song that can crack you up whenever you feel low. Him been the the face of meme rap, yuno miles has gained alot of attention online for his love and the fun for having to rap.

and for we are below going to see the top Yuno miles songs that brings so much laugh to any listeners or viewers who admire his taste of music. Below are 10 Yuno miles Best songs.

10 Yuno Miles best songs;

1.Yuno Miles – Put The Money In The Bag (Official Video) (Prod.YunoMarr)

Released on April 5 2022, Yuno miles biggest hit song “Put the money in the bag” was been played and overhead in the internet by many people such as gamers, Youtubers, Discord and most Importantly TikTok making him been the star of his own craft.

2. Yuno Miles – Indiana Jones.

Indiana jones is a song that might really make indiana jones mad. “Indiana” jones was released in april 26 of 2023 on Youtube having to come second most viewed and listened after the song “Put the money in the bag” was ever released.

3. Yuno Miles – PayDay (Official Video) (Ft.Yuno Marr)


Number 3 happen to be one of the funniest songs he ever done and having to collab with the rapper Yuno Marr. The song was released in 2023 april 12 on Youtube and ahppened to be a success of gaining millions of views. “Payday” is one of his most viral funny songs he has ever done featured another in the song.

4.Yuno Miles – 4 Wheeler (Ft.YunoMarr)

“4 wheeler” is another song featuring YunoMarr who he went so hard in rapping in this song. The song was released in 2023 of march 9th making an instant hit from Yuno miles funny song. The song gained million of views and it has made his fans crack up to more of his songs like this.

5.Yuno Miles – Road to RichesĀ 

This song happens to be another funny release coming from Youno miles. Adlibs of having to show how a pigeon sounds like in this song will make you feel… This is wild. Happened to come number 5 on the list, the song was released in March 2022 on Youtube.

6. Yuno Miles – Hong KongĀ 

“Hong kong” is a song that shows how yuno miles is interested about the city’s name. But in this context it happens to be a very funny song also it has some of the best straight up bars that rhymes with the word “Hong Kong”. Since on its release in 2023 june, the song became another of his banger.

7. Yuno Miles – Dinosaur.

A wild song coming from Yuno miles himsefl is “Dinosaur”. “Dinosaur” is a song that dedicates and gives all shout outs to the “Dinousaurs” that lived long before our existence in which in a funny way gives the homage. The song was released in 2022 and made a lot traction online.

8. Yuno miles – Family disstrack pt 1

a Disstrack like this one shows how funny the song turned out. Having to diss all your family comes out to be wild. But in this song happens to be funny due to some of the song lyrics of having to crack you up and imagine all that happens in that kind of family.

9. Yuno Miles – Martin Luther king

The song Martin Luther King in this context of the song shouldn’t be taken that seriously, but the song curves itself to Yuno Miles favor of having to make people laugh by listening to it. The ong was released on August 2023 and gained another million views.

10. Yuno Miles – Pirates on the boat.

“Pirates on the boat” happens to be a catchy beat that happens to capture the minds of his listeners. The song “Pirates on the boat” was released in 2022 and made people on the internet to react to it. Having seen his funny ways of making music like this can really give people some good time to laugh.

Yuon miles is one of the trendiest Meme rappers we have ever known whose making people in the internet to surely enjoy his music. As far this could be among the 10 well listed, there more which would come and maybe out do the ones that we have in this list.

But before that happens, this are some of the best highlighted ones that came across to make million of impressions and reacts in the internet that has spiraled Yuno miles to the current trends.

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