10 zuchu best songs. sukari Been the first one.

Zuchu Portrait.

Zuchu happens to be one of the best performing artist currently taking the Bongo flava genre to a whole other level. Her talent and her love for music has bagged her an award-winning the best emerging artist that we have ever seen in the music industry.

Her growth music in terms of numbers is crazy. Her being the first female artist to achieve a silver plaque button in the first week of having to release her songs is so amazing.

Been the East african queen of melody, Zuchu’s game in the music industry has played a big key role by having to expose Bongo flava to the African continent. That is by having to collaborate with other african artists like Joeboy, Adenkule Gold e.t.c.

Zuchu’s is not only talented by voice but also happens to be very entertaining. She knows how to capture your eyeballs as you watch the kind of dances and art performed in the music videos.

As she continues in her beautiful journey of having to produce very entertaining music, it makes me envy the Bongo flava industry of having such a beautiful talented young lady like Zuchu. Been in that her voice is as sweet as sukari.

1. Sukari – Zuchu.

Sukari – Zuchu.

One of the most trading seasons that had happened to blow up in popular app TikTok, was this song being played over and over to the point dance challenges had to pop on your fyp section in your phone. This song became a major hit to the point people started to sing to the song.” Sukari” which means sugar, this song itself was a success having over 87 million views on YouTube. If you want to like the artist listen to this song.

2. Mwambieni -zuchu

Mwambieni – zuchu

Mwambieni happens to be a very interesting song. The meaning behind “Mwambieni” is Tell him. If you watch the song closely in the video it is very entertaining. Whereby we see that Zuchu is moving on to another relationship as the other guy, who could be his ex is trying to get her back. Mwambieni is a good music to listen to, and I recommend having it in your playlist.

3. Kwi kwi – zuchu.

Kwi kwi – Zuchu.

A song that will make students in public schools worry when their teachers threaten their students, for not having to finish their assignments, this could be the one. Kwi Kwi has been a word that has been very popular if you happen to study Kiswahili back in school days. The song Kwi Kwi was a major success, having to be a song that you can vibe with and also dance to. This song is truly spectacular.

4. fire – Zuchu

Fire – Zuchu.

A love song with a vibe to it is Fire. Fire is a fire song. It has good flow to it and the instruments are nice to hear. The song is about what zuchu can do to his loved one. To a song that couples have to dance together with, this is the song. Very easy to sing and memorize, and it will be awesome if you happen to download the song.

5. Napambana – Zuchu

Napambana – Zuchu.

A song that will get to you especially when you are broke is Napambana. Nampambana is a song whereby it shows how people struggle each and every day to attend their needs and also for their family. This is a song which means ” I struggle.” This song is a good song to give you the courage to keep on going.

6. Raha – Zuchu.

Raha – Zuchu.

” Raha” meaning pleasure.The song talks about the feeling of being loved by someone as pleasure. Her vocals in this song were incredibly awesome. And the video by the show of it being relaxed shows that this song deserved to be a song that encourages love. If you thought of having a wedding, this is it. This is the song that should come in mind and get played in your wedding ceremony.

7. Wana – Zuchu.

Wana – Zuchu

In her early upcoming as an artist, Wana was released. Another love song to appreciate is Wana. Somehow chilled and also happens to be a vibe. The song has a theme of memory where Zuchu can remember the first day he met his love, in a place where they held hands and caught each other’s sight. It is a song to recommend your loved one. Not to forget her vocals in this song were amazing.

8. Nisamehe – Zuchu.

Nisamehe – Zuchu.

Nisamehe is a song which through its delivery of message in the video shows how the girl, even though he cheated on the man or his former lover, having to find and marry the woman he loves, the girl still loves him, and asks for forgiveness for all the wrong she has done. Despite the fact he is married and moved on, the girl still wants the man back in her life. “Nisamehe” which means forgive me is a wonderful song that is about seeking forgiveness.

9. Kwaru – Zuchu.

Kwaru – Zuchu.

Hearing a melodious voice from this song makes me appreciate this song so much. The lyricism in this song has a good element of poetry. The video is very accurate and also having to put her voice together makes it delightful. Kwaru shows us that Zuchu is truly a vocalist. And her voice in this music is so pleasing to hear. A song that expresses the pain of love makes it more relatable.

10. Love – Zuchu ft Adenkule Gold.

Kwaru – zuchu

It said that love has a lot of meaning to different people depending on their experience. Which can also be defined as a close bond with another that goes deeper than affection, attraction, lust or friendship. The song that can express love in Swahili is this one. Especially in Zuchu’s part. If you want to listen to those love vibe songs this is it.

In conclusion.

Zuchu having to be in this industry is a total blessing. Her work of having to produce good and trendy songs will in future give young and upcoming female artists to have courage to carry on with their music career. To some she is the greatest East African artist that we have ever seen. And to some she is an idol of having to give hope and courage to people who want to pursue music as their lifetime career.