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12 History and Government questions and answer.

  1. State two cultural practices which the Agikuyu acquired from the Gumba.
  • Ceremonial duties.
  • Circumcision.

2. Identify the two functions of the orkuiyot among the kalenjin.

  • Preside over religious activities.
  • solve disputes.

3. State the main economic activity of the Mijikenda during the second half of the 19th century

4.Give two factors that hastened the coming and settlement of the Arabs to the east coast of africa.

  • Availability of funds.
  • Availability of marine technology.

5. State one main political impact of missionary activities in kenya.

  • fore runner of colonialism. 6.Name two types of rights enjoyed by Kenyan citizens.
  • Legal rights which can be enforced by court of law
  • Moral rights which is organized by society as desirable but cannot be enforced by a court of law.

7. Identify the main political democracy being exercised in kenya.

  • Indirect democracy.

8. State one man constitutional challenge which kenyans experienced in 2005

  • Constitutional referendum.

9. Identify two special courts in kenya.

  • court of appeal.
  • supreme court.

10. Give one problem faced by lord Delamere in Agricultural activities in kenya during the colonial period.

  • crop diseases.

11. State two reasons why the Luo of Ugenya resisted the british.

  • to protect their land
  • Fear of losing their freedom

12. Give two reasons which made the Africans to move to urban centers during colonial period.

  • Employement opportunities were available.
  • Availability of attractive social amenities in towns.

13. Identify two ways in which women mobilized support for Maumau fighters.

  • Ridiculing men.
  • composed songs.

14. What was the main grievances of ukambani members association.

  • against destocking policy.

15. state one problem that was associated with harambee in kenya.

  • misuse of funds.

16. State the importance of cultural activities in kenya.

  • partriotism.

17. state one function of the parliamentary public accounts committee in kenya

  • summon government official to explain their expenditure.