12 incredible Igbo quotes and proverbs.

12 incredible Igbo quotes and proverbs. Been one of the most interesting people in western Africa , The Ibo or we may say the Igbo have awesome customs and traditions and take part one of the largest ethnic groups in Nigeria.

And such customs and traditions may not live without proverbs as a way to learn and utilize their knowledge. As important as it is we have some proverbs or quotes in English that at least you can learn and even use it to reflect in your life. Here are some 12 Igbo proverbs and I hope you will like it and share it with friends.Good name is better than great riches.

  • Oood name is better than great riches.
  • Peace be unto those that want peace.
  • A good friend is better than a bad brother or bad relative.
  • In life you only come once.
  • Who has it all?.
  • The mouth that speaks evil about you, will later speak good about you.
  • The grace of a lion, protects the animals.
  • If you agree, your God agrees.
  • The patient dog eats the fattest Bone.
  • Somebody that asks question, cannot miss the way.
  • If you hold somebody down, you are also pinning yourself down.
  • Let it not happen again.


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