12 sad shocking tiktok quotes to check

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. 12 sad shocking tiktok quotes to check out. Hey welcome to the sad side of tiktok quotes that you might have heard or see on your awesome tiktok app. Some of the quotes below are very sad and can be kinda depressing here but anyway you can see them and know what the meaning behind the pain. So i hope you will love it.

1. “ Do you ever lay in bed and realize how not okay you are.”

2. “ There is no reason to lie to me. I’m way too understanding. I get shit, i got life. I understand that shit happens sure I’ll be sad but I’ll get over it. So please just be straight up with me and be honest with me.”

3. “ I’m sad but still I’ll smile for you.”

4. “ You never apologised for hurting me but i apologised 30 times for being about it.”

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5. “ You deserve better, i’m just a fucking mistake.”

6. “ Hurting someone with the truth is bettrer than making them happy with a lie.”

7. “ No matter what i do, sometimes i just don’t feel good enough.”

8. “ I’m not sure if i am depressed. I mean i’m no sad. But I’m not exactly happy either. I can laugh, joke and smile during the day , But sometimes when I’m alone at night, i forgt how i feel.”

9. “ Tinkerbell has always been there for peter. And peter ?. And Peter? He chose wendy.”

Sad tiktok quoteshttp://www.middemb.com

10. “ May not be perfect but at least i’m not fake.”

11.“ You think you know me, lol if my pictures have fake smiles and i cry myself to sleep so you really know nothing about me.”

12. “ Imagine someone actually wanting you as much as you want them lol can’t relate.”

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