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14 History and Government question and answers.

  1. State where you would find manuscripts stone tables and scrolls of kenyan history preserved.
  • Kenya national archives.

2. In what way was the system of government among the Agikuyu similar to that of the Ameru.

  • Both were ruled by councils of elders.

3. Identify a city state along the kenyan coast that was built by the persians.

  • Lamu
  • zanzibar.

4. sate two reasons why the portuguese built fort jesus.

  • for protection against arab attacks.
  • To act as a military base.

5. Give one circumstance under which one can lose the right of life.

  • If one is sentenced to death by a court of law.

6. Mention two educational commission appointed by the government to look into the warfare of education in kenya.

  • Koech commission
  • Mackay commission.

7. State two justifications for the declaration of the british east Africa protectorate into a colony in 1920.

  • It would maintain closer ties between the white settlers and britain.
  • The european in the colony would benefit from loan facilities offered by Britain.

8. state two special courts in kenya.

  • Industrial court
  • Rent restriction tribunal.

9. Mention two reasons why britain indirect rule failed in Ukambani.

  • The akamba colonial chiefs used the chance to amass wealth.
  • The chiefs were unwilling to impose unpopular colonial policies.

10. Identify two political developments that took place in kenya in 1975.

  • The murder of j.m kariuki.

11. Mention two types of co-operative societies

  • Producer co-operatives.
  • Consumer co-operatives.

12. Name two parliamentary committees that deal with financial issues.

  • Public accounts committee.
  • Public investments committee

13. state two highlights of lennar boyd constitution. ( 1958.)

  • The number of African representatives in the ( legco ) was increased to 14.
  • The council of ministers was enlarged to 16.

14. Give two reasons why harambee has lost popularity in kenya today.

  • misapropriation of funds by a few individuals.
  • High poverty levels among kenya.