15 Akan quotes and proverbs must see.

15 Akan quotes and proverbs must see. Proverbs helps us more to gain knowledge and even to think ahead or see the bigger picture.

As we grow older we tend to know more about life. But to guide us in our lives we may need proverbs to teach to be more careful and even conscious. For below are 15 Akan proverbs, I hope you enjoy it.

  • It is because of the beauty of the African woman that’s why she holds her breast when she is running but not because the breast is falling.
  • The child breaks the shell of a snail but not that of a tortoise.
  • The barrel of the gun is always dark.
  • No one knows where TWUMWAA and SANAPA share boundaries.
  • The crab does not bring forth a bird.
  • The short road is deadly.
  • Had it been the wish of the snail and the tortoise there wouldn’t be a Gun shot in this world.
  • A slipped tongue damages more than a slipped foot.
  • One does not pour libation to bless their enemy.
  • The signs of a market boom starts in the morning.
  • One does not take medicine for a sick person.
  • The hen knows of the new day yet,it listens to the Announcement from cockrel.
  • He who climbs the Good tree, gets a push.
  • The power of the smoke is at the mercy of the wind.
  • Truthfulness draws one closer to death.

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