15 Amazing Nikita Kering quotes about her.

15 Amazing Nikita Kering quotes about her. Been the youngest rising artist from Kenya and has toured the world cause of her talent and passion for music, clearly by the look of her work she won’t stop till she get it to the top.

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While it all started while she was very young and been even interviewed by citizen back then, till today she makes incredible music.

While her success and her work of music, we have some of her sayings or quotes that tells a little bit of her. If you think this is awesome please feel free to share it with friends and family or even to the people who care about you. Enjoy.

1. Started singing when I was 3 years old.

2. I’m so honoured to be the Africa rising artist by apple music in East Africa.

3. Music means alot to me . It’s just my life and is everything it means everything in me.

4. Nothing can stop me to be a musician.

5. I will never stop.

6. I want to write my own song, I don’t want to sing other people’s song.

7. I used to wish that I will be a pilot when I grow up.

8. I love singing and it will never come out of me.

9. Am listening to my own song now.

10. I am much more busy I don’t have holidays as much I used to. 11. My grandmother said “usituaibishe.”

12. Why can’t I be me?.

13. As a performing artist there’s so much expectations from me.

14. … Really to love yourself and to know yourself.

15. A perfect relationship is based on honesty and friendship.

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