15 kenya quotes inspirational.

15 Kenya quotes inspirational .
What is that one thing that motivates you to keep you going. What inspirational stories have you heard that made you feel like , i want to be like this or do that in my my life?. There are words which can be considered powerful if we imply them into our lives. A little motivation, a little inspiration can change the way we think and the way we live in ourlives.

If you feel as if you are down, there are some quotes to lift us up, or even cheer us up. Inspirational words which we are all going to see 15 of the to get you up and running. Welcome, and belowa are 15 inspirational quotes for you, i hope you will love it.

1. focus on the step in front of you. Not the whole staircase.

2. Trust the timing of your life.

3. never be afraid to try somethoing

4. purpose fuels passion.

5. Don’t give up, don’t take anything personally, and don’t take no for an answer.

6. some days just have to create your own sunshine.

7. strive for progress not perfection.

8. There is no failure you either win or learn.

9. Don’t expect to see a change if you don’t make one.

10. A liitlre progress each day adds up to big results.

11. Give yourself the same care and attention that you give to others and watch yourself bloom.

12. Don’t stop until you’re proud.

13. Love is not a matter of what happens in life. Its a matter of whats happening in your heart.

14. Be thankful for what you are now, and keep fighting for what you want to be tomorrow.

15. Your intuition will lead the way; you don’t need to ask for directions.

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