15 Zulu quotes and proverbs.

15 Zulu quotes and proverbs. To gain more wisdom and knowledge, here are some zulu quotes and proverbs that can help you guide and even try to understand more about life.

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  • Bahlangene phezulu kanti phansi bangamahele.
  • A tree is known by it’s fruit.
  • A horse has four legs, yet it often falls.
  • A person is only a person because of other people.
  • Kuhlonishwa kabili.
  • Engakhali ifeka embelekweni.
  • Isalakutshelwa sibona ngomopho.
  • No sun sets without it’s histories.
  • Induku enhle igawukwa ezizweni.
  • Yena hambile lapa side.
  • Indonda engasile ekhanda ibonakala nyokudlala istokfela sosthwala.
  • Kubambene ingwe.
  • He that forgives gains victory.
  • No stake ever grew old with the bark on.
  • Akukho ndlovu yasindwa umboko wayo.

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