16 Most trending Raila odinga quotes

16 Most trending Raila odinga quotes. Today we have some of the most trending quotes from the former Kenyan prime minister Raila odinga. If you like to share it with friends and family please do so. Don’t forget that sharing is caring.

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  1. ” Sometimes people like to take risks.” – Raila odinga.

2.”You can never forget the past but you can forgive it.” – Raila odinga.

3.” I’m no fool, I had no choice but to make a painful decision to work with Uhuru in a bid to realise unitary state.” – Raila odinga.

4.” Grave matters need to be dealt with the seriousness they deserve and that is why we want parliament to be re – convened without further.” – Raila odinga.

5.” This is an attempt to turn the clock backward. The Kenyan people will resist this attempt.” – Raila odinga.

6.”The contents of the statement are most ridiculous and a phantom of great imagination.”

  • Raila odinga.

7.” The stone throwing and house burning is no longer a face of Kenya. Kenya is now a destination for investment and tourism.” – Raila odinga.

8.”Gone are the days when African leaders used to misrule their people and the rest of Africa was quiet under the guise of what was called non-interference.” – Raila odinga.

9.” The vision 2030 is aimed at transforming Kenya from a struggling third-world economy- we do believe that it is a realizable objective, we don’t believe that it is utopia. We Know that it has been done in some.” – Raila odinga.

10.” The president admits that there should be a meeting between us to discuss pertinent issues on the constitution and the way forward.” – Raila odinga.

11.” People have been asking me to declare my stand. Whether I will go for the top seat. I want to say that when the opportunity comes. I will offer myself for the LDP presidential nomination. I will go for the top seat if picked by party.” – Raila odinga.

12.”The mediocrity with which Africa has been ruled is responsible for it’s underdevelopment.” – Raila odinga.

13.”At independence Kenya’s economic indicators were equal to those of south Korea, but 45 years down the road, Korea’s economy is 40 times that of Kenya. The mediocrity of leadership is across the continent.” – Raila odinga.

14.” This taking us back to the dark days of the’ 60s ‘ 70s and ’80s.” – Raila odinga.

15.”You cannot have free and fair election while one party controls completely and monopolizes the instruments of power and….Tsavangirai is in and out of police cells almost on a daily basis, when people are being arrested, people are being beaten up. ” – Raila odinga.

16.” This is a government of the minority because one cannot chase you after you have wrestled him down.” – Raila odinga.

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