20 Harmonize Best songs . Kainama been the first.

Tanzania is very well known to have some of the best and talented artists in the Bongo flava industry. And Harmonize happens to be one of them, makes me envy the Tanzanian music industry. Rajab Abdul Kahali also known as Harmonize is a bongo flava star who happens to share his talent in music to the world.

His music has been mainstream in East Africa and also central Africa as a whole. Konde boy coming from Mtwara Tanzania happen to move to the city to follow his dreams and passion for music is one of the most Inspiring stories from to hear from an artist such as Harmonize.

20 Best songs of Harmonize

Having to deliver his songs been played in the radio stations to all the Bongo flava fans, shows how he has been consistent till up to date. We can’t ignore that some of his old songs were truly a banger to many which made him to rise to fame and success. Below are some of his best songs to listen to. If you haven’t tried Harmonize songs maybe this ones will make you to change your mind.

1. Kainama – Harmonize X Burna Boy X Diamond platnumz.

Adeka Buru Kwa Mandera.

Rudi kwa bibi Kinandani

Amber Lulu Kunja dera

Kwanangu Gigi simuoni, Aje!.

Kainama – Harmonize X Burna Boy X Diamond Platnumz.

On march 11 th 2019, One of the best music video in bongo Flava happened. One of the African Giant of Afro beats Burna boy happened to sing this song in swahili. In which it was very done well making the mix of this song to be over all One of the best songs to ever been produced with Harmonize. Despite the beef at the time between Diamond platnumz and harmonize, the best thing is this song shows how well they could settle issues. The song became one of the Biggest bangers in 2019. Till to date I go back to listen to Burna Boy having to sing in swahili.

2. Matatizo – Harmonize.

Matatizo, Matatizo

Yatakeisha lini


Kila siku mimi

Ewe mola

Matatizo yatakwisha lini

Japo Likizo

Nifurahi na mimi.

Matatizo – Harmonize.

For those who have gone through so much difficulties in life, Having to be there for your family, strugling day in day out to make sure your bread is safe this song is for you. Matatizo by harmonize the song talks so much of life can be full of suffering and asking yourself when will it all end. To the people who are facing this tough time. Please do not Give up. Stay strong and a song like this will give you hope of having a better life tomorrow.

3. Leave me alone – Harmonize ft Abigail chams

Akinipenda mungu inatosha

Yeah i don’t need nobody

I don’t need nobody yeah yeah

Akinipenda mungu Inatosha

I don’t need nobody

I don’t need nobody.

Leave me alone – Harmonize.

Finally. For once in a blue moon, First time i have had a new voice from Harmonize himself. And this songs happens to be it. In the song, when you listen to it has gospel sounds. The music feels like a blessing. Having a message that includes love and friendships at times come be sour when you are on the come up. Harmonize addresses such issues in which he says in the song ” If he loves me God, it is enough.”

4. Single Again – Harmonize.

One day I used call my mama

To tell her that I’m falling In love.

And what she said my Mama

It’s too early for you to fall in love.

Single Again – Harmonize.

To all the people who fell so hard for someone. You gave them all the love and support that they needed. The relationship was going well to the point everything seemed to be fine. But something comes between you two all of a sodden what was once was a beautiful relationship it ends up in shamble’s. Single again is the song for you. For the broken hearted.

Amelowa – Harmonize.

5. Amelowa – Harmonize.

Moyo umezama kwake bila yeye siwezi Toboa.

Mi ndo fundi wa raha zake natwanga na kukoboa

Alinikumbatia mkono wa hushoto

kwenye gia zikanipanda hisia.

Amelowa – Harmonize.

Even if you seem to not like bongo music, fans can bet their right kidney that amelowa is the song that will make you change your mind about this genre. Amelowa happens to be one of the good songs out there by harmonize that doe not have much needed attention that it deserves.

6. Happy Birthday – Harmonize.

Ah sinywagi pombe leo ntalewa niwape shonde waliochelewa

Zikinipanda monde nitapepewa ah pembe la ng’ombe au malewa

Ila usiforget kusema asante baba na mama walokukuza ukakua

Tunakupa na keki kwa wema akulinde baba maulana twakuombea na dua

Happy Birthday – Harmonize.

Happy Birthday days are very special days to everyone. But at times not all of us get the chance to celebrate out birthday. Maybe because it happens to be a work day, something came up, or we didn’t have the chance to able to held up a party with friends to celebrate you. But if you do get a chance a song like this must come in your mind. With such a catchy song, maybe it will help brighten up your Birthday.

6. Nitaubeba – harmonize.

I aah baby if I close my eyes

Me namuomba mungu akulinde

Na akusalimie we ndo

Pacha wangu mie.

Niataubeba is a very nostalgic sound to listen to. With 10 million views on youtube, the song shows how in the video of a heart broken song which harmonize by the look of it seems to have a good choice of moving on. In the song he addresses that he prays for her partner for Gods protection and wishes all well for her. So if you tend to be heart broken then this is the song for you to listen. A song that will cure the pain your heart

7. Never give up – Harmonize.

Let me tell you my story.

Nimekaliwa mtwara Tanzania

ndoto zilikuwa kucheza boli

Mara ghafla kwa mziki zikahamia.

Never Give up – Harmonize.

Every time i come back to this song i get goosebumps and remember how far many people have come from and encouraging me to never give up. Life can be troublesome, and you need some kind of motivation to keep you going. Having a person like harmonize releasing a song ” never give up” will give that strength to carry on with life. Someday somehow you will make it. But for now listen to never give up by harmonize.

8. Mama – Harmonize.

say I love you mom (aah mama I love you)

Nahangaika Il kesho Nikutunze

Mama I love you.

I love you I love ( Ahhh mama I love you)

Naha ngaika ili keshoo nkutunze

Mama I love you.

Mama – Harmonize.

Mothers all over the world work hard and make big sacrifices for their children to have a stable well comfortable life as possible to the point they take a step to having been the protector. It is not easy becoming a parent, especially to single mothers who have to do twice the job of having to been the bread winner. A song like Mama show how much Appreciation of having to try hard to return favors to our mothers. This is a song to show love to all our mothers.

9. Atarudi – Harmonize.

Ningependa ufahamu haya mateso ulionipa. mmh

Tena mwambieni aloninyima mimi ndo kampa yeye eeh

Kupata foleni nasubiri yangu mimi ataichelewe

sina furaha Naigiza Ilimradi watoto wasijihisi vibaya.

Atarudi – Harmonize.

The story in this song has a good meaning. “Atarudi.” in english in this song means she will comeback. The video shows of a man having to be in poverty with his children in which the lady leaves him and his children for a richer man which if you see it somehow looks sad. But the poor man does not blame her for leaving but he hopes that one day if he makes it, she will come back.

Kwangaru – Harmonize ft Diamond platnumz.

10. Kwangwaru – Harmonize ft Diamond platnumz.

My darling, I need your love oh

Uwe bami haki ya mungu nakupenda.

Nobody can show you love, oh

Usiwaamini ukishawapa wanakwenda.

Kwangaru – Harmonize ft Diamond platnumz.

I know it looks bad putting it number 10 but am not ranking the music according to their potential but putting it as a suggestion. If you know harmonize you can know that Kwangaru was honestly a banger. It blew so well was played everywhere. May it be in parties, clubs, cars, Televisons i mean everywhere. The song up to date on youtube had surpassed 100 million views. That is a huge number. To be honest this was the best project ever to come out between the two Diamond platnumz and Harmonize.

11. Uno – Harmonize.

Uno lawima wima linatokea congo

Sindo lile Gwajima

Alimkwagia kondo

Uno oh oh oh oh

Uno – Harmonize.

If you need a song that you could vibe with and dance with for parties with friends, Uno happens to be on of the song that could be just for you if you are a Harmonize fan. The song is very simple to sing to especially in the chorus having to sing Uno make you want to shout ” Everybody say uno”. Do you happen to have an incoming party?, uno might just be the best for you.

12. Dunia – Harmonize.

Naamini mungu yupo najua

Ndo ananifanya ninapumua

Akitaka hata sasa ananichukua

Ila mimi nataka kujua.

Dunia – Harmonize.

Tuombeane mwisho mwema. Meaning lets pray for each other a good ending. As much their are so much pain and struggles in life, their are so many people who are trying their best to make a better life for themselves. And Dunia by harmonize the music video shows us that. If you need something to relate to and give you hope, another song that i will suggest to add in your playlist is Dunia by harmonize.

13. Niambie – Harmonize.

Mujini kipenzi

silaha ni shilingi baby

kupendana zamani

Ndo wanavyosemanga.

Niambie in english means tell me. In this song for those who can read and understand swahili it is very evident that their is an element of poetry in this song. If you read it without singing it, it is exactly a love poem which has been sung very well by harmonize himself. To those who believe in love, This song could be just for you.

14. Magufuli – Harmonize.

Ametuvusha Vikwazo

Wewe nami ona nchi anavyoijenga

Fly over sa tunazo, daraja kigamboni

Airport imesha Jengwa.

Magufuli – Harmonize.

The song is about having to appreciate the Fifth Tanzanian president his excellency the late John Pombe Magufuli who brought development in the country and making Tanzania to be what it is today. Harmonize used the Kwangwaru sampled beats to say thank you to the president at the time this song was released. This song really show good Patriotism.

Mwenyewe – Harmonize.

15. Mwenyewe – Harmonize.

Nikadondoka umachinga

Hapakuchi pinakucha siku zika sogea

Pruuh mpaka dare salaam Nikaanza jitegemea.

Nyumbani Baba na mama wakaniombea

Mwenyewe – Harmonize

Harmonize melody in this song was purely done here. If you are looking for a song that can uplift you this the song I will recommend for you to listen to such a song. This song will make you feel better. As Harmonize starts to state where he came from to where he going to, it shows that your birth place does not mean that you were born to be a failure.

16. wote – Harmonize.

Ujana una mengi na mengine na nimefanya

Siwezi danganya nishamaliza

Kile Nilitempaga moyo autunze

Basi aliugawanya ona nilihanya ukaniumiza

We unanijali uanivulimia

Wote – Harmonize.

The music video on this song shows how their is a good chemistry between the lady and harmonize himself together with good music to listen to. Having to have 4 million views on youtube at least their some Harmonize fans who keep supporting him another love song to recommend for is wote by harmonize.

17. Nishapona – Harmonize

Ulinidanganya mapenzi ni zuli basi

Panda twende safari

Bila kujua la kwako mwendo kasi

Ghafla ukanipa ajali.

Nishapona – Harmonize.

Nishapona meaning i have healed is another heartbreaking songs that can really make you heal your heart. Just like medicine. If you feel wounded or not feeling well, this song can be very therapeutic for you. In the process of healing your heart, you could put this song in your playlist.

18. Jeshi – Harmonize.

sometime what you dream

Can be deceiving

Na huwezi kuvuna usicho Kipanda.

Thanks God for giving.

Jeshi – Harmonize.

Jeshi shows how Harmonize can use his real life experiences to put in his message to educate and encourage you to keep going on with life. It’s another fire song that happens to not get full recognition that it deserve compared to the some other song. Jeshi could be a good listening song for you if you at least give it a try.

19. sina – Harmonize.

Na kama dunia tambala langu lishatoboka

Sina hata pa kulala na kesha kwa kimboka

Wale marafiki niliokula nao

Na kunisifu sasa siwaoni

Sina – Harmonize.

Asiyefunzwa na mama atafunzwa na dunia . In english it says one who won’t be taught by the mother will be taught by the world. This song has a valuable message in it. In a world with much trials and tribulations, a song lime this is their to comfort those who need strength to carry on. A song like this is very motivating.

20. Mpaka kesho – Harmonize.

I wish yawe ndoto , hay ninayo yapitia

Ama nirudi utoto imenisonga dunia.

Eti kurwa bila ndoto jivi ni wapi ntaanzia?.

Kulia bila kushoto, sijawai kusikia.

Mpaka kesho – Harmonize.

Mpaka kesho in the video show the true beauty of Tanzania. As the video starts with the beautiful houses, you can also see a good theme of traditions. The way it starts of harmonize having to receive a broken hearted later of the girl been getting married to A white rich man, and the white man having to be blessed by the parents girl, show how important tradition can be. This also is another song for the ones who know how to love, but suddenly money and wealth becomes a challenge.